NXT Report, 7/9/24

Jul 9, 2024 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from NXT.  Vic Joseph and Booker T are on the call.

The show kicks off with a highlight package from this past weekend’s PLE, HeatwaveEthan Page captured the NXT Championship, but all the other championships that were defended stayed with the current title holder.  We were given a highlight package from the event.  The talk of the internet was the final clip of the show, Joe Hendry will be back in NXT.

Ethan Page heads out in street clothes, brandishing the championship over his shoulder.  He starts off saying it only took him 6 weeks to take over the brand.  The chants against him are loud in the arena.  He says everyone hates him and he says that is why he has security out there to help him.  Oro Mensah is shown trying briefly to get past security, but he is pulled away from the ring.  Page loves it.  He dubs his era, “The Era of Ego.”  Trick Williams comes demanding a rematch tonight.  Page mocks him, saying he knew he would come out and make demands, but he says he runs this place.  Shawn Spears then comes out demanding a thank you for the assist in his title win.  Je’Von Evans comes out next.  He claims he should get the match.  A brawl breaks out.  Spears and Page exit.  Williams and Evans  stand tall.

We get a X clip.  Lexis King promoting his match against Heritage Cup Champion, Tony D’Angelo tonight.

Match 1.  Karmen Petrovic VS Arianna Grace

This is a grudge match between the two partners.  Karmen scores first with a series of kicks.  Jayce Jane and Jazmine Nyx come out to get a closer look. Grace gains an advantage momentarily, but Karmen sweeps the leg and gets a pin off a kick to the back of the head.

Winner, Karmen Petrovic

Fallon Henley jumps Karmen from behind post match.  She lays a brutal beatdown on Karmen.  The fans don’t appreciate the actions.

Brooks Jensen has a sit down with Ava.  He admits his recent actions were not who he wants to be.  Ava says she is giving him a second chance, but he needs to be a WWE wrestler all the time.  They shake hands and Brooks is appreciative.

Match 2.  Heritage Cup Champion, Tony D’Angelo (with the Family) VS Lexis King

King scores first with a kick to the head and then a shoulder.  Tony lands a few suplexes and arm drags to the overzealous challenger.  King counters by working over King in the corner, but the champ goes back to armdrags and an armbar.  King delivers a dropkick off a whip into the ropes.  D’Angelo avoids another dropkick, and spears King.  He locks on a crab, but King doesn’t submit and the bell rings for the first round.  After the start of the 2nd round, King is shown arguing with the DJ and he eats a fishermans suplex.  Tony gets a pin and goes up 1 to 0.  Late in the 2nd round, King gets a pin off a drive bye and a coronation.  He continues to argue with the DJ.  The 3rd round starts and King stays on the offensive with a lariat, but Tony counters with a private eye.   They throw hands and Tony wins the exchange.  He then delivers a series of suplexes.  King does a school boy for a 2 count.  King DDT’s Tony off the 2nd rope, but Tony kicks out at 2.  King then superkicks Tony.  Tony spinebusters King and gets the 2nd pin and win.

Winner and still Heritage Cup Champion, Tony D’Angelo

Backstage Brooks Jenson is shown beating up Je’Von Evans in the back.

Ridge Holland addresses Chase U.  He gets some of his teammates tv matches by buddying up to Ava when he couldn’t go to the PLE.  He is doing his best to earn their trust.

Match 3.  Callus VS Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe

Callus comes out to the arena and is immediately attacked from behind by Dupont and Igwe.  They double Wolfgang.  Mark Coffey is battered, until Wolfgang recovers and tags in.  This is just a brawl.  Wolfgang and Coffey go to work on Igwe.  He gets free and Tyson tags in.  He lands a series of impressive dropkicks for a big man.  He follows up with a splash on Coffey.  Igwe tags in and Joe Coffey interferes.  Callus doubles Igwe and put him down for a three count off an assisted dropkick, sidewalk slam.

Winners, Callus

A tag match between Spears and Page VS Evans and Williams was set up for tonight, but Jenson has made it so Evans can’t compete in the main event.  Williams is interviewed backstage.  Williams says he will face them both, but he will find a tag partner.  We then see a flash of Joe Hendry on the tv behind him.

Wes Lee comes out in street clothes.  He address his loss at Heatwave.  He says he has had a hell of a run at NXT, but he has to be honest with himself.  The fans cut him off.  He struggles to speak.  The Rascalz (from TNA come out!)  A TNA chant breaks out.  Wentz and Miguel tell him how much they missed him.  Wentz says it is time for a Rascalz reunion.  They hug in the ring and reunite.

