WWE NXT Results – 4/29/15: The Road to Takeover Begins

May 4, 2015 - by Atlee Greene

– WWE NXT Results – 4/29/15 | Full Sail University | Winter Park, FL | Commentators: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Bryon Saxton


NXT Champion Kevin Owens comes out to the ring with the usual mixed reaction of boo birds and “Fight Owens Fight” chants. Owens comments about almost getting rid of Alex Riley for good until Sami Zayn had to play hero. Owens says he has his fists taped up and calls out Zayn for a fight.

General Manager William Regal comes to the ring instead and tells Owens that he will not use NXT to further his own agenda. Owens arrogantly tells Regal that he didn’t call him out, he called out Zayn, and doesn’t care what he has to say.

Sami Zayn comes out, but Regal blocks him from entering the ring and announces that on May 20 at NXT Takeover, it will be Owens vs. Zayn for the championship. Owens said Zayn has done nothing to earn a title shot and noted that Zayn went home for a month after he beat him in February.

Owens says he will fight Zayn but will absolutely not put the title on the line. Zayn says Owens needs this match because everything Owens has done in his career has his name next to it. He goes on to say that Kevin Owens has been living in Sami Zayn’s shadow.

Zayn says he fights for a prize and it’s the NXT Championship, not Kevin Owens. Owens is angry, accepts the title match, declares this is the biggest mistake of Zayn’s career, and says he has no idea what’s coming his way.


Carmella and The Jersey Crew are arguing in the back. Enzo and Colin leave her alone, which prompts Black and Murphy to hit on her. They insult her boys which she will have none of and tells them to leave. Alexa Bliss walks up to Carmella and told her that she needs to carry herself with more class. Carmela face palm her and leaves. Black and Murphy rush in to console Alexa.


Sami Zayn is in William Regal’s office to sign the contact for his title match with Kevin Owens. Alex Riley barges in and demands another match with Owens, saying he knows he can beat him. Regal says he is all out of opportunities for him

Zayn tries to calm thing down, but Riley vehemently objects to the interruption. Zayn says he will wrestle Riley since he needs a warm up match for Takeover. Riley accepts, Regal gives the match his blessing, and Riley says he wants Owens if Zayn doesn’t make it to Takeover.


– Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy w/ Carmella vs. NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Black and Buddy Murphy (non-title)

Black and Murphy make quick tags as they work over Amore in their corner. Blake spends too much time taunting Amore and receives a modified jawbreaker for his troubles. Cassidy tags in and cleans house with clotheslines, a big splash in for corner and a sidewalk slam on Murphy for a near fall.

Amore missed a flying cross body off the top rope which had a Wile E Coyte vibe to the spot. Murphy flirts with Carmella but she is having none of it. Cassidy connects with the big boot, knocks Blake off the apron, tags Amore and launches him off the top for a splash to get the win.


Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy


Becky Lynch cut a promo talking about leaving home at age 15 to train in Japan and how she didn’t do it to be second best but to rule her empire which is NXT.

Bayley is interviewed backstage, but says she can’t focus on her match without her headbands and T-shirts. Bayley leaves and Emma walks in with her staff, waving it around for all to see.


– Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

The two ladies lock up and exchange arm ringers until Brooke pulls Bayley’s hair and slams her to the ground. Bayley quickly regains control with a drop toe hold and proceeds to have fun at Brooke’s expense by rolling all over her with a big smile. Brooke pulls her hair again for the takedown to gain control. Brooke gets the heat for a little bit, which included a single leg Boston crab on Bayley’s injured knee.

Bayley rifles off a few clotheslines for her comeback, delivers a splash in the corner and follows up with a vertical suplex. Bayley goes to the second rope, but her music goes off. Emma comes out wearing Bayley’s missing shirts and headbands. Brooke takes advantage of the distraction and delivers a fireman’s carry driver for the win. Brooke high-fives Emma on her way out as Bayley looks on feeling betrayed.


Winner: Dana Brooke


-William Regal announces that Tyler Breeze, Finn Balor, and Hideo Itami will compete in a Triple Threat Match at Takeover to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Championship


– Hideo Itami vs. Adam Rose:

“HI-DE-O” is the theme of this match. Rose summersaults his way into some of Hideo’s stiff chops and some kicks early on. Rose grounds Itami with a rear chin lock to slow things down for a bit. Once Itami breaks free, Rose has nothing for him as he received several kicks, chops  and a hesitation drop kick for his troubles. One Shotgun Kick later and Rose is counting the lights.


Winner: Hideo Itami


– Bayley is frantically looking for Emma backstage. She was unable to find her and said she is no longer friends with Emma.


– Becky Lynch vs. Sarah Dobson: 

Besides Dobson getting some love from the crowd and getting a couple of one counts, this was all Becky Lynch. A dropkick followed by three leg drops softens up Dobson for the armbar and gains the submission victory.


Winner: Becky Lynch


– Rhyno is backstage and it appears he has his sights set on Baron Corbin. The former ECW champion blasts Corbin and says he still has a few things to learn. Rhyno ends it by saying he is not just the past, but also the present and future.


– Sami Zayn vs. Alex Riley:

Kevin Owens joins the crew on commentary. Riley takes control early with a nice dropkick and follows up with a spinning neckbreaker. Owens just dogs Riley at every turn. Zayn comes back with a leg lariat and delivers a German suplex. Riley is able to come back and hit a fireman’s carry slam for close nearfall.

Riley charges in but Zayn pulled down the rope sending Riley to the floor. Zayn delivers summersault plancha over the top rope and on to Riley. Owens has seen enough, throws down his headset, charges to the ring, and put the boots Zayn which causes the disqualification.


Winner via DQ: Sami Zayn


Owens continues his assault by throwing Zayn head first onto the entrance ramp. Owens goes to leave but he sees Riley laying there and gave him a power bomb on the ring apron. Owens admires his hand work and walks out with a smile while hold the NXT title up high.

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