11/2 Friday Night Smackdown Report

Nov 2, 2012 - by Michael Riba

Smackdown opens this week with a video recap of what has gone on with CM Pun, Ryback, and Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero, John Cena, and AJ Lee, and Sheamus and The Big Show.

We go into the area in Fayetteville, North Carolina and kick things off with Miz TV. The Miz says a lot of shocking things have been going on in the WWE lately, but one thing isn’t shocking. He says Sheamus losing to The Big Show wasn’t shocking. He invites his guest to the ring, who happens to the Sheamus. The MIz says Sheamus must feel like a loser. Sheamus says he knows how The Miz feels since he lost his rematch against Kofi Kingston. The Miz says he has beaten Kofi Kingston, but Sheamus has never beaten The Big Show. The MIz says Sheamus will lose again at Survivor Series. Sheamus says his best wasn’t good enough and The Miz interrupts him. The Miz says Sheamus’ demise began at WrestleMania when he led Team Johnny to a win, in which Johnny fired Big Show and then rehired him, which led Show to winning the title. The Miz says he will regain the Intercontinental Champion, and Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring. Kingston asks how many times does he have to kick The Miz in the head for him to realize that he cannot beat him. The Miz says he will eliminate Kingston from the match at Survivor Series, and The Big Show’s music hits. Show says he can’t believe The Miz is trying to take credit for his victory. Show says he agrees with Kingston and that there is something wrong with The Miz. Show asks The Miz why his interviewing the former World Heavyweight Champion instead of the current World Heavyweight Champion. The Miz asks Show how it felt to knock out Sheamus. Show tries to answer, but Sheamus interrupts and asks Show how it felt to be hit with White Noise on Raw. Sheamus challenges Show to get into the ring, but Show says no and walks away. The Miz goes to attack Kingston, but he elevates him over the top rope and Kingston and Sheamus celebrate in the ring.

We see that Randy Orton and Wade Barrett will go one-on-one later tonight and we see Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, as well, as The Prime Time Players walking to the ring as we go to a commercial.

We’re back and we see The Big Show walking backstage when Booker T stops him. Booker makes the main event for tonight: Kofi Kingston and Sheamus vs. The Big Show and The Miz.

Match #1: Darren Young (w/Titus O’Neil) vs. Sin Cara (w/Rey Mysterio)
Sin Cara takes Young down with an arm-drag, but Young comes right back with a clothesline. Young gets Sin Cara in a headlock, but Sin Cara fights out before Young kicks him back down to the ring. Young gets Sin Cara in another headlock, but Sin Cara fights out again and delivers an elbow and a dropkick which takes Young down. Sin Cara rolls up Young for a two count. Young shoots Sin Cara off, catches him, and drops him with knees to the gut for the pin fall.
Winner: Darren Young.
After the match, Titus O’Neil grabs a mic and says Young busted open “that little pinata” in the ring. O’Neil challenges Rey Mysterio to a match, which he accepts.

Match #2: Rey Mysterio (w/Sin Cara) vs. Titus O’Neil (w/Darren Young)
Mysterio kicks O’Neil in the leg and O’Neil shoves him into the corner. Mysterio comes back, but O’Neil slams him down on the mat. O’Neil keeps control and slams Mysterio again, but only gets a two count. O’Neil lifts Mysterio up, but Mysterio fights out and kicks O’Neil before O’Neil takes him down again. O’Neil charges at Mysterio, but he moves and O’Neil gets caught up in the ropes. Sin Cara keeps Young from getting involved, but O’Neil slams Mysterio in the corner. O’Neil charges, but Mysterio moves and rolls him up for the pin fall.
Winner: Rey Mysterio.

We see that we will take a look at The AJ Scandal later tonight, as well as the situation between CM Punk, Ryback, and Brad Maddox.

We’re back and we see a review of what happened in the WWE Championship Match at Hell in a Cell and the announcements of Team Foley and Team Punk on Raw. We’re back in the arena and Teddy Long is talking to Booker T when Natalya asks to be Booker’s assistant since Eve is on the European tour. David Otunga walks in and says he wants to be the assistant. Booker places Otunga in a match against The Great Khali and Otunga spits his coffee all over Natalya. He insults her and she slaps him, which causes him to spit his coffee all over Teddy Long as we go to a commercial.

We’re back and Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez make their way to the announce table for the next match.

