Low Ki calls out Randy Orton for his Tweets on Independent Wrestling

May 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Unfortunately Randy Orton is protected by WWE. Come out to the real world and test your tantrum with adults”

“Keep in mind that the guy complaining about Indie Wrestling is the the same guy that failed 2 drug tests and injured himself taking out his trash”

Click here to read Orton’s tweets

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One Response

  1. AJ Cooper says:

    Actually, your latest response makes you look even more stupid than your original comment (a.k.a. simply stating that people hate when Orton’s right without even proving how he’s right….FYI: he’s actually WRONG).

    I never thought I’d EVER say this, but I actually agree with Cadet (Dumb)Ass’s comment; in fact, the Cadet’s comment actually explains why yours is wrong.

    When it comes down to passing judgement on something, it’s best to have experience in whatever the person who you are criticizing is doing; otherwise, much like you, the critic ends up coming off looking & sounding stupid, because they have no basis with which to issue their statement.

    And, the thing is, being involved in something tends to give you a LOT more of an insight as to why something would fail, rather than just watching that something.

    So, in this case, to quote you…



    You hate when you’re wrong.

    So, it’s best from here on out NOT to show your support for someone that CLEARLY knows NOTHING of what they’re talking about, unless you want to look as stupid & ignorant as the person you’re defending.

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