Page and Spears are shown backstage on the same page.  They laugh about Trick not having a partner.

Match 4.  Thea Hail (w Chase U) VS Izzi Dame

Thea is kicked from the ring by Dame, but she re-enters and scissors her to the mat.  Dame drops Hail on the top rope, face first.  Dame then backbreakers Hall.  She follows up with a STF.  Hail struggles to get to the ropes.  Tatum Paxley gets involved with Dame on the outside.  Hail dives on Dame on the floor and then in the ring.  She lands a few kicks and a neckbreaker.  Hail locks on a arm bar and Hall taps her out.

Winner by submission, Thea Hail

Post match, North American Champion, Oba Femi comes out to let Chase U know he will be ready next week to defend his title next week, thanks to Ridge Holland.  Duke Hudson will face the champ.  Hudson tells him not to underestimate him.

The Rascalz are confronted by Callus backstage.  Callus warns them to go back to TNA.

Ava sets up a match next week between Je’Von Evans vs Brooks.

Match 5.  OTM, Bronco Nima and Lucien Price (with Jaida Parker) VS OC, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Gallows and Anderson keep Nima in their corner and pound on them for the first minute, but Price tags in choke slams Anderson.  Nima tags in and he lays in some forearms, then tags out.  Price eats a chin breaker.  Anderson tags.  Luke comes in hot and uses flying elbows and splashes.  Double neckbreaker gets a pin attempt.  Michin enters to attack Parker.  Anderson is kneed in the back by Nima.  OTM double powerbomb him and it is over.

Winners by pinfall, OTM.

Sol Ruca addresses her loss at Heatwave.  Fallon is her next target.  Both want to face each other and will after the break.

Match 6.  Sol Ruca VS Fallon Henley

Fallon apparently is sick of rookies like Sol being pushed.  She eats a face plant after a scientific exchange for a few mins.  Henley lays in a few vicious kicks to the mid section.  Her more aggressive side is showing threw.  She lands a swinging armbar.  Sol whips her in the corner and gets a 2 count off a school girl.  Henley goes right back to the kicks and a basement dropkick.  She surfboards Ruca next, but Ruca reverses the hold for a 2 count roll up.  Ruca lands a side kick, but gets knocked off the top rope.  Fallon gets a two count off this.  Ruca hits a stunner and dropkick.  Ruca delivers a an inverted cutter off the 2nd rope.  She goes for the pin, but Jane and Nyx jump her in the ring.  The ref calls for the bell.

They don’t say if Ruca won by DQ or if it was a no contest, but it should be a DQ win for Sol.

Nyx and Jane continue the beatdown post match.  They end up helping Henley to her feet.  They walk off together.

Tatum Paxley is shown dancing around backstage talking to a doll.  She is talking calls the doll Izzi.  She then rips the head off the doll.  Wendy Choo picks up the doll.

Cedric Alexander is now in NXT.

Main Event.  Ethan Page (NXT Champion) and Shawn Spears VS Trick Williams and????     Joe Hendry

They place goes nuts for Hendry.  They let his song play this time.  The most over guy in NXT is from TNA.  Trick starts off, but we have a we believe chant.  Page tags in as does Hendry.  They double Ethan.  Hendry then dumps Spears on his head.  He then gives Page a delayed suplex.  The fans are singing his song.  Trick and Williams stand tall as we go to break.  In the split screen, we see Trick working over page.  Hendry tags back in and lays in boots and forearms on Spears.  Spears kicks him in the crotch.  Page tags in.  Page shoulders him in the corner and slams him.  Hendry avoids an elbow and back elbows Page.  Hendry lands fore arms.  Spears tags in and he punches Hendry to the mat.  He follows up with chops.  They double him in the corner.  Hendry chops Page after he tags in.  Page locks on a front face lock.  A we believe chant breaks out and Hendry muscles Page into a suplex and tags out to a fired up Williams.  Williams clears the ring for a moment, but Page slams him to the floor.  Spears neckbreakers Williams next.  Hendry wants in.  The double team on Williams continues.  Spears misses a C4.  This allows Williams to recover.  Oro comes out of nowhere, and chases Page into the crowd.  Hendry tags in and delivers a series of lariats.  He then DDT’s Spears and fallaway slams him.  Spears gets tossed to Trick on the floor.  He eats a trick shot.  Hendry then chokeslams Spears and gets the pin.

Winners, Trick Williams and Joe Hendry

The show ends with Hendry and Williams celebrating.  Josephs wonders if Hendry will be a contender to Page’s title.

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