Match #3: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
Before the match, Del Rio charges the ring, but Orton stops him. Rodriguez slams Orton head-first into the ring post and Del Rio stomps on him as referees finally get Del Rio away from him. Orton is left lying on the floor as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and Orton clotheslines Barrett over the top rope to the floor. Orton goes out after him and back drops him on the barrier. Orton clubs Barrett in the chest and tosses him back into the ring, but Barrett gets up and takes Orton down with a big boot. Barrett pounds away on Orton and drops a knee for a two count. Barrett chokes Orton over the middle rope and dumps Orton to the outside. Barrett goes out after him and tries to slam his head into the steel steps, but Orton blocks him. Barrett eventually does slam Orton’s head into the steps and tosses him back into the ring for a two count. Orton and Barrett brawl for a while and Barrett gains control back and he drops an elbow for a two count. Barrett goes to the middle rope and dives off with an elbow to Orton’s chest, which gets another two count. Barrett locks in a submission in the middle of the ring, but Orton fights out. Barrett gets on the middle rope, but Orton stops him and pounds away on him in the corner. Orton sets Barrett up for a superplex, and he hits it. Orton takes Barrett down with some clotheslines and Barrett escapes to the ropes, but Orton catches him and delivers his middle rope DDT. Del Rio comes out on stage and Rodriguez gets on the ring apron and distracts Orton, which allows Barrett to roll up Orton for the three count.
Winner: Wade Barrett.

We are reminded of the main event tonight, which is Kofi Kingston and Sheamus vs. The Big Show and The Miz.

We take a look back at the partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer and the WWE, in which a one million dollar check was donated this past Monday night on Raw.

Matt Striker walks up to Alberto Del Rio backstage and asks him about repeatedly attacking Randy Orton. As he is answering, Orton walks up and attacks him and they brawl around the catering table. Orton dumps a pot of chili onto Rodriguez and back drops Del Rio through a table. Orton pounds away on Del Rio and tries to slam his head into a cake, but Del Rio fights back. Orton tosses Del Rio over a table and Matt Striker tries to get a word with him, but Orton slams his head into the cake.

We’re back and we are reminded that Jerry “The King” Lawler will be returning to Raw in two weeks.

Match #4: David Otunga vs. The Great Khali
Otunga kicks Khali in the knee and drops him to the mat. Otunga comes off the ropes, but Khali slaps him across the chest and takes him to the mat. Khali gets Otunga in the corner and delivers a few elbow shots. Khali chops Otunga’s chest. We see Natalya watching backstage and Khali takes Otunga down for the pin fall.
Winner: The Great Khali.

We see that we will take a look back at The AJ Scandal from Raw after the commercial break.

Natalya walks up to Khali and thanks him for what he did to Otunga. She compliments him on his hand size as walks away.

Match #5: Justin Gabriel vs. R-Truth
Gabriel shoots Truth off, but Truth takes him down with a shoulder block. Truth delivers a right hand and charges Gabriel in the corner, but Gabriel goes up and over. Truth comes back and takes Gabriel down with his spinning corkscrew for a two count. Truth goes up top and dives off, but Gabriel moves and takes him down. Gabriel kicks Truth and gets a one count. Gabriel gets Truth in a headlock and controls the match. Gabriel charges Truth in the corner and then comes off the top rope, but Truth moves and catches him with his finisher for the pin fall.
Winner: R-Truth.
After the match, Gabriel and Truth shake hands and Gabriel walks away disappointed.

We revisit Raw, where Vickie Guerrero revealed her “evidence” of AJ Lee and John Cena having an inappropriate relationship.

We go backstage and see The Miz and The Big Show talking. The Miz brings up ShoMiz, but Show says back then they were teammates but tonight Show is the superior. Show tells Miz he will knock him out just like Kingston and Sheamus if he gets in his way. We see the main event preview as we go to a commercial.

We’re back and we see that Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton will battle in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on the Super Smackdown Live special on Tuesday night.

Match #6: Kofi Kingston and Sheamus vs. The Big Show and The Miz
The Miz and Kingston start the match, but Show tags in and so does Sheamus, so Show tags back out. The Miz backs Sheamus into the corner, but Sheamus comes back and control The Miz and takes him down with a clothesline. Sheamus tags in Kingston and he takes the Miz down and clotheslines him to the floor. Show goes to the floor and tells Miz to get up and Kingston dives through the second rope and takes The Miz down. Sheamus saves Kingston from Show as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and Show slams Kingston down to the mat. Show chops Kingston against the ropes and takes down Kingston with a take down and a roll over into a headlock. Kingston tries to fight out, but Show catches him and drops him with a side slam. Show tags in The Miz, who kicks Kingston in the head and gets a two count. The Miz locks in a chin lock, but Kingston fights out. The Miz comes back and takes Kingston down with a neck breaker for a two count. The Miz locks in the chin lock again, but Kingston fights out and tries to tag in Sheamus, but The Miz stops him. Kingston finally gets free and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus takes The Miz down with a power slam and then delivers his vintage ten clubbing blows. Sheamus slams The Miz again and tags in Kingston, who hits a cross body for two before Show breaks it up. Sheamus takes Show out of the ring and Kingston jumps on The Miz, but Show hits the KO Punch. Sheamus goes after Show as The Miz pins Kingston for the pin fall.
Winners: The Miz and The Big Show.
After the match, Sheamus stares down Show as The Miz celebrates. Sheamus turns his attention to The Miz and takes him out with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus stares at Show again as Smackdown comes to a close.

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