Caught Red-handed: How Do the World’s Richest Wrestlers Have Fun?

Nov 2, 2023 - by staff

We all know the big names in professional wrestling. And we can only imagine the net worth of many of them. With so much money, one can only speculate what they do with all of it.

The answer, of course, is yachting. It is the world’s most luxurious pastime after all. And wrestlers and their close circles surely take advantage of the opportunity when they can. So what exactly do they do on their yachting trips? Well, the Emirates is clearly the place to be as it is an epicenter of yachting culture. First of all, these superstars pick out one of the world’s greatest yachts from a yacht rental company in Dubai. With so many luxury features to choose from, they might have their agents do the picking for them! But they surely come up with amazing choices every time.

Let’s take a closer look at how these guys relax on the water during their time away from the ring.

Yachting parties

Now, we certainly don’t want to downplay the extraordinary level of fitness of these athletes. Indeed, professional wrestlers are some of the strongest, healthiest people out there. But of course there does come a time when they need to let loose. And boy, do they.

In renting some of the world’s most sumptuous yachts, these guys go all out. First of all, parties can be inner-circle only or wider groups of friends and family, depending on the occasion. Parties often include lavish buffets, catered by some of the best catering companies in the region. They bring in the finest champagne, and make sure it doesn’t stop flowing throughout the course of any given trip.

And let’s not forget the entertainment! Wrestlers will often bring in live bands on their yacht parties. They will also ensure that surround-sound entertainment is available. No effort is spared to make sure that these parties are the most elegant imaginable. Yachts often have their own pools and recreation areas, so guests can have any number of different forms of entertainment. They might even have screens to re-watch the season’s matches! It is surely hard to keep the paparazzi at bay with these cream-of-the-crop parties going on.

Off-boat activities

Of course, there are also plenty of things to do off the yacht. And many wrestlers are skilled in other sports, as well. It is becoming more and more popular for athletes to spend periods of time in other sports so as to keep their bodies agile. So what do these superhumans do when they’re not partying on the yacht? Well, several things.

First of all, water sports are extremely common. You might not think that these big hunky guys would also be proficient on a pair of water skis, but you should see them go at it! Kayaking is another popular one. Think about those big guns the wrestlers sport. Imagine the proficiency they have with a paddle, and the waves that they can create out on the water.

Wrestlers also take the time for more relaxing – if somewhat less athletic – pastimes like snorkeling and scuba diving. Of course, many of those who are intrepid enough to step into the wrestling ring are also brave enough to delve into the depths of the sea.

After the yacht party is over

And what do these superstars do when the yacht party is over? Well, grab a Ferrari rent a car and drive around town, of course. They might take a cool spin around the beach, or head off to another sumptuous dinner at one of Dubai’s famous restaurants. The journey continues until it’s time to hit the gym again.

Most of us can never hope to achieve the level of fame that these pro athletes have. But if you want to grab just a small piece of their lifestyle, you can also rent a yacht and have a party on the waves of your own. And you can also put the match up on the screen!

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