Ranking The Greatest WWE Matches Of All Time

Mar 24, 2023 - by staff

The WWE and WWF have hosted some legendary wrestling matches. Which the absolute greatest matches of all time are is a matter of debatable opinion.

The Greatest Wrestling Matches Of All Time

When it comes to WWE/WWF sometimes things get a little crazy in the ring. But then that’s exactly what fans are looking for, a match where things get a little out of control. In fact, the top ranked matches in pro wrestling history are the ones where it all went off the rails.

So, which are the greatest matches of all time? These are the matches where things got crazy and extreme, the fans went wild, and pro wrestling history was made.

Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. In 2009 both were still considered industry legends, even if the duo were both nearly a decade beyond their 90s heyday. But by 2009 there still hadn’t been the matchup that fans were clamouring for, Michaels versus The Undertaker.

The match would finally go down in spectacular fashion at Wrestlemania XXV, and needless to say, it was everything that fans had been hoping for. To say that things got out of control is an understatement, with even the standby professional medical staff unsure if they should or shouldn’t stop the match.

Michaels would ultimately land up losing, much to the dismay of fans. A rematch a year later saw Michaels lose again, bringing an end to a truly legendary career.

Hulk Hogan Versus Andre The Giant

Many will sneer at the idea that a match between Hogan and Andre The Giant deserves to be on a list of greatest matches. But the fact of the matter is that were not for this match, 1987, the WWE wouldn’t be what it is today. The levels of spectacle conjured up by the high profile match all but set the stage, ushering in a golden era of wrestling that lasted well into the early 2000s.

To put it another way, in a time when online pokies real money was not even a reality, it didn’t get more exciting than seeing Hulk Hogan slam a 7 foot tall man in a wrestling match. Today online pokies are available on every smartphone in the world, but WWE still manages to draw a crowd.

Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle

It’s very telling that Shawn Michaels appears prominently on virtually every list of greatest matches of all time. The man was capable of astounding agility in his prime, and 2005 happened to be the tail end of that peak.

So, it isn’t surprising that Michaels head-to-head against Kurt Angle is widely seen as amongst the best matches in history. Both Michaels and Angle were apt at high risk moves, with both proving just how risky they were willing to get in this epic matchup.

Bret Hart Vs Steve Austin

Bret Hart versus Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XIIV truly changed the game. At that time in 1997, Austin was still widely viewed as an anti-hero. Bret Hart, meanwhile, enjoyed a certain degree of popularity. But by the end of this match fan sentiment was fully behind Austin, launching a career that would last well into the 2000s.

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