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WWE Vengeance PPV
October 23, 2011
San Antonio, Texas
Report by: Adam Martin of

The WWE opening promo plays.

A video package runs focusing on the definition of vengeance. We see recent events of Vince McMahon removing Triple H from his duties of running Raw, Big Show seeking revenge from Mark Henry, Triple H and CM Punk seeking revenge against The Miz and R-Truth and John Cena seeking back the WWE Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to WWE Vengeance. We go live to the AT&T Center in San Antonio where a huge display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the show. Cole is joined at ringside by Booker T and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Vickie Guerrero is out first to introduce “your next WWE Tag Team Champions” – Jack Swagger and the WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler. We are informed that Ziggler will defending his WWE United States Championship against Zack Ryder immediately following this match.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne (c's) vs. WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero

We start with Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. Both exchange headlock takedowns early. Kofi with a big spinning elbow and a huge monkey flip that sends Ziggler flying across the ring. Tag to Evan Bourne who drops Ziggler with a dropkick. Tag to Swagger and Bourne lights him up with a few kicks. Quick tag to Kofi, Bourne drops Swagger over the ropes and Kofi drops down over him. Kofi and Bourne with a double team dropkick to Swagger. Tag to Kofi and they hit a double bulldog. Bourne went for the cover, but the referee tells him that Kofi is the legal man. Swagger catches Kofi after a springboard off the ropes and plants him with a big powerslam. Tag to Ziggler who drops Kofi with a big standing dropkick. Tag to Swagger who drops Kofi with a big shoulder block. Booker and Cole start arguing on commentary. Booker lost his words and we can see a shot of Cole breaking down in laughter at the table. Tag to Bourne who drops Swagger with a series of kicks and tosses Ziggler off the ring apron. Bourne with a kick to the jaw of Swagger for a two count. Bourne heads up top, Swagger moves, Bourne kicks Swagger into Ziggler, goes back up top, executes the Shooting Star Press and Swagger gets his knees up. Ziggler gets the tag and starts grounding Bourne stretching him. Tag to Swagger who body splashes Bourne in the corner. Kofi with a right hand to Swagger allowing Bourne to get a close rollup. Swagger drops Kofi down face first over the ring apron. Tag to Ziggler who stomps over Bourne. Quick tag to Swagger who starts choking Bourne with his boot. Bourne counters another Swagger splash in the corner. Hot tag to Kofi and Ziggler. Kofi with a springboard forearm and a big dropkick. Ziggler counters SOS, but Kofi catches Ziggler and Swagger with some big kicks to the head. Kofi with a huge crossbody on Ziggler for a close two count. Kofi with the Boom Drop over Ziggler. Kofi with the SOS on Ziggler and Swagger tries to break it up taking out Ziggler when Kofi moves. Swagger has the ankle lock on Kofi. Bourne breaks it up coming off the top rope. Ziggler rolls up Kofi and gets a two count. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler. Tag to Bourne. Bourne goes up top and connects with the Shooting Star Press. Bourne hooks the leg of Ziggler and gets the pinfall.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

No rest for Ziggler here as we go right into his title defense.

WWE United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder

The bell rings and Zack Ryder goes after Dolph Ziggler in the corner. Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne are looking on from the outside along with Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero who are cheering on Ziggler. Ziggler slows down Ryder's offense with a quick swinging neckbreaker. Ryder drops Ziggler with a clothesline. Ziggler bails to the outside. A tired Ziggler starts crawling up the ramp when both Kingston and Bourne toss him back inside. The referee sends Kingston and Bourne to the back. Vickie waves goodbye to both. Ryder with forearm shots dropping Ziggler followed by a face plant. Ryder jumps and hits the ropes when Ziggler moves. Ziggler with a quick elbow drop on Ryder and then begins stretching him sitting over his back. Ziggler then drops a big elbow over the back of Ryder. Ziggler splashes Ryder in the corner and tosses him face first into the mat. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner and Ryder misses a boot to Ziggler. Ziggler with a fameasser on Ryder for a two count. Ryder gets his knees up dropping Ziggler in the corner. Ryder with a big running boot to the head of Ziggler. Swagger tries to trip up Ryder and he kicks him away. Ryder holds the ropes during a Zig Zag attempt. Ryder kicks away Swagger again and then Ziggler drops Ryder with a big superkick. Ziggler covers Ryder and gets the win.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage, we see Ted DiBiase talking with CM Punk. Triple H walks up and wants a second as DiBiase walks off. He wants to clear the air about his “immigration” problem on Monday night. Punk said he understands and trusts him – maybe not a few months ago, but he does now. Triple H wants to spare each other the hype speech. Punk agrees and wants to truly show Miz and R-Truth that WWE is an unsafe working environment tonight.

