Essential Components of a Skateboard Bearing

Sep 18, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

At first glance, skateboard bearings may seem small, but they are rather complex. When you order skateboard bearings, you may think of them as one of the other parts that make your skateboard.

It is not until you need to clean, lubricate, or do maintenance on your skateboard bearings that you will have to open them up and find out that they consist of seven smaller parts.

Below, we outline the essential components of ABEC 7 bearings and examine the functions of each component.

Components of ABEC 7 Bearings

ABEC 7 bearings consist of seven essential components, including:

● C-Ring: The c-ring is a thin metal ring that locks the bearing shield in place.

● Bearing Shield: The bearing shield is a medium-sized ring that keeps grease inside the bearing and prevents dirt, dust, and other agents from entering the bearing.

● Outer Ring: The outer ring is a round metal ring that houses all the other components.

● Inner Ring: The inner ring is a smaller metal ring placed within the outer ring. The inner ring plays a critical role in the functioning of ABEC 7 bearings as it fits through the axles and wheels from side to side.

● Steel Balls: Steel balls are arguably the most important components of a bearing. Steel balls consist of six to seven steel or ceramic balls that allow the bearing casing to rotate freely.

● Ball Retainer: The ball retainer holds the steel balls in place while allowing the casing around them to rotate freely.

● Rubber Seal: The rubber seal is a soft rubber ring on the exterior of the bearing that protects the bearing from dust, dirt, and other damaging agents.

Understanding How the Components of a Skateboard Bearing Work

Understanding how the components of ABEC 7 bearings work can help you understand how your skateboard functions and how you can handle problems and repairs.

It is important to note that cleaning these individual parts is a practice you must undertake as it prevents friction, keeps the wheels spinning, and ensures that the individual parts are functioning optimally.

If you are into street skateboarding, you must clean these components twice as often. Street skateboarding often leads to a higher risk of damage because of exposure to damaging agents.

Understand Your Skateboard Bearing to Take Good Care of them

As you can see, skateboard bearings have seven parts contributing to their functionality. Ensure you clean your bearings every two to three months or every month if you skateboard in a dusty or muddy environment.

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