Orlando Jordan

Nov 1, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Photo credit: TNA Wrestling

Real name: Orlando Jordan
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 250 lbs.
Date of birth: April 21, 1974
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Pro debut: 2000
Trained by: Rocky Johnson
Finishing move: Bareback


– In late January 2002, Jordan wrestled two WWF dark matches, losing to Rico Constantino before defeating Jim Jeffries. He signed a WWE development deal soon after
– On May 31, 2003, Jordan made his official WWE debut, defeating Jamie Noble
– On June 26, 2003, Jordan made his first Smackdown appearance, losing to John Cena. The Undertaker came out to save Jordan from a post-match beatdown
– In August 2004, Jordan turned heel and joined JBL’s Cabinet as the ‘Chief of Staff’
– On the March 3, 2005 episode of Smackdown, Jordan defeated John Cena to win the WWE United States Title
– At Judgment Day ’05, Jordan defeated Heidenreich to retain the WWE United States Title
– At The Great American Bash ’05, Jordan defeated Chris Benoit to retain the WWE United States Title
– In mid-2006, Jordan was released by WWE
– Upon his return to the indies, Jordan frequently competed outside of the mainland USA, becoming a regular face in Puerto Rico, Europe, South America and Japan
– On April 19, 2008, Jordan defeated Romeo Roselli to win the NWE World Title in Madrid, Spain
– On June 20, 2008, Jordan defeated Vito to retain the NWE World Title in Toledo, Spain
– On June 25, 2008, Jordan was the opponent for The Ultimate Warrior’s return match. Warrior defeated Jordan to win the NWE World Title, though surrendered it the next day
– In November 2009, Jordan competed on the Hulkamania tour of Australia
– On January 4, 2010, Jordan made his TNA debut
– In late 2010, Jordan formed a tag team alongside Eric Young
– On July 11, 2011, Jordan was released by TNA and emigrated to Australia
– On January 21, 2012, Jordan won a 20-Man Rumble to win the vacant AAW World Title
– On February 4, Jordan defeated Joey Angel, The Shark & Simon Swell to retain the AAW World Title
– On February 18, Jordan defeated Joey Angel to retain the AAW World Title
– On June 3, 2016, Jordan defeated Luke Knight to win the AWE World Title
– On June 17, Jordan defeated Bob Holly to retain the AWE World Title
– On February 24, 2018, Jordan defeated Jack Rossely to win the ACW World Title
– On June 16, Jordan defeated Rossely & James Cruiser to retain the ACW World Title
– Jordan entered semi-retirement at the end of 2018

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