Backstage, we see Beth Phoenix attacking Kelly Kelly during an interview. Eve jumps in to go after Beth.

WWE Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve Torres

Eve has new music. Beth tosses Eve up on the top rope, Eve hits a few shots and jumps off hitting a quick sunset flip that Beth quickly kicks out of. Eve with a kick to the back of Beth's head. Eve handcuffs Beth to the middle rope using her outfit. Eve starts kicking Beth in the back. Beth breaks free and Eve drops her with a big forearm sending Beth to the outside. Beth drops Eve over the ring apron and she power lifts her over her head dropping Eve over the padded ring barricade. Beth tosses Eve back in the ring and applies an abdominal stretch. Beth puts Eve up on her shoulder and drops down with force. Beth with a leg scissors applied around Eve's body. Beth starts slapping Eve over the head repeatedly screaming, “Come on Eve, cry! Cry! Let the tears flow!” Eve fights out of it, hits the ropes and drops Beth with a big clothesline. Eve with her flipping body splash over Beth. Eve with a triangle choke applied over the shoulders of Beth. Eve yells at Beth to tap. Beth breaks it getting to the bottom rope. Eve counters a Glam Slam and gets a close rollup. Eve with a kick to the head of Beth near the corner. Eve goes up top and misses a moonsault. Beth lifts up Eve and drops her with the Glam Slam. Beth hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

Backstage, Matt Striker is with the Big Show. Striker asks him if he is prepared. Big Show said Striker should ask Mark Henry that question. He said Henry will experience what he went through the last few months – getting put out of action. Big Show promises that vengeance will be his and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

A promo runs for the new Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD.

Sheamus vs. Christian

The bell rings and Christian catches Sheamus with a big slap early. Christian with big right hands to Sheamus. Sheamus cuts him off with a big knee and forearm shots. Sheamus with a shoulder block and tosses Christian into the corner hitting a series of kicks. Sheamus with forearm shots to the chest of Christian against the ropes. Sheamus gets Christian up in a vertical suplex and drops him down hard. Christian with a quick neckbreaker. Christian starts choking Sheamus with his boot against the bottom rope. Christian sends Sheamus into the corner and gets a close rollup. Christian with some elbow drops over the back of Sheamus' neck and then jumps on his back applying a headlock. Sheamus breaks it up dropping Christian back first on the mat. Christian pushes down on the back of Sheamus against the ropes and connects with a twisting elbow off the second rope. Christian catches Sheamus with a dropkick off the second rope. Christian comes off the top this time and misses a body splash. Sheamus catches Christian and connects with a fallaway slam. Christian dumps Sheamus to the outside, but Sheamus catches him with a flying shoulder block launching himself back in the ring. Sheamus with a clothesline, but Christian catches him with an inverted DDT. Sheamus blocks Christian's boots in the corner. Counters between the two. Christian kicks Sheamus in the face twice in the corner in the ropes. Sheamus catches Christian springboarding from the corner into a backbreaker. Christian with a Spear on Sheamus. Christian covers and Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus catches Christian with a knee to the head and goes up top. Christian crotches Sheamus and hits a series of big right hand slaps. Christian with a huricanrana from the top on Sheamus. Christian goes for a Spear, but Sheamus catches him with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets the pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage, John Laurinaitis is with David Otunga. Otunga said tonight is huge for Laurinaitis this being his first WWE PPV as the interim GM of Raw. The Miz and R-Truth walk up thanking him for hiring them back. Laurinaitis believes they could be the world's greatest tag team of all time. Miz says really? Laurinaitis says no and likes the way they suck up. Truth said he sucks up better than Miz. Miz tells some bad suck jokes about Triple H. Truth says the state of Texas also sucks.

A video package runs hyping Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth.

Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth

We start with CM Punk and The Miz. Punk backs Miz into the corner smiling. Miz with big kicks to Miz, snapmare and kick to the back. Triple H tags himself in and Miz tags in R-Truth. Triple H drops Truth right away. Truth counters Triple H, flips back and jumps down doing the splits mocking him. Triple H then drops Truth with a quick right hand. Tag to Punk who blows a kiss to Miz and drops Truth with a front suplex. Tag to Miz who Punk trips up, slaps the back of Miz and tosses Miz into Triple H's boot. Triple H and Punk with a double suplex as Triple H gets the tag. Triple H with a chop block to Miz and then applies a Figure Four. Triple H grabs the hands of Punk to wrench back more on the Figure Four with the referee distracted by Truth yelling. Tag to Punk and both Punk and Triple H split the legs of Miz. Punk with an armbar and getting help from Triple H to wrench back on the shoulder of Miz. Miz fights off Punk getting in some kicks and Truth gets the tag. Truth with a headlock. Punk with a back suplex on Truth. Triple H gets the tag and hits a knee to the face on Miz. Triple H double clotheslines both Miz and Truth over the top rope. Triple H with a right hand to Miz on the outside, but takes a big dropkick from Truth. Tag to Miz who stomps over Triple H. Truth gets the quick tag and hits a spinning corkscrew elbow on Triple H. Quick tag to Miz who connects with a high knee to Triple H. Miz with a backbreaker and neckbreaker combo. Tag to Truth as Miz and Truth hit a double kick to the head on Triple H. Triple H with an electric chair back drop on Truth. Tag to Miz who takes a big clothesline from Triple H. Great camera shot over the shoulder of Punk wanting the hot tag. Tag to Truth who takes a quick DDT from Triple H. Hot tag to Punk who hits a springboard clothesline on Miz. Punk drops Truth with a big kick. Punk with a high knee to Truth and catches Miz with a clothesline on the way down for a bulldog. Punk plants Miz near the corner, goes up top, Truth interferes and Triple H pulls himd own sending him into the timekeepers area. Punk is up top and connects with the flying elbow on Miz. Punk calling for GTS. Triple H is beating down Truth on the outside when Kevin Nash decks Triple H from the crowd. Punk has Miz up for GTS. Truth jumps in and hits his facebuster on Punk as Miz comes down with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz covers Punk for the win.
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Winners: The Miz and R-Truth

After the match, Kevin Nash tosses Triple H into the steel steps on the outside. Nash tosses Triple H back in the ring and hits his knees to Triple H in the corner. Nash drops Triple H with a big clothesline. Nash then drops Triple H with a big Jacknife Powerbomb. We see a shot of Nash leaving through the crowd. We see a replay of Nash's attack. The Jacknife Powerbomb looked nasty.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis is on the phone trying to get to the bottom of Kevin Nash's attack on Triple H. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio walks up. Laurinaitis tells Del Rio he is busy. Del Rio says he is the WWE Champion and should be top priority. He complains about being put in a Last Man Standing match tonight. Laurinaitis tells Del Rio to calm down bringing up that he had his first Hell in a Cell just weeks ago and walked out WWE Champion. Del Rio agrees and walks off. Laurinaitis starts texting someone as we fade out.

WWE's Be A Star anti-bullying commercial airs.

Non-title match
Randy Orton vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

The bell rings and Orton drops Rhodes with a quick clothesline. Rhodes attempts a bulldog and Orton pushes him away with force. Orton sends Rhodes to the outside and bounces his face off the steel ring steps. Orton tosses Rhodes back inside and dodges a springboard kick from Rhodes. Rhodes with a headbutt and goes on the attack. Rhodes with a front suplex. Orton with a series of uppercuts. Rhodes fires back with a clothesline. Orton with a back suplex. Rhodes with a standing dropkick. Rhodes with a boston crab applied on Orton. Orton counters out. The two exchange right hands. Rhodes with an Alabama Slam. Roll Tide. Rhodes attempts a huge moonsault and Orton moves out of the way. Orton with a snap powerslam on Rhodes. Rhodes from the top turnbuckle and Orton catches him in mid-air with a dropkick. Rhodes with his Beautiful Disaster springboard kick to the face. Rhodes counters a DDT through the ropes, but Orton drops Rhodes off his back. Orton with a quick neckbreaker on Rhodes. Orton puts Rhodes up on the top turnbuckle, hits a few rights, Rhodes with a headbutt and this time catches Orton with a moonsault. Rhodes misses a knee drop on Orton from the second rope. One of Rhodes' baggers jumps up on the ring apron. Orton drops him with a right hand. Rhodes with the Cross Rhodes, cover and Orton kicks out. Rhodes yells out in frustration. Rhodes drops to his chest and starts pounding on the mat mocking Orton. Orton with a dropkick to Rhodes when Rhodes attempt an RKO. Orton with a DDT through the ropes. Now Orton drops down and starts hitting the mat getting ready for the RKO. The second bagger jumps up on the ring apron. Orton sends Rhodes into him. Orton with an RKO and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, we see a replay of the finish. Back live, Orton celebrates up on the turnbuckle.

