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Detailed 6/14 Impact Wrestling Report

Impact Wrestling opens this week with a video package for James Storm, showing his absence and his return to TNA.

We see that a 12-Man Gauntlet Match will kick off the Bound for Glory Series and Mr. Anderson will challenge Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.

Match #1: TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Ultimate X Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Zema Ion
Ion sprays hairspray and gets on the cable before Aries and Sabin take him down and smash him in the corner. Sabin takes Aries up but Aries reverses, which leads to a series of reverses for both men before Aries hits an elbow on Sabin to take him down. Ion gets back in the ring and flips Aries face-first onto his knee. Ion gets on the cable again, but Sabin pulls him down. Sabin slams Ion’s head into the steel post and connects with a kick and  a DDT from the middle rope. Sabin climbs up, as does Aries. Aries grabs the cable, but Sabin elbows him off. Sabin gets on the cable and goes for the title, but Aries pulls him down and drives him into the turnbuckles and drops him after a long airplane spin. Aries drives a shoulder into Sabin’s midsection and launches over the top rope onto him. Aries then kicks Ion off the apron on to the floor and elevates Sabin over the top rope onto Ion on the floor. Aries connects with a suicide dive on both men. Aries climbs up and grabs the cable and goes for the title. Ion gets back into the ring and pulls Aries down. Ion connects with some right hands, but Aries comes back and goes for the brain buster. Ion goes over, but Aries connects with some elbows. Ion and Aries get on the ropes and Ion elbow him down to Sabin. Sabin and Aries go down and Sabin goes to the outside as Aries takes Ion down off of the corner. Aries grabs the cable again as Ion grabs his ankle. Aries connects with a huricanrana from the top rope that takes Ion down and then hits Ion with the brain buster. Aries goes to the cable and goes for the title and gets it and pulls it down for the win. Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries. After the match, Aries gets a mic and says the he walked into TNA a year ago and said he was the best, the greatest man who ever lived, and he has proven it. He says no matter what match he is in, he is always the main event and must-see TV. He says he’s not satisfied with the X Division title. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way out as we go to a commercial.

We’re back from the commercial and Hogan has made his way to the ring. Hogan says he can hear how loud it gets when Aries gets in the ring. Hogan says it’s a tall order for Aries to say he’s the main event, no matter where he is on the card. Hogan says he knows what it’s like to main event the big shows. Hogan says the only thing he never did was get the kind of goosebumps that he gets when he sees Aries wrestle. Hogan says Aries is the greatest thing he’s ever seen in the ring. Aries agrees and says he wants to be the main event. Hogan says he can make that happen at Destination X. Hogan says he will book Aries against the World Heavyweight Champion at Destination X if Aries does one thing: forfeit the X Division Championship. Hogan says he believes in Aries and believes he can do it. Aries is skeptical, but Hogan talks him up and says he wants his decision next week. They shake hands as as Hogan’s music hits and he leaves the ring.

We look back at a moment from Slammiversary, which was Dixie and Hogan talking about how big the show was. We see that we will see Sting later tonight, and we see a clip from Slammiversary of Joseph Park beating Bully Ray.

We are back live with Joseph Park talking to people about his match. They run away when Bully Ray walks up. Ray asks Park where Abyss is, and Park says he doesn’t know, but the last time he saw him he was putting Ray through a table. Ray flips the table Park was sitting at and says he is not resting until he finds Abyss.

Match #2: TNA Television Championship Match: Devon (c) vs. Hernandez
Before the match starts, Hernandez dives over the top rope onto Devon. Hernandez tosses Devon into the ring and the bell rings and Hernandez goes for an immediate cover, but Devon kicks out at two. Hernandez takes Devon down again and goes for a cover, but Devon kicks out again. Devon fights back, but Hernandez takes him down again and goes for a couple of covers, but Devon kicks out. Hernandez puts Devon in a bearhug, but Devon comes back and spears Hernandez. Devon takes down Hernandez and then takes him down again with a neckbreaker and connects with a diving headbutt. Devon smashes Hernandez in the corner and charges, but Hernandez takes him down with a shoulder block and goes for the cover, but Devon kicks out. Devon clotheslines Hernandez in the corner, but Hernandez flips up and comes down on Devon. Devon slams Hernandez down and covers him for the win. Winner and still TNA Television Champion: Devon.

