The Most Famous Wrestlers Who Enjoy Playing in Casino

Sep 8, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Combat sports are continuously gaining popularity globally. Millions of viewers patiently wait for various matches in boxing, MMA, UFC, and other fighting sports. Regarding the US, wrestling is one of the top fighting sports with a fan base counting millions of people.

Fans are primarily men from all kinds of age categories. There are those in college who enjoy watching wrestling when they’re taking a break from studying. On the other hand, there are casino goers who enjoy gambling with wrestling-themed slots at new casino sites that are launching all the time. There are also seniors who love comparing new-age wrestling to what it used to be, stressing the difference between today’s fighters and those before.

But wrestling athletes also like taking a break from their demanding daily routine, and one of the activities that many pick is gambling. Here’s a list of the most popular wrestlers who enjoy playing various casino games.

Hulk Hogan

Judging from the experts over at Gamblizard UK, the biggest name in wrestling that’s heavily tied to the casino industry is Hulk Hogan. His insane popularity during the nineties made Hogan one of the most sought-after athletes. There was practically no commercial without him at the time, as he was the favorite of not only children but adults as well. Seeking more exposure, many casinos established collaborations with Hogan. During the whole process, he surely enjoyed spinning the reels and playing various other table games.

His popularity was so big that even slot games with his theme hit the market and were very popular. You can still find Hulk Hogan slots in various online casinos where players can play them as they remember the wrestler’s golden times.

John Cena

Another one of the greats is John Cena. His modern popularity has made him a living legend. He is one of the top wrestlers that you’ll find in various commercials and other partnerships. His popularity is comparable to Hulk Hogan’s because the wrestler naturally connects with the audience.

It’s his aggressive attitude that resonates with the audience and makes him such an appealing athlete. His competitiveness made his move to acting such a smooth transition. His successful Hollywood career shows his ability to adapt and his willingness to learn new things.

Competitiveness is also the reason why he is a casino fan. He likes having fun playing various table games, where he gets to use his skills. Of course, he keeps things simple and modest without spending too much on his adventures.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff is among the most talented wrestlers in the business. With 6 Wrestle Mania titles under his belt, he is one of the top wrestlers in the sport. What’s more, his brother is also successful, which says a lot about the family. Wrestling is not the only sport he enjoys, Jeff is also a fan of baseball, motocross, and football. His love for sports makes him such a talented wrestler, as he is passionate about it.

When it comes to casinos, his preference is poker and blackjack. Much like John Cena, he enjoys these games as they require a certain level of skill. That’s not a surprise, given how competitive Jeff Hardy is.

The good news is that he can now enjoy playing online casino games on the go. Gambling platforms have been optimized for mobile devices and run smoothly on them. That makes online casino games much more accessible, fueling the industry sector growth. Players can have fun without having to visit a retail casino.

John Morrison

John Morrison is a legendary WWE wrestler with an interesting background story. He finished geology at the University of California but made a dramatic shift in his career after graduating. He quickly started competing and making a name for himself in the WWE universe. His nickname Johnny Blaze says a lot about him, given that it was created by his audience.

His success follows him to the casino, where he enjoys playing Texas Hold’em.


As you can see, these wrestlers enjoy spending time at the casino. While they love playing periodically, wrestlers rarely spend too much money at the casino. They enjoy playing it periodically and view it only as a way to relax and have some fun. That’s why you won’t see anyone from the WWE world spending millions as some NBA stars have. Keep in mind that this is a short list highlighting the most popular wrestlers, the list goes on.

Author’s Bio: Leslie Alexander is a content lead with years of experience in the iGaming sector. She enjoys writing on various casino topics and keeps casino enthusiasts updated with the latest developments. When she’s not writing, she loves playing table games with her close friends and colleagues.

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