A promo runs hyping the return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his return to action for the first time in 7 years at the WWE Survivor Series PPV on Sunday, November 20.

A video package runs hyping Mark Henry vs. Big Show.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

Big fight feel here. The bell rings, big lock up and Henry pushes Big Show away. Second lock up and Henry pushes Big Show into the corner. Big Show tosses Henry to the corner and hits some big rights and lefts. Henry is down and rolls out to avoid the offense from Big Show. Henry gets up on the ring apron and Big Show tosses him back inside. Big Show drops Henry with a superkick to the jaw. Henry again rolls out and tries to regain his composure. Henry calls for his title and starts leaving when Big Show catches up with him hitting him over the back. Big Show tosses Henry in the ring. Henry with a big chop block takedown on Big Show. Henry then lifts up Big Show and plants him with a scoop slam with little effort. Henry drops a big elbow over the back of Big Show. Henry drives Big Show's knee into the mat with force. Henry drops an elbow over the hip and knee of Big Show. Henry drops another elbow over Big Show's knee and locks his foot in his legs to apply more pressure. Big Show turns over Henry and drops a boot across his face. Big Show tries for a scoop slam on Henry, but his knee gives out and Henry splashes over Big Show. Henry starts twisting the ankle of Big Show who screams out in pain. We get a double clothesline spot with both men landing with a loud thud. Both get up to their knees and exchange shots. Big Show with a splash to Henry and a quick shoulder block. Big Show with a scoop slam on Henry. Big Show calls out for the chokeslam. Big Show connects with the chokeslam and Henry powers out after two. Big Show gets the fist ready, but Henry cuts him off with a kick to the gut and connects with the World's Strongest Slam! Henry covers Big Show…and Big Show powers out after two. Henry is shocked. Henry is going up top, Big Show cuts him off and executes a chokeslam on Henry back to the mat below! Big Show hooks the leg and Henry somehow powers out after two again. Big Show is going up top when Henry cuts him off. Henry gives Big Show a superplex and when Big Show lands the entire ring collapses.

WWE officials and EMT's run down to check on both Henry and Big Show. We see a series of replays. John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long are shown walking down to the ring. Big Show is put on the back of a cart and taken to the back. Henry falls out of the ring and has officials attend to him. Henry pushes WWE ref's and EMT officials away when they try to help him. Teddy Long screams at Henry to let people help him. Henry tries to stand and keeps falling down saying he doesn't need help. Henry eventually gets to his feet and is helped to the back.

John Laurinaitis gets on the mic and assures everyone that the WWE Championship match will still take place tonight.

Winner: No Contest

A video package runs hyping Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena.

WWE Championship – Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. John Cena

John Cena is sporting a new “Rise Above Hate” red, white and blue slogan on a black t-shirt. He ditched the jean shorts or “jorts” for tonight.

The bell rings and Cena goes for an AA on Ricardo Rodriguez right away. Del Rio walks up and kicks Cena in the leg dropping him. Del Rio with a suplex on Cena over the broken ring. The referee starts the count. Cena is up at 3. Del Rio with more kicks. Referee counts. Cena is up at 3 again. Del Rio kicks Cena in the face. Cena gets back up after 4 and Del Rio tosses Cena face first into the steel ring post. Referee counts. Cena is up at 5 and gets back in the broken ring. More kicks to the head from Del Rio. Referee counts. Cena is up at 3. Cena with an awkward looking back body drop on Del Rio. Cena with a scoop slam and elbow drops on Del Rio. Referee counts. Del Rio is up at 4. Cena with right hands. Del Rio with a back suplex on Cena. Del Rio with a second. Del Rio then executes a third on the collapsed ring. Referee counts. Cena is up at 7 and drops Del Rio with a clothesline. Both men are down as the referee counts. Del Rio counters an AA and connects with a backcraker. Referee counts. Cena is up at 5. Del Rio with a snap suplex, a second snap suplex, Cena blocks a third and hits a suplex of his own. Cena plants Del Rio with his twisting powerbomb. Cena has no ropes to hit so he just drops the five knuckle shuffle. Del Rio jumps back up and connects with a quick german suplex with a release. Cena with an awkward looking gutwrench powerbomb. Referee starts the count. Del Rio is up at 4 and connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio follows that with a big kick to the back. Referee counts. Del Rio goes on the attack and puts Cena under the steel ring post that was already down over the ring. Del Rio jumps off the steel ring post driving it into the chest of Cena. Referee counts. Cena rolls out. Cena is up at 8 and connects with the AA on Del Rio who charges at him. Both men are down. Referee counts. Both are up at 8. Ricardo interefers during another AA attempt. Cena big boots him away. Del Rio gets a sleeper applied. Cena tries to fight out.

