Bound for Glory

Oct 16, 2011 - by Adam Martin

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Mexican America def. Ink Inc. to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships in the pre-match opening match live on Facebook.

TNA Bound for Glory PPV
October 16, 2011
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package runs hyping Hulk Hogan vs. Sting and Kurt Angle defending the TNA Championship against Bobby Roode tonight.

We go live to Philadelphia where Mike Tenay and Taz look at the card tonight.

TNA X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

We are joining the match in progress (feed issues online that was quickly fixed by the great crew over at Aries is working over Kendrick on the mat applying pressure to the head. Aries drops Kendrick quickly. Aries plays with the crowd getting ready to hit his spinning elbow drop, but Kendrick kicks him in the face and hits a series of kicks to the head. Kendrick with a lariat to the back of the head that drops Aries. Aries drops Kendrick on his back and this time hits the spinning elbow drop. Kendrick with a huge snap tornado DDT. Aries with a suicide dive to Kendrick on the outside. Aries is getting real interactive with the crowd in Philadelphia. Aries tosses Kendrick back in the ring near the corner and connects with a big dropkick to the face. Kendrick counters a brainbuster attempt with a close rollup. Kendrick with a superkick and Aries counters a Sliced Bread attempt. Aries goes up with Kendrick, talks trash to a fan and Kendrick flips back connecting with Sliced Bread. Aries pulls himself on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall attempt. Aries counters a third Sliced Bread attempt on the ring apron. Aries with a second dropkick in the corner and connects with the brainbuster on Kendrick. Aries hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

After the match, Austin Aries walks up the ramp holding up the TNA X Division Championship.

Backstage, Karen and Jeff Jarrett's kids are with Traci Brooks. Karen tells the kids to leave and she tells Traci to stay away from her kids. She tells Traci to cover up her chest and reveals that she will referee tonight's TNA Knockouts Championship match tonight. Karen tells Traci to stay in the back.

Full Metal Mayhem
Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Some exchanges early on with RVD going for an armbar. RVD brings all the offense with clotheslines and side kicks to Lynn. Lynn counters a Rolling Thunder with a big dropkick. Lots of counters between the two and we get the stare down with the golf clap. Strange spot with Lynn tackling RVD against the ropes. RVD misses a moonsault off the ring barricades. Lynn gets a steel chair involved (legal in this contest) along with a ladder. RVD with a crossbody to Lynn with Lynn landing back first over the chair. RVD with his chair to the face spot in the corner on Lynn. Lynn is sent into the ladder, ladder falls over him and RVD hits a Rolling Thunder over the ladder on Lynn. We get an ECW chant…in 2011. Lynn with a dropkick to the face of RVD using a chair. Lynn drops the ladder over the second rope, tosses RVD on it and misses a leg drop from the corner. Lynn launches a chair at the face of RVD into a german suplex with a bridge for a two count. RVD suplexes Lynn over the ladder. We get another ECW chant as RVD hits a springboard moonsault over Lynn on the ladder. Lynn with a flying sitdown clothesline as RVD rolled across the ring and flipped up. Lynn pulls a ladder out from under the ring and props it up against the barricade. Lynn with a sunset flip on RVD from the ring to the ladder below. ECW chant. Very dangerous spot. RVD gets Lynn in the corner with the ladder pushed against his head. RVD grabs a chair, goes to the other corner and connects with the Van Terminator. Huge reaction from the crowd. RVD pulls Lynn from the corner and covers him to get the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, RVD and Lynn shake hands. Lynn limps up the ramp as RVD celebrates with the crowd.

