Drew McIntyre details key factors that have led to WWE main event resurgence

Jun 15, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck


Drew McIntyre has praised the recent creative freedom in WWE and being allowed to be his true self as being integral to his ascent to the main event scene once more:

“I mean, I’d say that’s how it should be but it takes a while to get that level of comfort. So maybe it should be for certain people or at least it should be to a certain extent for most people, because you have to stay within the lines of the story. On a television show you have times to hit, you can’t just go out there and ramble for 45 minutes, you’ve gotta hit those times.

But the ones that know the character, know what they’re doing, having that a little extra freedom to just feel the crowd, you go out there and things don’t feel right like you’ve got a certain thing in your head, this ain’t right anymore, I’m gonna go this direction. Because if they’re not making noise, they don’t care then why are we doing this?

But as long as you’re smart enough and understand our job enough to stay within the lines of this story and the character, you should have that freedom and that’s what I did again outside of the company. In Impact there’s certain guidelines, ICW basically had no script.

I go out there and I just go with my heart and that’s how I was able to succeed outside the company, how I learned, just be yourself. Coming back it was more of myself that’s ever been in the character that led me to a couple of world titles, but right now what you’re seeing is just the same Drew I was again outside WWE. Unfiltered, being myself, giving everything I truly feel inside and you can feel the emotion because I’m literally not holding back and if it seems real it is real.”

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