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Report on Christian at Slammiversary last night

According to, Christian was described as very friendly backstage at Slammiversary last night. But when it came to being on the actual PPV, Christian was said to not be happy about being chosen for the appearance.

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  1. Ho Kogan says:

    There you go TNA fans, Christian hates you all.

  2. bigtime harry says:

    Fuc* the wrestling bunch of wwe marks just like ho kogan.

  3. steve says:

    He’ll be back, they all come back.

  4. -J- says:

    after seeing the footage, he did look uncomfortable but can u blame him?

    Got to be awkward being in that situation especially given the ongoing lawsuit, its an uncomfortable situation…still he played it off like a true professional, and it was a good moment for tna and now its done.

    the agreement is fulfilled, hooray.

  5. loo s says:

    They all come back, Steve, but only when they have no place to go.

  6. Trig says:

    He was in an unenviable position. This isn’t about ‘hating’ TNA or anything, it’s about being an employee of a rival company and fearing for his push or even his job if he says the wrong thing. He handled it about as well as he could, focusing on the fans and more or less saying nothing positive about TNA except that it’s going to continue to exist. I’m sure he’s glad to be done with it.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    I wonder if Vince sent a handler with him or if he trusted Hulk enough that Hulk would make sure TNA Creative (hah an Oxymoron) wouldn’t try to get Christian to do anything that would jeopardize Christians WWE standing.

  8. Steveoreno says:

    I hope he doesn’t get punished for this but it seems likely. Vince can’t stand any slights, real or perceived.

  9. Science & Violence says:

    Marks! Marks! Marks! Marks!

  10. Steveoreno says:

    No.I hadn’t read in a week and didn’t realize this was a planned stunt. My point is the fact that he has often treated wrestlers poorly after public incidents. I am sure everybody remembers when one of the Highlanders appeared unauthorized and was punished. It has been a widely known fact that Vince hasn’t tried to hide from the public since the 90s. If you piss him off he will make you pay. Let me also say, unlike most of you children I have a life and just celebrated my 12th anniversary with my wife. I honestly don’t know why I bother with all of the losers on here. Complete babies always calling names and most of you are either 15 and can’t get laid or 30 and live with your parents. Try this: disconnect from the internet for a while. It’s amazing how refreshing it can be. I am sure everybody remembers when one of the Highlanders appeared unauthorized and was punished.

  11. stephen says:

    Steve, that wasn’t necessary. I’m 26 years old, work 50 hrs a week and have no trouble paying my own rent. I enjoy the wrestling posts on here and it lets me keep up with a sport i have been a fan of since i was 5. There is no need to get made at these guys for there opinions.

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