We see footage from earlier today of Dixie Carter arriving.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Morgan and Crimson double team Joe right away. Joe with chops to Crimson and follows with a series of jabs. Morgan and Crimson with a double hip toss on Joe. Joe sweeps the leg of Morgan and Morgan favors his knee. Joe dumps Morgan out and tosses Crimson with ease over the top rope as well. Joe with an elbow suicide dive to Crimson. Morgan with a crossbody to Crimson off the top rope on the outside. Joe with Crimson back in the ring hitting a few jabs. Crimson with big knees to Joe followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Joe rakes the eyes of both, but takes a double shoulder block from Morgan and Crimson. Morgan and Crimson break up each others pinfall attempts. Morgan and Crimson in a shoving match. Morgan pie faces Crimson and Crimson responds with a right hand. Right hand exchanges between the two. Joe trips up Morgan and sends him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Joe with his kick to the head on Crimson in the corner. Joe has Crimson up for the Muscle Buster, but Morgan breaks it up. Joe takes a running knee from Morgan and a Spear from Crimson. Crimson hooks the leg of Joe and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Crimson

After the match, Tenay and Taz put over Crimson staying undefeated in TNA.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Bully Ray. Ray talks about exploiting “the white trash” of Philadelphia for over 8 years.

Falls Count Anywhere
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson hits the ring quickly and goes after Ray. Ray goes up top, Anderson low blows him, Anderson gets Ray on his shoulders, but Ray counters dropping down and kicking Anderson in the face. Ray rips off Anderson's shirt and chops him hard. Ray with a second and third chop to the chest. Anderson with a spinning kick to the head that drops Ray. Anderson grabs a sign that says, “Welcome to Philly asshole.” Anderson cracks it over the head of Ray. He rips the sign and reveals a “DEAD END” sign was under it. Anderson hits Ray a second time with it and a loud echo fills the arena. Anderson throws a cup of beer in Ray's face. A woman in the crowd throws a beer in the face of Anderson and starts laughing. Ray pulls a table out from under the ring and gets a big reaction from the Philly crowd. They brawl up to the top of the stage. Ray slaps the side of Anderson and gives him a suplex over the top of the stage. Ray is busted open over the top of his head. Ray then calls for Anderson's hanging mic. He introduces himself coming from New York City. Anderson low blows Ray, grabs the mic and says, “This isn't New York City, this is Philly…bitch!” Anderson cracks the mic over Ray's head. They brawl to the backstage area. Ray gives Anderson a piledriver over the concrete floor. Anderson gets a shoulder up during a pin attempt. Ray starts choking Anderson with the tip of a steel chair. They brawl back inside the arena. You can see a wonderful shot of empty seats in the upper deck. They brawl near the ring and Anderson brings in part of a steel barricade. Ray cuts off Anderson and grabs a second table (another table was already setup on the outside near the ring). Anderson with a back body drop on Ray with Ray landing over the barricade. Part of the bars are bent. Anderson comes off the top rope looking to hit a senton splash, but Ray moves and he catches the barricade on the back of his neck. Ray then gives Anderson a Bubba Bomb through the table. Anderson gets a shoulder up during a pinfall. Ray attempts a back splash over Anderson who is draped across the barricade. Anderson moves and Ray lands over the barricade with a thud. That looked nasty. Anderson with a Mic Check to Ray head first into the barricade. Anderson covers and Ray gets a shoulder up. Anderson is busted open all over his face. Anderson drops Ray and puts him over the table. Anderson goes up top, hits a senton splash, but the table doesn't break. Anderson grabs Ray and hits the Mic Check putting Ray through the table. Anderson covers Ray and gets the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking with referee Jackson James. He reveals that Jackson is his son. Back in the ring, Tenay and Taz are speechless that James is Bischoff's son.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Special guest referee: Karen Jarrett
Winter (c) w/ Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James

Mickie James and Winter start. Winter sends James into the corner. James with a quick neckbreaker. Madison Rayne is now in and drops James down quickly. James tackles Rayne and hits some right hands. velvet Sky is now in with facebusters to the knee. Sky covers Rayne and Karen goes to tie her shoe. Sky and James are now in. James drops Rayne off the apron. Sky with kicks and chops to James. Sky with a head scissors takedown on James. Sky knocks Winter off the apron. Winter and Love get in some cheap shots on Sky. Rayne is going after James. James with a clothesline to Winter in the corner. Love handed something to Winter that she put in her mouth. Winter ends up spitting it in the face of Karen. James with her jumping DDT on Winter. She counts her own pin. Traci Brooks runs down and hits the ring. James and Winter brawl to the outside. Sky with a facebuster to Rayne. Traci acts as referee and counts the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kazarian. He talks about being happy for Bobby Roode tonight getting a shot for the TNA Championship. Kazarian said tonight is personal between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

A video package runs focusing on the history of Styles and Daniels in TNA.

