Eddie Kingston identifies his next goal

Sep 3, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Eddie Kingston got to host a panel with himself Sonny Onoo and his hero Toahiaki Kawada. Some notes from it:

-Kingston’s next goal is to get AEW to run the Budokan Hall in Japan

-Kawada is happy that Kingston and other people watch his matches on YouTube, even if he doesn’t get any money from it

-Kawada doesn’t like anyone who uses the Northern Lighrs Bomb and asked why Kingston uses it and not a Powerbomb. Kingston said its easier on him, but he’ll try a Powerbomb tonight

-Kawada lost his passion for wrestling after Misawa passed away because he was always chasing Misawa and nothing could replace that feeling

-Kingston wondered why Kawada never had a retirement match and Kawada said Eddie can have it with him. Kingston suggest he and Kawada vs Taichi & SANADA to which Kawada said if Taichi is in it, then he won’t be

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