Goldberg tells Bret Hart to grow up

Jun 19, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Goldberg speaking to Busted Open Radio about Bret Hart’s feelings towards him:

“The Bret Hart thing is just it just saddens me as a human being. That’s all. I mean, first and foremost, I would never wish ill will upon any opponent or anyone like that to have an accident like that happen.

And end someone’s career, especially someone who’s, you know, one of the best that ever was 100%. It sucks.

I’m not asking anybody to understand it. I’m just saying, just leave me alone… — Put your hand up. Do whatever you got to do, man. It is what it is.

Come on, man. I love you, Bret. Don’t be such a prick. That’s all. Grow up.”

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  1. James from the Sewer says:

    I opened this article thinking I would roll my eyes at Goldberg’s comments; however, I completely agree with his stance. He clearly feels bad and had already tried to make amends, but Bret is stuck in his disgruntled self-imposed land of misery.

    In Bret’s defense, this all occurred within 5-year span where he lost Owen, his mother and his father. So, understandably, its a very sensitive time for Bret revisit for a documentary highlighting his career ending accident; obviously triggering a lot of emotion for him.

  2. Stonz says:

    Well said, James. I agree.

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