We revisit last week when Christopher Daniels was talking to Dixie Carter about replacing Serge with A.J. Styles and then ended with Serge taking A.J. down with a right hand.

We go backstage with A.J. and Dixie talking. A.J. says he can’t do it anymore and Dixie said she was afraid of people getting hurt. They agree they can’t keep anything a secret anymore.

We see that the Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet Match will happen next as we go to a commercial.

We’re back from the commercial break and we see a clip from earlier today when Bobby Roode arrived at the Impact Zone.

Match #3: Bound for Glory Series 11-Man Gauntlet Match: A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus vs. Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. Robbie E vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe vs. James Storm
The match starts out with Hardy and Styles. Hardy gets Styles in a headlock, but Styles shoots him off and connects with a dropkick. Styles take Hardy into the corner, but Hardy connects with a shoulder and a dropkick. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he makes his way out. RVD takes them both down with kicks and then hits a monkey flip on Styles and Rolling Thunder on Hardy as we go to a commercial. We’re back from the commercial as Magnus has entered the match and Bully Ray makes his way out. Ray comes into the ring and attacks Styles and Magnus and then goes after RVD. Magnus takes Ray into the corner as Kurt Angle comes out. Angle comes into the ring and German suplexes Hardy and goes toe-to-toe with Ray. Angle stomps Ray down into the corner and RVD and Styles battle it out and Hardy and Magnus do the same. Angle almost gets Ray out, but Ray comes back and knocks Angle down. Magnus chokes Hardy as Ray hits Magnus on the head. D’Angelo Dinero comes out and goes after RVD. Pope takes down Magnus and Styles and then gets hits by Ray. Ray eliminates Jeff Hardy. Abyss comes out from under the ring and stares down Ray as he back is turned. Abyss pulls Ray out of the ring and eliminates him as we go to another commercial. We’re back from commercial and Robbie E has joined the match and we see RVD get eliminated. Christopher Daniels makes his way out and Styles takes him down with a cross body. Styles controls Daniels and Angle comes to help, but A.J. hits him and Daniels eliminates Styles. Daniels also eliminates Angle. Daniels and Magnus square off as Robbie and Pope do the same and Samoa Joe makes his way out. Joe takes everyone down and eliminates Robbie E. Pope and Daniels double team Joe before Magnus helps out. Joe and Magnus stare down and then square off. Magnus charges at Joe, but Joe pulls down the rope and Magnus is eliminated. Pope and Joe double team Daniels as James Storm enters the match. Storm eliminates Pope and back body drops Daniels. Storm clotheslines Daniels over the top rope and he and Joe square off. We are informed that the 12th man in this Series is the loser of the Anderson/Roode match later tonight. Storm hits the Last Call superkick on Joe to eliminate him and Storm picks up 20 points. Winner: James Storm. After the match, Storm grabs a match and says for the last two months, he has been spending time with his family on his farm. Storm says his daughter asked him if he was going to wrestle again, and that was the motivation he needed to come back. Storm said he made a promise to himself and his little girl and he is making it to the fans. The crowd chants “Welcome Back” as he declares that he is back and he will take the World Heavyweight Championship away from Bobby Roode.

We go backstage where Bobby Roode is standing by. Roode says he is not concerned about Storm being back. Roode says Storm is jealous, just like everyone else. Roode says he has no problem facing Storm one day.

We see that the Bound for Glory Series will continue on Open Fight Night, where an Open Call Out for any participant will happen. We go to another commercial.

