Low Ki calls out Randy Orton for his Tweets on Independent Wrestling

May 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Unfortunately Randy Orton is protected by WWE. Come out to the real world and test your tantrum with adults”

“Keep in mind that the guy complaining about Indie Wrestling is the the same guy that failed 2 drug tests and injured himself taking out his trash”

Click here to read Orton’s tweets

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  1. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Can’t forget that Orton also bailed out on serving his country and went AWOL.

  2. Broken Matt Hardy says:

    This coming from a guy who was unsafe enough to knock out his opponent within the first few minutes of the match and had such little regard for his opponenrs safety that he tried to force him in to continuing on with their spot fest

  3. AJ Cooper says:

    To semi-paraphrase Mr. Anti-Brains from the original article about Randy Orton:

    He verbally Warrior’s Way’d Randy Orton. This was gold. Never change Low Ki, never change.

  4. Uptown Queef Machine says:



    They hate when you’re right.

  5. AJ Cooper says:

    How could Randy be right when he’s NEVER been on the indy circuit, therefore he’s NEVER experienced what it’s like.

    If anything, you hate when those who have NEVER been on the indy circuit get called out for their criticism of it.

  6. Captain Ass says:

    Orton is a bonehead. Period. Anyone who bashes people for being on the indies when they have NO IDEA what it’s like, is moronic. Those indy guys work their asses off, sometimes to get noticed by bigger companies and sometimes just to give the crowd what they want. No scripts, no BS, just wrestling. Those are the days that I miss.

  7. Uptown Queef Machine says:


    first off forgive my grammar and punctuation…new phone since I first posted.

    I agree Randy Orton has never done Indy… Much like most viewers of Indy.

    However…just like when we watch our favorite team and analyse their faults and triumphs… It doesn’t necessarily come from a place of YOU HAVE TO DO IT TO GET IT…he is making an observation that he is relaying out to others who like what he likes [wrestling] but he’s at least backing it up with factual observation as opposed to factless put downs.

    I’ve never played for the Atlanta Falcons but I have an observational opinion as to why they lost SB51.

    Vince McMahon Sr never wrestled a match or Sam Muchnik… but they could observe what worked and what didn’t.

    Yourself… Myself… Orton and Lowki all have a right to opinion and disagree. I read your comment and I appreciate your thoughts

    My only beef is with Lowki bringing up Randy failed drug test. It was childish at best because it added nothing to the debated or LowKis credibility.

    Randy would’ve had the same opinion if he had passed those drug test. Therefore it’s unrelated.

    Lowki doesn’t have a defense…. But a personal insult.

    Adding nothing still means adding nothing. Clearly his feelings were hurt because video doesn’t lie and he described LowKis .’moveset’ without even directing anything his way. 80percent of Indy guys do what Randy truthfully said.

    I don’t know Lowki personally… But I know enough about him at this point to know I don’t want to know anymore.

    Thanks for reading and apologies on punctuation and gramnar

  8. AJ Cooper says:

    Actually, your latest response makes you look even more stupid than your original comment (a.k.a. simply stating that people hate when Orton’s right without even proving how he’s right….FYI: he’s actually WRONG).

    I never thought I’d EVER say this, but I actually agree with Cadet (Dumb)Ass’s comment; in fact, the Cadet’s comment actually explains why yours is wrong.

    When it comes down to passing judgement on something, it’s best to have experience in whatever the person who you are criticizing is doing; otherwise, much like you, the critic ends up coming off looking & sounding stupid, because they have no basis with which to issue their statement.

    And, the thing is, being involved in something tends to give you a LOT more of an insight as to why something would fail, rather than just watching that something.

    So, in this case, to quote you…



    You hate when you’re wrong.

    So, it’s best from here on out NOT to show your support for someone that CLEARLY knows NOTHING of what they’re talking about, unless you want to look as stupid & ignorant as the person you’re defending.

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