Del Rio locks it in and falls back to the mat looking it in more. The referee checks on Cena with three arm lifts and he is out. Del Rio jumps back up and the referee starts the count. Cena is fighting to his feet. Cena is up at 7 and he launches Del Rio from the ring to the ring barricade on the outside. That looked nasty on the replay. Referee counts. Del Rio is up at 6 using the barricade to lift himself back up. Del Rio then sends Cena shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Ricardo tries getting involved again and Cena crotches him over the steel ring post that was across the ring. Del Rio with a kick attack on Cena, but Cena launches Del Rio over the steel ring post which bounces back up into the crotch of Ricardo. Cena takes apart the other steel ring steps, picks up the top part and throws it at Del Rio who dodges the attack. Del Rio with right hands and kicks to Cena on the ground. Del Rio then sends Cena into the steel steps. Del Rio picks up the bottom part of the steel steps and launches them at Cena's head who goes down. Referee counts. Cena is up at 8 and they brawl to the backstage area. A camera catches up with them as Cena sends Del Rio into a table full of food. Referee counts and Cena pushes a big production box over. Del Rio is able to avoid it and put Cena on top of the box. Del Rio gives Cena a scoop slam over the top of the box. Referee counts. Cena is up at 7 and stumbles to the interview area. Del Rio pushes a steel wall down and over Cena. Del Rio pushes a second one on top of Cena. Del Rio pushes a third wall on Cena and then a fourth. Cena is covered with four steel walls as the referee begins the count. Del Rio stands by waiting for the final count. Cena moves the walls over and is up at 8. They brawl back out into the arena near the Vengeance set. Cena unloads with right hands. Ricardo jumps on Cena's back. Del Rio with a shot to Cena's head. Ricardo falls of Cena's back. Del Rio then tosses Cena into the giant “V” on the Vengeance set.

Cena falls out of the giant “V” in the Vengeance set and Del Rio sets up a table. Del Rio puts Cena over the table and starts climbing part of the set. Cena recovers and pulls Del Rio off the set who falls crashing through the table. The referee starts the count. A dazed Del Rio is up at 8. They continue to brawl into the crowd. Cena tosses Del Rio into the timekeepers area. Del Rio recovers and sends Cena flying into Lawler and Cole at the announcers table. Cena recovers and sends Del Rio into the ring barricade. Cena with a shot to Ricardo for good measure. Del Rio sends Cena back first into the steel ring post. Del Rio goes for a kick, but Cena ducks and Del Rio kicks the steel ring post. Del Rio screams out in pain holding his foot. Cena sets up the steel steps near the Spanish announce table that has been cleared off. Cena puts Del Rio on his shoulders and executes the AA on Del Rio sending him crashing through the Spanish announce table. Cena jumps back in the ring waiting for the referee count when The Miz and R-Truth hit the ring attacking Cena. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena. Truth with his facebuster. The referee is distracted by this attack and wasn't counting. The referee starts the count as Del Rio is recovering and back on his feet. Cena is up at 9. Del Rio hits Cena with the WWE Championship belt. Cena is down. Del Rio falls out. The referee starts the count. Del Rio is up at 9 on the outside. The referee reaches 10 and calls for the bell.

Winner and still WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, John Cena struggles to his feet as Alberto Del Rio is handed the WWE Championship. The PPV goes off the air with Del Rio celebrating his win holding up the WWE Championship in the entrance area.

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33 Responses

  1. DJ Reign says:

    So I guessing main event for Survivor Series… The Miz, R-Truth, Del Rio and Nash vs Punk, HHH, Cena and The Rock….

  2. AJ Starr says:

    Oh good lord… those morons actually recycled the Show/Lesnar finish?

    People can say TNA has bad booking, at least they don’t flat out insult your intelligence by pretending something they did a few years back is brand new!

  3. Criss Brian says:

    This was a garbage PPV. Ziggler should have been 0-2, the Nash thing is boring, Orton didn’t need that win, the copy at finish in the World Title match was dumb, why the hell is Daniel Bryan losing all the time, and after everything we’ve seen in the ring, John Cena loses a Last Man Standing Match to a belt shot off the head? Nothing was good at all

  4. Joshua Shaver says:

    I have to admit the PPV wasn’t that bad compared to the shame of a PPV three weeks prior entitled Hell in a Cell. I felt that night the matches were rushed way too much.