We see another Slammiversary moment, this one of Angle and Styles winning the TNA Tag Team Championship. We go backstage and Angle asks Styles what is going on. Angle says Daniels and Kazarian are screwing him up. Angle tells him to get them out of his head. Styles says he’ll get things straight.

Another Slammiversary moment, this one of Miss Tessmacher winning the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship.

Match #4: Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher
Rayne gets Tessmacher in a headlock, with Tessmacher reverses and takes Rayne down. Tessmacher puts on her own headlock, but Rayne backs her into the corner. Rayne slams Tessmacher’s head into the mat and taker her to the opposite corner. Rayne backs up into the corner and takes Tessmacher down with a face buster and gets a cover for two. Tessmacher comes back and slams Rayne to the mat. Tessmacher takes advantage and clotheslines Rayne down  and then hits a face buster out of the corner. Rayne goes for her finisher, but Tessmacher counters and hits her finisher for the pin fall. Winner: Miss Tessmacher.

We go backstage where Brooke Hogan is talking to Gail Kim. Brooke pitches an idea for choosing four girls to choose from to face Miss Tessmacher. Gail isn’t for it. Brooke says she’ll take her out of consideration and Gail argues again. Brooke says since she decides when Gail gets her rematch and since she is not a part of Open Fight Night, she can enjoy her vacation.

We see another Slammiversary moment, this one of Mr. Anderson becoming the number one contender. We see an Anderson promo where he says he’ll beat Roode tonight. We also see Roode and Anderson walking backstage as we go to a commercial.

We see another Slammiversary moment, this one of Roode retaining the title against Sting.

Match #5: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Mr. Anderson
They tie up and Roode shoots Anderson off. Anderson takes Roode down and then clotheslines him in the corner. Roode charges at Anderson in the corner, but Anderson clotheslines Roode again. Anderson suplexes Roode from the apron into the ring and goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Roode tosses Anderson to the outside and slingshots over, but Anderson moves out of the way. Anderson tosses Roode into the steel steps and talks trash as we go to a commercial. We’re back from commercial and Roode has Anderson in a headlock and down on the mat. Anderson powers out and rolls up Roode for a two count. Anderson gets a back slide and gets another two count. Roode connects with a neck-breaker and gets a two count of his own. Roode drops a knee on Anderson and goes for the cover, but only gets two again. Roode applies another headlock to keep Anderson down on the mat. Anderson powers out, but Roode wrenches his neck to keep control. Anderson comes back and connects with some right hands. Anderson shoots Roode off the ropes and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Anderson charges at Rode, but Roode catches him with an elbow, but Anderson comes back and takes Roode down with a series of clotheslines. Anderson sets up for the mic check, but Roode reverses into the cross face submission. Anderson rolls over into a pin, but only gets two. Roode drapes Anderson’s arm over the top rope and slams him shoulder-first into the ring post. Roode applies the crossface again and Anderson taps out. Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode.

Dixie and A.J. postpone their plans to not keep secrets anymore until next week. They share a hug as we see a video of Dixie announcing Sting as the first inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame, Sting. We see Sting walking backstage and he will join us next.

We’re back from the commercial and we recap the night’s events.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and he prompts Sting’s Hall of Fame video that we saw at Slammiversary. JB then brings Sting out to the ring. Sting takes the mic from JB. Sting says Slammiversary 2012 will go down as one of the greatest nights in his career. Sting says being the first inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame is something he can’t describe how it feels. Sting says there are guys in the back that are just as deserving or more deserving than he is. He thanks Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter, and then three masked men come out and beat down Sting as the show comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Ultimate X Match: Austin Aries def. Chris Sabin & Zema Ion
2. TNA Television Championship Match: Devon def. Hernandez
3. Bound for Glory Series 11-Man Gauntlet Match: James Storm def. A.J. Styles, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, D’Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Magnus, Robbie E, Rob Van Dam, & Samoa Joe
4. Miss Tessmacher def. Madison Rayne
5. TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bobby Roode def. Mr. Anderson

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21 Responses

  1. -J- says:

    Love the X division matches, sucks for Sabin but Aries is the man in TNA so far so good on Impact.

