Unhappiness expressed at the UFC Apex, another match confirmed for AEW Forbidden Door

Jun 10, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– WrestleVotes is reporting that NXT Superstars were unhappy with the setup at the venue and floor spacing at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada last night.

The account wrote:

“While thankfully nothing came of it, I’m told a handful of Superstars were unhappy with the floor spacing around the ring last night at the UFC Apex in Vegas. It was noticeably tighter than at standard NXT event.

– Just announced…

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  1. Kevin H says:

    The apex was a good thought, and a nice tryout but in practice is was just too small for my taste . An fair experiment, but I really hope they don’t do it again. Sometimes a smaller venue can make it feel more alive..then their are times where it just makes it feel well small.

  2. Really? says:

    It’s also a factor of being in the same space every week instead of always being on the move like Raw or Smackdown. Anything that isn’t like “home” takes some adjustment. I’m sure AEW’s roster got acclimated to Daily’s during the pandemic and had a culture shock period once they were on the road again. That’s in addition to what you’re saying, though, because I agree – it was probably inevitable that they would try it after the merger, and because of that they may well do it again, but what works for UFC from a layout perspective is just not as ideal for NXT.

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