    Air Boom defeating Ziggler and Swagger only makes Ziggler and Swagger more in line to finally win those titles.

    I actually thought Ryder would win the WWE US Title for at least 24 hours.

    This has been the better divas match of the year.

    Miz and Truth defeating Triple H and CM Punk with help from Nash makes Survivor Series look alittle more interesting.

    Randy Orton winning only fuels the fued with Rhodes.

    The finsh of the World Title match was too predictable.

    But, I have to admit the even though Cena didnt lose cleanly the match was overall the best I’ve seen from Del Rio.

    My Survivor Series Prediction:

    John Cena, The Rock, CM Punk, Triple H, and Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio, Miz, Truth, Kevin Nash, and Cody Rhodes in five on five Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match.

    Big Show vs. Mark Henry(C) in No Holds Barred Match for the World Title. WWE Will claim the ring has been super reinforce to hold any move these two perform.)

    Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder vs. Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett, and Drew McIntyre in five on five Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match

    Eve vs. Kelly vs. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix(C) in fatal four way for the WWE Divas Title

    Sin Cara vs. Fake Former Sin Cara Negro

  5. Captain Ass says:

    AJ, are you that much of a TNA fan boy that WWE does nothing right? They can “pretend” that it didn’t happen before, but those of us who know it did happen before are none for the worse, are we? Do the words “suspend disbelief” mean anything to you? I get a kick out of people who have to mention WWE’s so called “competition” on a WWE PPV results thread. Save your rederick for people who buy into your TNA ass kissing garbage.

    Back on track, the PPV was decent, but not the best. I don’t know why Ziggler is the one getting pinned when he is the champion. Get used to Nash being around more for the rest of the year. They had to have Cena lose because his program with the Rock has nothing to do with the WWE title. PPV’s can always be better, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad.

  6. Freeman Cooper says:

    Captain Ass, that statement is quite ironic coming from you, seeing as what your name is. And, suspension of belief is something that’s supposed to be used for movies & TV shows, NOT a wrestling show. And, pretending something didn’t happen is stupid for a wrestling promotion to do. So, Captain Ass, if you don’t like AJ’s comments, why don’t you go kiss yourself, since you’d be kissing ass.

  7. chris says:

    Captain ASS,

    I’m assuming you’re Vince or Linda trolling these sites, and posting under a fake name.

    Would have been nice to see at least one title change, but we have to remember, this is the WWE..the home of meaningless title belts. I enjoy how people time and time again defend WWE, putting on blinders to how bad the product has actually gotten. I don’t mind the recycled finish, nor do i mind the end to the Punk/HHH v Miz/Truth match, but how many people are the Miz and Truth going to fued with?

    And for the Ryder fans out there…did you think the WWE was going to give him a belt. The WWE is spending too much time making bad movies, and producing weekly television programming to be bothered to listen to the fans.

    Yet another sub par PPV booking……Time to pop in some New Japan wrestling, and get the stain of this PPV out of my mind.

  8. kev says:

    Am I the only one surprised that super cena didnt get back the title???

  9. AJ Starr says:

    Captain… if you’re going to sit there and say “suspend your belief,” in order to do that, I have to feel like I’m not watching a repeat. Using Show, in the same manner, with the same referee, and the same exact type of “collapse,” with Henry instead of Lesnar, less than 10 years later… where do I suspend my belief?

    Lesnar and Show doing it is one of the most replayed moments in WWE… it was flat out STUPID of them to do that.

    TNA fanboy? You do realize I have seen about 10 times more WWE footage this year than TNA, correct? I’ve seen about 7 Impacts at this point, and one PPV. I have seen about 20 RAWs, about 15 Smackdowns, and 5 or 6 PPVs.

    I suppose next PPV, Cena should beat Del Rio in a First Blood Match, where if Cena wins, Lauranitis can’t ever come back to TV… but he does anyway 2 weeks later? How about, we have someone who got buried by Triple H… say Punk, “impregnate” a Diva, only for one of the big guys who can’t get over… say… Khali, to accidentally knock the Diva over, and cause her to miscarry? Or better yet, tomorrow night… JR gets fired again!

  10. Billy Gunn says:

    So Christian has a great beginning in 2011 and now jobs to Sheamus week after week. Sheamus is a good worker and all but kinda sick of him being superman apprentice.

