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Nov 28, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 142 lbs.
Date of Birth: May 15th
Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi
Pro Debut: 2009
Trained By: CZW Academy, Supreme & Kaos
Finishing Move: Cornbread Clutch


– ThunderKitty is also known as Kitty LaFleur, May & CJ Lunde (WWE). She is also nicknamed Lady Wrestler Extraordinaire.
– August 22, 2009, ThunderKitty, Matt Classic, Johnny Webb & Cothern lost to Timothy Thatcher, El Chupacabra, Dante & Christina Von Eerie at the XPW 10 Year Anniversary Show.
– October 11th, ThunderKitty challenged Christina Von Eerie for the AWS Women’s Title.
– September 5, 2010, ThunderKitty defended the WILD World Title against Kiara Dillon.
– January 30, 2011, ThunderKitty challenged Nikki for the MPW Women’s Title.
– June 5th, ThunderKitty lost to Candice LeRae on NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.
– September 10th, ThunderKitty competed in the Vendetta Pro Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup Vendetta Vixxens Battle Royal.
– June 15, 2012, ThunderKitty defeated Lucy Mendez at RPW Taken By Force.
– July 27th, ThunderKitty lost to Melanie Cruise at RPW Fair Warning.
– August 4th, ThunderKitty lost to Trash Cassidy at AIW Girls Night Out 7.
– September 30th, ThunderKitty lost to Heidi Lovelace at IPW Renascence.
– October 6th, ThunderKitty lost to Allysin Kay at Remix Pro Throwdown for the Pound 6.
– November 3rd, ThunderKitty defeated EMT at PSP WrestleFestivus.
– January 18, 2013, ThunderKitty competed in a 4-Way Elimination for the vacant RPW Women’s Title.
– January 26th, ThunderKitty defeated Allie Kat at ZERO1 USA.
– April 14th, ThunderKitty defeated Sassy Stephie at SHIMMER 57.
– October 19th, ThunderKitty defeated Heather Patera at SHIMMER 59.
– October 20th, ThunderKitty lost to Saraya Knight at SHIMMER 60.
– January 17, 2014, ThunderKitty challenged D’Arcy Dixon for the RPW Women’s Title.
– March 29th, ThunderKitty defeated Marti Belle at AIW Girls Night Out 11.
– April 12th, ThunderKitty lost to Kana at SHIMMER 64.
– May 9th, ThunderKitty defeated Heidi Lovelace at PWASD Beware of the Shark.
– June 28th, ThunderKitty lost to Randi West in the semi-finals of the IWA Mid-South Queen of the Death Match Tournament ’14.
– August 22nd, ThunderKitty defeated Justine Silver on SHINE 21.
– September 19th, ThunderKitty & Old Fashioned (Jervis Cottonbelly & Marion Fontaine) lost to The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive, Max Smashmaster & Flex Rumblecrunch) in the first round of the CHIKARA King of Trios ’14.
– December 5th, ThunderKitty defeated Lean Von Dutch at SHINE 23.
– February 22, 2015, ThunderKitty defeated Randi West at IWA Mid-South The Cold War.
– June 20th, ThunderKitty lost to Samantha Heights in the semi-finals of the NWP Queen of the Ring.
– August 9th, ThunderKitty defeated Ian Rotten at IWA Mid-South Over the Top Rope Battle Royal.
– October 2nd, ThunderKitty lost to Ivelisse at SHINE 30.
– October 10th, ThunderKitty competed in the SHIMMER Rumble.
– October 11th, ThunderKitty lost to Leva Bates at SHIMMER 79.
– November 26th, ThunderKitty defeated Camron Star for the NWA Circle City Women’s Title.
– February 6, 2016, ThunderKitty, Sumie Sakai & Mary Dobson lost to Veda Scott, Amber Gallows & Allysin Kay on ROH TV.
– February 26th, ThunderKitty challenged Amber Gallows for the NWA World Women’s Title.
– April 12th, ThunderKitty defeated Tracy Smothers at Girl Fight IX.
– May 26th, ThunderKitty defeated Amazing Maria at IWA Mid-South Retribution.
