The Blue Meanie

Nov 2, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

blue meanie

Real name: Brian Heffron
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 295 lbs.
Date of birth: May 18, 1973
Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
Pro debut: 1995
Trained by: Al Snow
Finishing move: Moonsault


– Heffron debuted as the Zebra Kid, and also wrestled under his real name.
– In mid 1995, Heffron met Raven (Scott Levy), who brought him to ECW as part of his nest. The promotion hired Heffron initially on a part time basis.
– In 1996, the Blue Meanie formed a tag team with “Dancing” Stevie Richards.
– On the 21st of April that year, Meanie & Richards defeated Frank Stalletto & Lou Marconi to win the SCW Tag Team Titles
– At November to Remember ’96, Meanie, Richards and Nova formed the Blue World Order, a spoof of WCW’s New World Order
– On December 13, Meanie & Richards defeated The Giant Hillbillies (Gator & Countryboy Chris) to retain the SCW Tag Team Titles and win the PWX Tag Team Titles
– On February 8, 1998, Meanie & Cactus Jack defeated Frank Stalletto & Lou Marconi in Irwin, PA. for the SCW Tag Team Titles.
– At WrestlePalooza ’98, Meanie and Super Nova defeated the Full Blooded Italians (Tracy Smothers & Little Guido).
– The Blue Meanie and Super Nova beat Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill at the 1998 November to Remember in New Orleans, Louisiana.
– On November 22, 1998, the Meanie and Super Nova captured the SCW Tag Team title from High Society (Jimmy Cicero & Cueball Carmichael) in Irwin, PA.
– The Meanie became affiliated with Al Snow’s JOB Squad in November 1998
– Meanie wrestled his first WWF match on the December 19, 1998 episode of Shotgun Saturday Night, teaming with JOB Squad partner Gillberg to defeat The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq)
– On January 17, 1999, Meanie defeated Lou Marconi to win the SCW Television Title
– Meanie was sent to WWF developmental territory MCW in 1999, but was released before returning to the main roster and would return to ECW the following year
– On March 14, 2001, Meanie defeated Navajo Warrior to win the UPW Internet Title
– Meanie became a regular for Philadelphia’s 3PW promotion in 2002 and would work almost exclusively for them through to mid-2005
– Meanie appeared on camera at WWE’s One Night Stand event in 2005. He was infamously bloodied up by JBL during a WWE vs. ECW brawl
– On the July 7, 2005, episode of Smackdown, the bWo made an appearance, defacing JBL’s limousine. Later that show, Meanie defeated JBL in a No-DQ Match
– Meanie was released by WWE following 2005’s Great American Bash
– On November 20, Meanie defeated George Michael to win the WCWC Title
– On December 17, Meanie defeated George Michael to retain the WCWC Title
– On June 3, 2007, Meanie defeated Tracy Smothers to win the CAPW Unified Heavyweight Title
– On September 8, Meanie defeated Troy Justice & The Insaniac to win the APWF Heavyweight Title
– On September 15, Meanie & CJ O’Doyle defeated Greg Spitz, Mark Mest & Winky Lexington in a Handicap Match to win the WCPW Tag Team Titles
– On October 13, Meanie & O’Doyle defeated Zac Conner & Chris Wylde to retain the WCPW Tag Team Titles
– In 2012, Meanie was a regular on Shane Douglas’ Extreme Rising events
– The Blue Meanie competed in the first 3 MLW Battle Riot matches and would make occasional in-ring appearances for the company through to 2021

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