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Sofi Castillo

Aug 12, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Introducing Sofi Castillo…

I was trained at the Team Vision Dojo. I began training in August 15th 2016 and had my debut a year later in August 6th, 2017. I really like to watch Rey Mysterio wrestle. I really enjoy lucha style of wrestling and the theatrics that have a role in it.

My dream opponent right now would definitely be Pentagon. I’ve seen a lot of his matches lately and he’s phenomenal.

ring style:

I’d say is definitely a mix of everything. I don’t like being labeled or defined with just one style. I enjoy trying new things in different matches, sometimes I might steer a bit more towards lucha and doing high flying moves or depending on the person I’ll stick with a more technical style


Ultimately I want to make it to WWE. I want to travel around the world wrestling and interact with different cultures

in action…

Follow Sofi on Instagram @sofi_ramirezcastillo39

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