Oct 28, 2009 - by Steve Gerweck


Real name: Kelly Warren Wolfe
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 230 lbs.
Date of birth: December 7, 1973
From: Nashville, TN
Pro debut: 1991
Trained by: The Medic
Finishing move: Bulldog


– On May 8, 1993, Wolfie D (Warren) defeated Danny Davis for the USWA Middle Heavyweight championship in Memphis, TN.
– In USWA, Wolfie D formed a tag team with JC Ice called PG-13.
– On November 27, 1993, PG-13 defeated Brian Christopher and Jeff Jarrett for the USWA World Tag Team titles.
– PG-13 defeated The Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus) to regain the USWA tag titles on May 2, 1994.
– On August 29, 1994, PG-13 collected their third USWA tag titles by defeating Great Mephisto and Dante.
– PG-13 downed Jimmy and Ron Harris for the tag titles on December 26, 1994.
– PG-13 beat Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert on January 9, 1995 for the tag team titles for the fifth time.
– On March 13, 1995, PG-13 defeated Rich and Gilbert for the tag titles.
– On May 1, 1995, PG-13 won the tag team titles for the seventh time by defeating Brickhouse Brown and The Gambler.
– PG-13 downed The Rock n’ Roll Express for the titles on July 10, 1995.
– On August 28, PG-13 defeated Tracey Smothers and Terry Gordy in a tournament final to win the titles.
– PG-13 downed Rich and Gilbert for the titles on January 13, 1996.
– PG-13 defeated Smothers and Jesse James Armstrong for the titles on February 17.
– PG-13 later became Ice (JC Ice) and Fire (Wolfie) and renamed their team the Cyberpunks.
– The Cyberpunks defeated Rich and Gilbert to win the titles on March 25, 1996.
– On June 29, 1996 Wolfie D defeated Brickhouse Brown for the USWA Television title.
– On October 21, 1996, Wolfie D and Brian Christopher defeated Bill and Jaime Dundee for the USWA tag titles.
– On December 14, 1996 Wolfie D defeated Brian Christopher for the USWA World Heavyweight Championship.
– On January 18, 1997, PG-13 downed Flash Flanagan and Steven Dunn for the titles.
– On July 13, 1997, PG-13 defeated Recon (Bull Buchanan) and The Interrogator (Kurrgan) for the tag titles.
– PG-13 downed Flanagan and Dunn for their fifteenth tag team title on August 31, 1997.
– On April 8, 2000, Wolfie D defeated Ali to win the MPPW (Memphis Power Pro Wrestling) World Heavyweight title in Memphis, TN.
– On May 27, 2000, Wolfie D. defeated Ali once again to regain the MPPW World Heavyweight title.
– Wolfie next went to OVW and became a Member of the Disciples of Synn as Slash.
– On June 23, 2000, Slash and Damian defeated Mr. Black and Bull Buchanan for the OVW Southern Tag Team belts.
– On August 4, 2000, Slash and Damian regained the titles by defeating the Paynethrillers.
– Slash later showed up in NWA-TNA as a member of Jim Mitchell’s New Church. Slash began teaming with Brian Lee.
– On November 13, 2002, Lee and Slash defeated America’s Most Wanted for the NWA-TNA Tag Team titles.
– On March 26, 2003, Perry Saturn, The Sandman, and The New Church defeated The Harris Brothers, Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper in a “Sadistic Madness” Match.
– After Lee left NWA-TNA in August 2003, Slash began teaming with Sinn.

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