“I Quit” Match
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels goes on the attack as the bell rings. Daniels calls for Styles to quit and Styles refuses. Styles with a kick to the back of Daniels and follows with a kick to the chest. Styles with a series of gutbusters over his knee on Daniels. Styles with an abdominal stretch applied. Daniels fights out of it. Styles bridges back with a reverse chinlock submission. Daniels refuses to quit. Styles with a flying armbar and Daniels bites the fingers of Styles to break it up. Styles with his launching dropkicks that catches Daniels as he comes off the ropes. Styles with a flying flip dive to the outside over Daniels. Daniels pulls out a tool box under the ring, grabs a wrench and launches it at Styles who moves away at the last second. Daniels grabs a screwdriver and Styles stops Daniels from stabbing him with it. Daniels with a twisting powerbomb on Styles over the apron. Daniels with a high back body drop on Styles back in the ring. Styles refuses to quit. Daniels with a BME over the lower back of Styles. Daniels with a single leg boston crab applied on Styles. Styles with chops. Daniels with a huge backbreaker. Daniels sets up a chair and starts choking Styles with it. Daniels hits Styles in the head with the mic. Styles is busted open over his head. The Philly crowd starts a “SHUT THE HELL UP” chant. Daniels tells Styles' wife to take his kids out of the room. Daniels tries to hit Styles over the head with the chair, but Styles moves. Styles with a springboard inverted DDT and a kick to the head combo in the corner. Styles with a springboard flying forearm. Styles with the Pele Kick and Styles Clash on Daniels. Styles grabs the screwdriver and starts walking towards Daniels. Daniels grabs the mic and yells, “Okay AJ, okay AJ…I quit, I quit. Don't hurt me man.” The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Christopher Daniels bails from the ring and runs to the back. Styles celebrates his win and heads up the ramp. Daniels attacks Styles at the top of the ramp and gives him an Angel's Wings.

Jeff Jarrett is on his way out to the arena and gets in the ring. Jarrett grabs a mic and starts talking to Jeff Hardy saying he told him to never set foot in this city. He said he heard Hardy showed up. Jarrett said no one wants Hardy in TNA. The fans in Philly start a “Hardy” chant. Jarrett calls out Hardy. Jeff Hardy answers and makes his way to the ring with new music. Hardy attacks Jarrett. Jarrett fights back. Hardy starts ripping Jarrett's shirt off. TNA security hits the ring to break it up. Hardy breaks free and goes after Jarrett. TNA agents hit the ring to separate the two. Jarrett screams, “Nobody wants you here Hardy!” as security takes him to the back.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

The bell rings and Hogan and Sting circle the ring. Hogan throws a few jabs, stops himself and then calls for someone. Ric Flair's music hits and Flair struts down the ramp. They show shots of a worried looking Dixie Carter at ringside. Lock up and Sting goes for a side headlock. Hogan with a shoulder block that drops Sting. Hogan throws his bandana at Sting, flexes and crotch chops at Sting. Huge reaction from the crowd in Philly. Hogan starts choking Sting and drops him with a clothesline. Hogan with a right hand that drops Sting. Flair starts choking Sting with his jacket on the outside and gets in a few low blows in front of Dixie Carter. Referee Jackson James turns his back to what is taking place. Hogan with shots to Sting against the barricade and then starts biting his head. Flair hands Hogan an object and Hogan starts hitting Sting in the forehead with it. Sting is busted open. Hogan and Sting are back in the ring. Hogan drops Sting with a right hand and then struts like Flair. Sting fights back with big right shots and Hogan takes a bump! Sting with more right hands. More rights from Sting and Hogan takes another bump! Sting now goes after Flair at ringside and takes the weapon away. Sting starts hitting Hogan with it and Hogan takes a flat bump. Hogan is busted open. Sting with right hands to Hogan propping him up in the corner. Stinger Splash on Hogan in the corner. Sting drops Flair on the ring apron. Stinger Splash to the back of Hogan. Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock applied. Hogan starts tapping. Referee Jackson James asks Hogan if he is sure. Hogan continues tapping. James has no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner: Sting

