Big Bully Busick passes away

May 8, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Nick “Big Bully” Busick has passed away at the age of 63-years-old … this according to his wife.

Busick’s wife Lorie shared the sad news on Facebook and wrote:

“Big Bully Busick has past with his wife and children at his side. Thank you all so much for all your thoughts and prayers. Nick Busick was so humbled by all of your cards prayers visits.”

The ex-wrestler was diagnosed with spinal fluid cancer last year and earlier this month his wife had said Busick was able to come home on hospice care.

Big Bully wrestled in WWF from 1989-1991.


Here’s a video of him..😔


Via Phil Varlese:

Nick Busick has passed away at the age of 63. Most of you may remember him as the early 1990’s WWF character Big Bully Busick. The news of his passing came from his wife’s Facebook page, and through the many tributes I saw today on his Facebook page.

Busick started in the wrestling business in 1977 but his biggest fame came during his WWF days. He debuted in 1989 and was managed by Harvey Wippleman, in some major matches with Bret Hart & Sid Vicious. He quietly retired from the business after his departure from the WWF in 1991. In recent years, he had been working as a bodyguard in Atlanta, GA, and had also run some mixed martial arts shows under the “Big Bully MMA” banner.

Busick has been dealing with health issues in recent years, he fought & beat esohugal cancer a few years ago, but was diagnosed with spinal fluid cancer in 2017, and had gone into hospice care.

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