Scott D’Amore

Oct 24, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Scott Francis D’Amore
Height: 5’9
Weight: 253 lbs.
Date of birth: August 8, 1974
From: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Pro debut: June 14, 1992
Trained by: Doug Chevalier, Al Snow, Denny Kass, Mickey Doyle and the WCW Power Plant
Finishing move: D’Amoralizer


– In 1993, D’Amore & Doug Chevalier founded Border City Wrestling
– On June 14, 1993, D’Amore made an appearance on WWF Wrestling Challenge, teaming with Otis Apollo in a loss to The Steiners (Rick & Scott)
– On August 14, D’Amore defeated Apollo to win the vacant BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Title
– In early 1994, D’Amore began working as a jobber for WCW
– On May 7, 1994, D’Amore defeated Jake Steele to win the BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Title, having lost it to Steele the day before
– On May 21, D’Amore & Clancy defeated The New Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Snow & Denny Kass) to win the BCW Can-Am Tag Team Titles and the MCW Tag Team Titles
– On March 10, 1995, D’Amore defeated Mickey Doyle to win the BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Title for a third time
– On June 23, D’Amore defeated Bruiser Bedlam in a Cage Match to retain the BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Title
– On September 9, D’Amore & Otis Apollo defeated Bobby Clancy & Johnny Paradise and Tim & Tommy Knox to win the MTW Tag Team Titles, but lost them immediately to Los Rudos (Calavera Cortez & Ricco Rodriguez)
– On November 22, D’Amore defeated The Brooklyn Brawler to retain the BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Title
– By the late 90’s, D’Amore had scaled down his in-ring duties to focus on booking and promoting for BCW
– In 2000, D’Amore joined the select group of wrestlers who have competed for WWF, WCW and ECW
– In 2003, D’Amore joined TNA as a road agent
– In early 2004, D’Amore began appearing on TNA television as the manager of Team Canada
– In May 2005, D’Amore was promoted to head of TNA Creative
– In July 2008, D’Amore’s contract expired and he left TNA to resume his BCW duties
– In August 2009 D’Amore returned to TNA as the road agent in charge of the Knockouts
– D’Amore left TNA again in February 2010
– In 2014, D’Amore joined Jeff Jarrett in his new GFW venture
– In January 2017, D’Amore followed Jarrett back to Impact Wrestling
– On December 5, D’Amore and Don Callis were announced as the new Executive Vice Presidents of Impact Wrestling
– In May 2021, Callis departed Impact, leaving D’Amore as the sole EVP of the company
– In early 2024, D’Amore was fired by TNA Impact Wrestling

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