– June 25th, ThunderKitty lost to Tessa Blanchard at SHIMMER 82.
– June 26th, ThunderKitty lost to Kimber Lee at SHIMMER 85.
– July 22nd, ThunderKitty defeated Miss Rachel at SHINE 36.
– July 30th, ThunderKitty challenged Jessie Belle for the RWA Women’s Title.
– September 2nd, ThunderKitty defeated Malia Hosaka in a I Quit match at SHINE 37.
– September 17th, ThunderKitty lost to Nevaeh at QOC 15.
– October 6th, ThunderKitty competed in the IWA Mid-South Rumble.
– October 14th, ThunderKitty lost to Kelly Klein at ROH Glory by Honor XV.
– November 13th, ThunderKitty defeated Taeler Hendrix at SHIMMER 89.
– January 10, 2017, CJ Lunde lost to Carmella on WWE Smackdown Live.
– January 13th, ThunderKitty challenged Heidi Katrina for the REINA-CMLL International Title.
– February 18th, ThunderKitty defeated Britt Baker at QOC 18.
– March 2nd, ThunderKitty won the vacant ZERO1 USA Women’s Title by winning a 3-Way against Randi West & Stacy Shadows.
– March 18th, ThunderKitty challenged Malia Hosaka for the XBW Title.
– April 1st, ThunderKitty defended the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title against Randi West.
– May 25th, ThunderKitty lost the title to Randi West.
– August 18th, ThunderKitty defeated Miss Hannah for the WCPBTW Queen of the Ring American Grand Prix Title.
– September 8th, ThunderKitty lost to Angel Rose in the finals of the QOC Heir to the Throne Tournament.
– November 1st, ThunderKitty challenged Amazing Maria for the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title.
– November 30th, ThunderKitty lost the WCPBTW Queen of the Ring American Grand Prix Title to Miss Hannah.
– January 10, 2019, ThunderKitty challenged Max the Impaler for the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title.
– February 27th, ThunderKitty challenged Avery Taylor for the ACW Women’s Title.
– March 2nd, ThunderKitty defeated Faye Jackson at IWA Mid-South In Like a Lion ’19.
– March 6th, ThunderKitty defeated Valerie Vermin on OVW TV.
– March 16th, ThunderKitty defeated Miss Hannah for the WCPBTW Queen of the Ring American Grand Prix Title.
– April 17th, ThunderKitty lost to Hayley Shadows on OVW TV.
– April 20th, ThunderKitty competed in a 6-Way for the vacant HLW Women’s Title.
– April 28th, ThunderKitty defeated Honey Badger at PCW Fallout ’19.
– May 8th, ThunderKitty challenged Cali Young for the OVW Women’s Title.
– July 6th, ThunderKitty challenged Shawna Reed for the XBW Title.
– July 18th, ThunderKitty challenged Alice Crowley for the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title.
– September 20th, ThunderKitty challenged Malia Hosaka for the SDW Women’s Title.
– November 3rd, ThunderKitty lost to Su Yung at SHIMMER 116.
– November 19th, ThunderKitty challenged Max the Impaler for the OVW Women’s Title.
– December 12th, ThunderKitty defeated Kayla Kassidy at IWA Mid-South Seasons Beatings ’19.
– January 11, 2020, ThunderKitty lost to Ava Lee at the NWP Anniversary Show.
– January 16th, ThunderKitty lost to Kenzie Page at IWA Mid-South All or Nothing.
– March 14th, ThunderKitty defeated Shawna Reed at IWA Mid-South BattleBroads #3.
– September 26th, ThunderKitty & Malia Hosaka challenged Alice Crowley & Becky Idol for the IWA Mid-South Tag Team Titles.
– October 10th, ThunderKitty competed in the GCW Clusterf**k Battle Royal.
– October 11th, ThunderKitty challenged Hyan for the Heart of SHIMMER Title.
– October 17th, ThunderKitty lost to Randi West at JCW Red Moon Howling.
– October 24th, ThunderKitty defeated Haley J in a Old School IWA Rules match for the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title.
– November 7th, ThunderKitty retained the title against Alice Crowley.

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