    Show and Henry finish has been done before, so doesnt make it all that special, maybe newer fans will appreciate it haha.

    Rhodes should of gone over Orton, even if it wasn’t a clean finish. Been enjoying Rhodes on Smackdown!.

    Zack Ryder should of gone over, the U.S title does nothing for Ziggler, he’s had it for a while, yet no one gives a dam. Don’t understand how Swagger who was world champ last year comes 2nd to Dolph??? Dam Spirit Squad.

    Glad to see Nash return for the 3rd or 4th time this year, even though he is a bit rusty, its something different. Nash VS Triple H Hell in a Cell match anyone (considering WWE are using storylines from 2003, (See Show & Henry). Felt the CM Punk push has fizzled this last month, he is a hell of an wrestler/entertainer, I know everyone says it but this man needs to be pushed to the moon.

    Wasn’t a fan of Del Rio and I’m still not sure, but he worked a good match with Cena, Miz and Truth was kinda predictable to do a run in but will probally lead up to Survior Series,I like Joshua Shaver’s predictions for the main event. Survivor Series needs to deliver as its one of the big ones, Well at least The Rock will bring in buy rates.

    Sorry for ranting guys,

  11. david r. says:

    I agree with Joshua Shavers predictions, except one. How the hell are they going to put Mcintyre into it? Not saying he doesn’t deserve it, just saying he won’t be there. I would say, as much as it pains me, the 5th in that heel team would be Otunga.

  12. Becaa212 says:

    @ Chris
    I don’t think you can say WWE has meaningless title belts…It’s nice to see the champions hold onto them and have lengthy reigns. Its better than when TNA pass them around like hot potatoes. TNA with the KO’s title lately has been just pathetic, it makes the champions look weak and gives them meaningless title reigns. At least WWE want their champions to look like deserving champions.

  13. Matt says:

    Lame haters are always gonna hate, pretty enjoyable ppv

  14. -Jay- says:

    apparently cena is out of the title picture for a while = refreshing.

    Given the state of pro wrestling and wwe right now i didn’t expect a 5 star ppv, haven’t in some time.

    On to survivor series hopefully it delivers.

  15. Bommaniac says:

    Ring collapse, hornswoggle pancake. Thought there would be a stalemate but just not a re-run.

    That powerbomb was terrible. Nash will be sore and out for the next four weeks recovering from his lengthy appearance.

    Shouldn’t expect title changes with such a short turnaround between ppvs.

    Should expect Cena getting a massive beatdown soon and Rock makes the save. Had to have him lose to start the Rock angle.

    The Bellas watching the backstage beatdown we should also probably see a women’s survivor series match with Nat, Beth, Bellas vs K2, Eve + 2 more. WWE loves getting more skin out for the boys. Most divas have a partner at the moment. Bellas, Nat/Beth, K2/Eve, AJ/Kaitlyn.

    Ziggler is a class act.

  16. Watcher says:

    Umm, Henry and Show weigh more than Lesnar + Big Show, so yeah.. If those two broke the ring, it’s good continuity for the ring to break with Henry and Show. Kthx.

  17. Meh says:

    The US title does nothing for Zack Ryder as he is a joke with a stupid theme song and no ring style, (he’s not speedy, not technincal, not a brawler, not a high flyer, not powerful, not a mat wrestler) he is a fad like how My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic currently is.

    One day once the Ryder Riders (aka Zack Pack) stop riding Ryder he will go back to jobbing on Superstars and Raw to people who have that have more talent than him and eventually released.

  18. B says:

    @Meh: COULDNT AGREE MORE RYDER IS TERRIBLE THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE WILL BE WHEN THE RELEASE HIM! Stick ryder and slater under the ring next time they have show/henry collapse it! NASH COMING BACK… ABOUT DAMN TIME! I dont even care who its with at this point just REFORM THE nWo!

  19. Wrestling Fan says:

    Ive been reading this site for a long time, but since its makeover ive never commented on a thread. I come on here to read spoilers if i dont have time to watch the shows, and generally to see what the latest news is.

    Day after day i find myself asking though, do any of you watch WWE or TNA for the wrestling? Or to watch to switch off from the world and relax. Or do you just watch so you can come on these sites to give your opinion, which generally always seems to be negative?

    Forget that an angle on Vengeance has been done before…the entertainment aspects of the show you didnt like…what about the actual wrestling? The in ring performances? What are your views on that?