  2. Big Dave says:

    Aries gets better every week… great mic work!

  3. -J- says:

    pope is back

  4. Michael says:

    Lets see how well I can play predictions here is the final five: Joe, Aries, Crimson, Kazarian and Daniels.

  5. Michael says:

    Well come to think of it, maybe Storm ahead of Aries.

  6. Michael says:

    So by losing one match, Robbie E gets put over Crimson, who if memory serves would have won the last series if not for his injury. Makes total sense.

  7. -J- says:

    haha sting gets ambushed by bandits!

  8. Kerry says:

    That ending just shows what a joke TNA & their hall of fame are.

  9. Matt says:

    Once again an excellent show ! Rude also got a clean victory over anderson!

  10. beast says:

    A Hall Of Fame should be REAL not part of a storyline. Why is Sting in wrestling gear and face paint? ugh.

  11. Ian says:

    I thought their ending was great…its probably the return of Jarrett and the debut/return of two other guys.

    WWEs Hall of Fame is just as big of a joke…half of the guys they put in it never wrestled for WWE and they have a celebrity wing for crying out loud.

    This show was another good show by TNA and they have been putting on really good shows lately and the PPV was awesome.

    The angle with Aries is great…it will push him to the Main Event scene and we can get someone else with the X-Title to push other young talent (maybe even some new guys) although my bet is Joey Ryan is the next X-Champion.

  12. beast says:

    Besides the Sting thing and other things. TNA was a good show. I really liked it.

  13. -J- says:

    They are improving, there is still alot of room for improvement.

  14. Ostego says:

    I bet anything that the announcement by Styles and Dixie is going to be something really stupid like Dixie found out that AJ was the child she gave up for adoption when she was 16 or something along those lines.

  15. Fisha695 says:

    My take on the uh “3 Banditos” or whatever you wanna call them.

    Leader = Jeff Jarrett or Eric Bischoff

    Wrestlers (some combination of)= Chris Masters, Rob Terry, David Hart Smith, Scott Steiner, Brutus Magnus, Mr. Anderson

  16. dave says:

    This was a solid Impact. TNA are starting to be consistent and hey, the ending has everyone talking.. so good thing.

    And I do have to admit the Hogan/Aries promo was very good.

    I am a big critic of TNA but they keep making baby steps and keep going, so kudos.

  17. Hipnosis says:

    TNA’s Hall of Fame is real but they are uusing it to foward a new angle. WWE’s Hall of Fame has guys such as Drew Carey and Pete Rose. Where the hell is David Arquette? The only celeb to become a WORLD CHAMPION. TNA simply made a induction and moved on to start a fued. You guys are pissed for no reason lol

  18. TG says:

    I am not the biggest TNA fan, but do enjoy Gut Check, Fight Night, Bound for Glory series. These are nice things for a viewer to expect and see weekly. A three hour Raw could adapt some of these things. Something like old school NXT could take place showcasing new talent each week and the winners come back for more. Win 3 or 4 matches in a row and get a contract. There is fun to be had.

  19. Denis says:

    The beat down on Sting at the end was something that wasn’t expected, so that’s good. One of the masked men probably was Jeff Jarrett, who they can say is upset because he wasn’t the first man inducted into Hall of Fame. This sets up a program with Sting and Jarrett. I liked they ending. Reminded me of old school wrestling.

  20. Fisha695 says:

    Something I’m finding more interesting about the Beatdown as times goes on is that none of the Wrestling news sites that I visit have had any specific post on mentioning who it may or may not be. To me that shows that not even the “Know-it-Alls” & “Secret Sources” that usually have the info on that kind of stuff don’t have the info. Which makes me think that whoever it was wasn’t backstage until right before they came out & then they left right away.

  21. -J- says:

    first thing I thought was that Sting’s evil clown posse from about a year ago were back to attack him.

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