Booker T says he is NOT happy with The New Day parodying his famous WCW ‘N’ word botch

Jul 3, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Booker T says he is NOT happy with The New Day parodying his famous WCW ‘N’ word botch:

“Me personally, I don’t appreciate it. I don’t know if (WWE) knew that the parody was gonna go down because I know those guys do a lot of their own stuff. I don’t think that we as a company need to go that route. I think that parody should not have ever been shown on television because it wasn’t a great moment for us as black people. For us as black people, it was one of our worst moments. Just like the (Lamelo) Ball thing. The kid is 15-years old (and) I don’t blame him or anything like that. It was something Booker Tthat slipped out just like myself (in 1997), it was something that slipped out. For me as a person that’s trying to set an example for us as black people and for me to let so many people down – even the ones that thought it was the cool – even the ones that thought it was an anthem… I want them to know that it was my worst day that I could have ever had being a black man and letting so many of our people down by calling us that word or saying that word in any realm (or) any form was definitely not right by any means. I wish I could take it right back. That one blemish is the only thing they have over my head that they could put out there to try to make me look bad in any way shape, form, or fashion. Of course, I could put a spin on it… but does that make it right? No, it doesn’t make it right. It’s still a stain, a blemish, a mark that no surgical procedure could ever repair. So I just want young people to know exactly what they’re saying and when they’re saying it.”

source: Heated Conversations With Booker T

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