Shad Gaspard

Oct 3, 2009 - by Steve Gerweck

Photography by Will LeBlanc

Real name: Shad Gaspard
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 270 lbs.
Date of birth: 1981
From: Brooklyn, NY
Pro debut: 2003
Trained by: OVW
Finishing move: G9


– In June 2005, Da Beast signed a WWE development contract.
– On May 27, 2006, Da Beast and Neighborhoodie defeated Roadkill and Kasey James in Louisville, KY for the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Southern Tag Team titles.
– Gaspard debuted as part of Cryme Tyme on the September 4, 2006 “Raw.”
– At Cyber Sunday ’06, Cryme Time won a “Texas Tornado” match involving The Highlanders, Charlie Haas and Viscera, and Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade.
– At New Year’s Revolution ’07, Cryme Tyme won a tag team turmoil match involving the World’s Greatest tag team, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, the Highlanders and Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy to earn a future tag team title shot.
– On July 21, 2007 in Owensboro, KY, Cryme Tyme defeated the James Boys to win the Southern Tag Team Championship.
– On September 2, 2007, WWE released Cryme Tyme.
– Cryme Tyme returns to WWE on the March 31, 2008 edition of “Raw,” and defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.
– At Survivor Series ’08, Team Michaels (Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Cryme Tyme, and The Great Khali) defeated Team JBL (John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Kane, Montel Vontavious Porter and John Morrison and The Miz).
– On April 15, 2009, Shad was drafted to the Smackdown brand in the Supplemental draft.
– Gaspard was released by WWE on November 19, 2010.

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  1. AJ Cooper says:

    So, as it turns out, not all, but quite a bit of’s reader-base apparently is racist, but unwilling to admit it, as well as being fans of a coward.

    In fact, Disgruntled Jobber, the guy who said that he’s known Luke Harper since 2002 & states that Harper is nowhere near a racist… Well, *NEWSFLASH*, you can know someone ALL.YOUR.LIFE & not completely & truly know who they REALLY are. Hell, I used to live next door to an older couple & didn’t know they were racists until shortly before my family moved out of that neighborhood. So, I’ll take THAT person’s statement for what it is: complete garbage.
    It’s also funny how DJ came to Harper’s defense, yet NEVER gave ANY examples of Harper’s contributions to the biz besides being Bray Wyatt’s mindless lackey. If anything, at least Cryme Tyme’s contribution to the biz is bringing in modern times diversity, whereas in contrast, Harper has contributed NOTHING to the biz. In fact, Harper’s recent rant kinda makes him come off as looking bitter & extremely racist.
    It’s funny how DJ warned me about talking smack about someone because I never know when I’ll come across another person who knows said individual. Well, I’m pretty sure I just tore that defense to shreds.

    And, the funny thing is nick’s comment… ” If the bashams were listed on the website as hottest free agents above him instead of cryme time would there any discussion at all ?” Well, the answer to that is simple: I HIGHLY doubt Harper would have said about the Bashams what he said about Cryme Tyme, which even more confirms Harper to be racist.

    And, ryan must have missed the fact where Harper never said anything about any other talent as far as what he said about Cryme Tyme, not to mention he completely missed the point I was making when I listed a few black wrestlers (asking if said wrestlers are irrelevant), which proves ryan’s the idiot, not me, plain & simple.

    And, the fact that Mimura replied the way he did pretty much unfortunately shows that those who responded to my comment are engaging in subtle, hidden racism. I mean, has Luke Harper EVER said about ANY other wrestler what he stated about Cryme Tyme? If not, then I pretty much just tore EVERY response to my comment to shreds.

    It’s a sorry state when you have people like this that visit a wrestling news site like this.

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