After the match, we see a shot of Dixie Carter hugging her husband at ringside. Immortal then comes walking down the ramp. Bully Ray, Scott Steiner and Gunner take turns hitting Sting over the back with a steel chair. We see a shot of Abyss looking on from backstage behind the curtain. Eric Bischoff grabs a chair and his son referee Jackson James takes the chair away from him. Bischoff then cracks the chair over the back of his own son. We see a shot of a bloody Hulk Hogan recovering in the corner. Immortal continues to beat up Sting. A bloody Sting looks up at Hogan yelling, “Hogan…help me.” Immortal drags Sting back to the other corner. Hogan hulks up ripping off his shirt. Hogan starts taking out Immortal one-by-one with big right hands. Sting fires up in the other corner. Hogan and Sting start taking out all members of Immortal. Hogan and Sting clear house. Bischoff is the last one cowering in the corner. Hogan grabs Bischoff and decks him with a huge right hand. Hogan yells, “I'm back!” Hogan kicks Bischoff out of the ring. Sting fires up the crowd. A loud “HOGAN” chant starts up in Philly.

A video package runs hyping Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode.

TNA Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Bobby Roode

The match kicks off with a little less than 25 minutes left of the PPV.

Roode goes for a crossface early and Angle gets the bottom rope for a break. They show Angle has his groin/leg taped up. Angle bails, Roode follows and Angle gets in a cheap shot when Roode follows him back in. Angle catches Roode with a big knee to the gut as he came off the ropes. Angle with a german suplex hanging on. Angle with a second. Angle with a third with a release. Angle goes up top, Roode jumps up with him and launches him back in a huge release german suplex. They show a replay and Angle came down really hard on his neck. Angle with an uppercut. Roode fights back with a series of rights and clotheslines. Roode with a blockbuster from the second rope. Angle with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with a huge DDT planting Roode. Angle drops the straps and talks trash to Roode. Roode with a big spinebuster. Roode with a crossface locked on Angle. Angle reaches out and grabs Roode's ankle. Angle counters into an ankle lock. Angle screams at Roode to tap. Roode rolls through and counters back into the crossface on Angle. Angle rolls Roode over on his shoulders for a two count. Angle goes on the attack and Roode gets him back down in the crossface. Angle rolls through and connects with the Angle Slam, hook of the leg and Roode gets a shoulder up. Ankle lock applied. Roode rolls through again and plants Angle with another spinebuster. Roode with a fishermans suplex into a bridge for a CLOSE two count. We have a “LET'S GO ANGLE – LET'S GO BOBBY” chant going. Roode with a close rollup after rolling through another ankle lock. Roode counters an Angle Slam. Roode up to the middle rope and Angle pulls the referee in front of him. Roode drops down and Angle low blows Roode without the referee catching it. Angle with the Angle Slam, hook of the leg and Roode kicks out. Angle can't believe it. Angle with a german suplex holding on. Angle with a second. Angle attempts a third, but Roode counters and gets the crossface locked in. Roode pulls back yelling at Angle to tap. Angle is moving towards the ropes and gets his hand under the bottom rope to break it up. Angle with a Spear, hook of the leg and Roode kicks out. Angle is up top. Angle jumps, Roode sees it coming and gets Angle back down in the crossface. Angle slips out and Angle hits the Angle Slam. Angle hooks the leg. Roode's arm can be seen breaking the ropes under the bottom rope. The referee still counts the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, we see a replay of Kurt Angle hitting Bobby Roode with the Angle Slam and during the pinfall you can see Roode's arm under the bottom rope. The referee doesn't see it and counts the pinfall. Back live, we see a shot of Angle being helped to the back. In the ring, Roode has his hands over his face as the PPV goes off the air.

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