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– We kick Raw off with the introduction of WWE Champion The Miz. Micheal Cole is not at ringside with Punk and Lawler. Miz cuts a promo and keeps saying he is still the champion over and over again. Alex Riley comes out dressed as the Ghost of Christmas past from a Christmas Carol. He shows footage of Miz beating Lawler on Raw a few weeks ago. Miz says he is proud of that and doesn’t regret anything he has done in the past. Cole comes out next dressed as the Ghost of Christmas Present. He says Miz’s actions from last night were “Vintage” but also wrong. Lawler says Charles Dickens is turning over in his grave. A photo shopped picture of the angry Miz girl appears on the big screen with a moving mouth. She says she is the Ghost of Christmas Future and says Miz needs to change his ways or John Morrison will beat him. Miz then says is usual shtick and John Morrison comes out. Morrison says that was really stupid even for Miz. He says he has beat Miz in the past, present and knows he can in the future and he will be the new WWE Champion. Sheamus is out and attacks Morrison. Miz and Riley bail and Lawler nails Alex Riley. Cole yells at Lawler for his actions. The Mystery GM chimes in and announces a six man tag for later tonight featuring Miz, Alex Riley and Sheamus vs John Morrison, Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton. Orton then attacks Miz on the ramp

– The replay the footage from last night of John Cena dropping the wall of chairs on to Wade Barrett.

(1) Melina vs Eve vs Alicia Fox for a shot at the Divas Title. Natalya is on commentary for this match. Melina wins with a roll up on Fox. Natalya goes into the ring after the match to shake Melina’s hand but Melina slaps her in the face instead and leaves.

– Backstage the Bella’s are arguing over Daniel Bryan he walks in and they act all happy and walk to the ring with him on each arm.

(2) Daniel Bryan vs William Regal. Pretty good mat based match. Bryan hooks on the Lebell Lock and Regal taps out.

– Backstage Orton walks in on Morrison getting ready for the main event. He tells Morrison that if he wins the WWE Title from Miz he will be coming after him next.

– Santino is laying down backstage while Tamina walks on his back. Maryse walks in and starts trash talking her. They start to go at it but security breaks things up.

– Mark Henry is talking to Gail Kim backstage when Vickie Guerrero walks about and Henry makes fun of her bad breath.

(3) Santino Marella & Tamina vs Maryse & Ted Dibiase. Santino goes for the Cobra on Maryse but she grabs his hand and turns it around and Santino gives it to himself. Tamina pins Maryse with a top rope splash.

– John Cena comes out and talks about Raw being NEXUS free tonight for the first time in 6 months. He shows different camera angles of the footage from last night of him dropping the chairs on Wade Barrett. Vickie Guerrero is out with Dolph Ziggler. The crowd is booing Vickie so much that Cena can’t understand what she is saying. Every time she goes to speak they boo louder and louder. This is pretty great. Vickie wants Lawler to say he is sorry for making fun of her last week. She says if he doesn’t Ziggler will beat him up. Lawler says he can’t help it that she is the only Diva who’s bathtub has stretch marks. Cena and Lawler trade fat jokes back and forth about Vickie. Vickie has had enough and slaps Cena in the face. The Raw GM chimes in and makes a match for right now between Cena and Ziggler.

(4) John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler. This is a really good match. The crowd is red hot for this. Man this is one heck of a TV match. Ziggler taps out to the STF but Vickie has the referee distracted. Ziggler try’s to hit Cena with the IC Title but Cena ducks and hits the AA for the win. That was good. CM Punk comes in the ring after the match and nails Cena with a chair and leaves.

– CM Punk is getting his car in the parking lot and Josh Matthews asks him why he did that to Cena. He says he was just giving Cena a taste of his own medicine.

– Backstage Vickie is yelling at Ziggler and announces that tomorrow on Smackdown live on USA it will be Cena vs Ziggler and herself in a handicap match.

(5) The Miz, Alex Riley & Sheamus vs Jerry Lawler, John Morrison & Randy Orton. Josh Matthews is joining Cole on commentary for this match. Fun match. Heels are working over the knee of Morrison. Hot tag to Orton who is now cleaning house. RKO on Miz and Lawler gets the pin.

– The Raw GM has just chimed in. He announces that tomorrow night live on Smackdown on USA will we see The Miz vs Randy Orton. Miz try’s to jump Orton from behind but he is ready for it and Miz bails.

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7 Responses

  1. ak91 says:

    its about time they put daniel bryan against regal

  2. J-Rip says:

    That Cena match was surprisingly good; maybe they need too have him feud with more mat based wrestlers.

  3. Jon says:

    Cena vs Punk?????? Awesome!!! Hope WWE doesn’t screw this up by making Punk look weak.

  4. Agent Cooper says:

    This show sucked simply because it was the end of CM Punk’s stint as an announcer. They need to find a way to clone him so that he can play both announcer and wrestler. Having to listen to the mind-numbingly stale Cole and Lawler again will not be fun.

  5. Roger Roger says:

    That segment with Cena, Lawler, and Piggy.. I mean Vicki, had to be one of the funniest segment I’d seen on Raw this year. I ranks up there with the Santino/Kozlov/Shaemus Tea-Time Segment.

  6. DJ Reign says:

    Very interesting Raw…. What the deal with Punk? Must have personal issues with Cena? Maybe Punk is the mastermind behind the Nexus? Once again why does A-Ri still have a briefcase? maybe it has the rumored new wwe title?

  7. N. Gaijin says:

    Great show.

    Loved the opening segment, it was very funny. I think Punk had it dead-on.

    I marked out big for the Bryan/Regal match – a fanboy’s dream come true. I think The Bellas are dead weight, though. I guess they think having them around adds charisma points to his already well-balanced stats, or it just gives them something to do other than occupy space on the roster.

    Thank god for the Melina turn. Nice to finally see a heel diva who can actually WRESTLE challenge for the title.

    The Ziggler/Cena match was surprisingly good. It was very entertaining.

    I don’t know if people remember, but having Punk attack Cena post-Nexus feud is an interesting bookend because it was their match together that saw the “NXT Riot”. The build to this happening has been very subtle, and done well enough to come off as surprise without feeling out of left field. I agree with Jon, I really hope Punk doesn’t come off looking weak in this feud – hitting Cena with a chair only for him to get up a couple minutes later with his “intense” face on doesn’t look like a good start though :/.

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