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Audio: Thoughts on WWE bringing ’99 Over the Edge to WWE Network

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  1. Paul says:

    I can’t see many people sitting down to watch Over the Edge 1999, no matter how heavily edited it is, because everyone knows of the terrible events of that night nearly fifteen years ago, and the WWE’s decision to bring it back sickens me.

    I see the editing as a blatant attempt by WWE to rewrite history, to make it look like this tragedy never happened, and I am sure that this decision will cause an awful lot of upset amongst Owen’s family.

  2. Richard St H says:

    The problem with the WWE controlling the content of any PPV is that any reason can be stated for the edits. (ie: blood, Benoit) so you are back to square 1.

    The real point of my comment is Punk’s status in the WWE in regards to WM30. I believe that there was no major program for him on the cards (Creative has nothing for you !!!!) I have Bryan taking Punk’s rebel role vs the authority. If I am correct then the point can be made no matter where you are on the card you are replaceable and like many people 2 to 3 months of income left before you are NOT making money from wrestling.

    For this reason I am reserving judgement until all the facts are in on this one.

    My WM30 card is Orton vs Bautista – Bryan vs HHH – Cena vs Wyatt – 3 way with the shield for the US title – Cesaro vs Swagger – A J Lee vs Brie Bella – Rowan / Harper vs NAO

    Finally, I am giving up suggesting Gerweck HOF inclusion as both of them (Punk and Lesnar) have failed miserably

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