  20. Money says:

    Wrestlig fan I agree with you 100% I am tried of these ungrateful little kids on this site it gets annoyong they never tlk about the actual in ring action they are always complaining about who should have won who should have the title TNA is so ucgh better,or what angle has been done before (btw King did mention the ring collapsing did happen before with Brock Lesner and during a 50 Man battle Royal that he was in)seriously get out of here if all you ever do is complain I come here expecting to chat with some people about how good or bad the matches were but I never get a chance to because all you little kids just complain. As for you AJ seriously you go around calling people marks for WWE when you are the biigest mark I have ever seen for TNA its a good company with great talent we get that but you don’t have to keep pushing it down people’s throats so just chill with that okay its starting to get annoying.

  21. Money says:

    Also AJ if you hate WWE so much why do you even continue to watch it or comment or their product if you hate it as much as you say you do just move on kid and stop wasting your time with it.

  22. RJ Ace says:

    @AJ Starr – While I agree that the Show-Henry ring collapse was lame, you saying that TNA doesn’t recycle their stories and angles or that they don’t insult the audience’s intelligence is a joke and a real credibility killer on your part. TNA has been pretty good lately but that doesn’t make up for the last 5 years of horrific logic. Almost every heel turn in TNA’s history as been the exact same. A guy come down to the ring, pretends he’s going to hit the heel with a a weapon, and then turns at the last second to hit the “unsuspecting” babyface. The idiot announcers in TNA always act suprised when a heel turn occurs even though it happens almost every week. TNA has absolutely ruined the heel/face turn because they never allow someone to stay on one side long enough to allow them to grow in the role. Name one wrestler in TNA that has been a heel or face non-stop for the last 2-3 years. I’ll wait. Hulk Hogan being forgiven in one night for everything he did to Dixie Carter and Sting in the last year also makes zero sense. It’s like when Hogan and the NWO tried murdering The Rock back in 2002 and then all of a sudden, Hogan and Rocky are teaming together a few weeks later. It lacks logic in many ways because Hogan has a track record as a bad guy. Why should Dixie and Sting just assume that this isn’t another Immortal swerve? As a matter of fact, Immortal is just another play on the non-stop power struggle storyline that has been going on in TNA forever. WWE sucks right now and I have no issue with you or anyone ripping them apart for their idiocracy. However, to bring TNA into it as if they are a model for how a wrestling company should operate is insane. I’m not trying to get into a flame war with you, because I find myself agreeing with you about 70 percent of the time. This time though, I think you’re way off base.

  23. Wrestling Fan says:

    The ring collapse was always going to happen at some point. Its happened before, so why shouldnt it happen again? Its not done every year, it gives new fans who never saw Brock Lesnar, something to talk about and puts over even further the size and power of the two men.

    Probably not the greatest of matches, but a finish that has people talking, even if you didnt like it.

  24. Captain Ass says:

    @ AJ Starr, your comments always seem to favor TNA over WWE, that’s why I called you a TNA fan boy. Both companies do stupid things and make stupid mistakes. Recycling of storylines, characters, etc are things that happen in movies and entertainment all over the world. It made MORE sense that the ring collapse with Show/Henry because they are legit 400 ponders. Brock was a 280 pounder at the time. Burger King copies McDonalds, and WWE and TNA get ideas from each other. It’s just what happens. If you don’t want to see recycled goods, perhaps you shouldn’t watch wrestling.

    I agree with @Money…..if you don’t like what you watch then don’t watch it instead of bitching about it all the time. I understand that some people bitch about things because they actually love it but are frustrated with it being stale. And this is coming from a WWE fan for 30 years….they ARE stale, no doubt about it, but they do a lot of good too. Not everything is stale.

    I agree with Becaa212. Champions shouldn’t lose a title just because they defend them on PPV’s. Back in the old days titles would switch hands at PPV’s all the time. I think the thing that makes titles “meaningless” is when they are thrown around from wrestler to wrestler all the time. A true champion is someone who can defend his/her title many times, which truly makes the title have meaning.

    As for my colorful nickname, I’ve had this name for 20 years on the net from my message boards, forums and E Feds. This is how people know me, so I kept the name at this place. Just FYI.

  25. DeathNote81 says:

    Ryder’s not great, but he HAS shown improvement since his Edgehead days; and that’s coming from someone who HATED Hawkins & Ryder, and their pre-mature push.

    I’m surprised that he lost. It seemed like they were setting him up to win the title. I also thought that Swagger and Ziggles were going to win the tag belts. I was HOPING they were going to win the titles.

    Oh, well…



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