Taker’s Revenge

May 22, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Taker's Revenge

Event: In Your House #14: “Taker’s Revenge”
Date: April 20, 1997

* The Sultan def. Flash Funk via Pin Fall following a power bomb from top rope

Pay Per View

* Tag Team Titles
LOD hits the Doomsday Device on British Bulldog and pins him, but Bulldog was not the Legal man in the Ring so the match had to continue.

Legion of Doom def Owen Hart and British Bulldog by DQ due to a Run In by Bret Hart * Owen and Bulldog Keep Titles *

* I.C. Title
Savio Vega def Rocky Miavia via Count Out due to Crush delivering a Heart Punch to Rocky Miavia

*After Match – The entire Nation of Domination attacks Rocky, and Ahmed Johnson runs in with a wooden board and clears the ring

Rocky Miavia keeps the belt

* “Double J” Jesse James def. “Rockabilly” (Billy Gunn) via Pin Fall with an Inside cradle

* World Title
The Undertaker def Mankind via Pin fall following a Tombstone Piledriver

* After Match – Undertaker Chases Paul Bearer in the Ring and beats him down, and beats Mankind down as well, then Undertaker Shoots a Fireball into Bearer’s face.

Undertaker Keeps The Title

* Stone Cold Steve Austin def Bret Hart Via DQ due to a Run in By Owen hart & British bulldog

*After Match – Bret Hart Gets the Ring bell and climbs back in the ring and goes to hit Austin with it, as he cocks the Bell back to hit him Austin hits him in the Knee with a Steel Chair, then gets up and puts him in the Sharp shooter, then a large group of Refs brake them apart, and Owen, Bulldog, and Bret leave ringside, and Austin Celebrates in the ring as the show goes off the air.

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