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Steph De Lander

Dec 8, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Real Name: Stephanie Delandre
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 187 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales (Australia)
Pro Debut: April 9, 2017
Trained By: PWA Academy
Finishing Move: Big Boot


– Lander is also known as FaceBrooke & uses the nicknames Social Media Darling & Python Powerhouse.
– May 21, 2017, FaceBrooke challenged Charli Evans for the PWWA Title.
– May 26th, FaceBrooke lost to Madison Eagles in the first round of the NHPW Global Conflict Tournament ’17.
– July 7th, FaceBrooke lost to Kellyanne at PWA Tables Match.
– September 2nd, FaceBrooke lost to Indi Hartwell at PCW Carnage ’17.
– January 12, 2018, FaceBrooke competed in the RRW Rumble.
– February 23rd, FaceBrooke defeated Jessica Troy at RRW All for One.
– March 24th, FaceBrooke defeated Lena Kross at NHPW Fallout ’18.
– April 13th, FaceBrooke competed in a Gauntlet at RISE 7.
– April 14th, FaceBrooke lost to Cheerleader Melissa at SHIMMER 102.
– March 3, 2019, Lander defeated Indi Hartwell at MCW G.IRL3.
– March 29th, Lander competed in the RISE of the Contenders Rumble.
– March 30th, Lander won a 4-Way at SHIMMER 110.
– April 5th, Lander competed in the BLP Million Dollar Intergender Battle Royal.
– April 28th, Lander competed in a 5 Pack Challenge for the BCW Women’s Title.
– May 12th, Lander defeated Aria at MCW G.IRL4.
– May 18th, Lander defeated Avary at MCW The War to Settle the Score.
– May 24th, Lander challenged Mercedes Martinez for the IndyGurlz Australia Title.
– May 25th, Lander lost to Nicole Savoy in the semi-finals of the NHPW Global Conflict X Tournament.
– June 29th, Lander defeated Tarlee to win the VPW Women’s Title.
– July 27th, Lander competed in a 6-Way for the PWWA Title.
– August 17th, Lander competed in the Newy Pro Rumble.
– August 24th, Lander defeated Lena Kross at NHPW Guardians of Wrestling ’19.
– August 30th, Lander competed in the PWA Rumble.
– August 31st, Lander defeated Indi Hartwell at MCW New Horizons ’19.
– September 28th, Lander lost the VPW Women’s Title to Tarlee.
– October 12th, Lander defeated Kellyanne to win both the MCW Invitational Tournament & the vacant MCW Women’s Title.
– November 9th, Lander retained the title in a No DQ against Kellyanne.
– January 11, 2020, Lander challenged Jessica Troy for the PWWA Title.
– January 24th, Lander challenged Mortar for the BCW Women’s Title.
– February 1st, Lander lost the MCW Women’s Title to Avary.
– February 15th, Lander challenged Jessica Troy for the PWWA Title in a Steel Cage.
– February 22nd, Lander defeated Bel Pierce for the Newy Pro Women’s Title.
– August 8th, Lander defeated William Preston at PWA Black Label Call to Arms ’20.
– October 10th, Lander lost to Kai Drake at PWA Black Label Wristlocks & Piledrivers.
– November 7th, Lander competed in a 3-Way at PWA Black Label Movember to Remember.

Steph was our Female on the day on…
November 15, 2019

You can follow “The Python Powerhouse from Sydney Australia” on Instagram @stephdelander

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