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Mar 19, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

It all began in 1998… my friend Kelly said she needed to be at an event to Gem (ring girl) where her brother Mitch Blake wrestled which was Windy City Pro Wrestling. She was not thrilled about doing that at all so she asked me and my friend Melanie to fill in her spot. Melanie said absolutely no and she said “Sandy will do it!” She loves wrestling!” Haha She knew how badly I wanted to break into the business and knew that it was a dream of mine since I was just a little girl. Growing up I absolutely idolized Miss Elizabeth. I wanted to be just like her and Savage. At the time, Savage Liz and Hogan were my favorites. I always told myself I was going to chase my dream and get into the business. The first show I got to gem was all the way in Missouri .. I was in a car full of about 15 people on an 8 hour drive and only slightly knew Mitch Blake at the time.

Late 1998 is when I started managing. My trainers were Sam DeCero, Steve Boz and Mike Anthony. From there I would eventually manage, The Outfit (Mike Anthony, Sam DeCero and Anthony), Eric Freedom, Marshe Rockett, Matt Longtime, Lunatic and Vito “Two Fingers” Fontain with a few ladies matches along the way.

Fast forward a few years later, I started spreading my wings managing at other companies such as RCW, LWF, CCW, POWW, Bible pro wrestling, ARW and Great Lakes Championship Wrestling managing.

I have also managed Terry Allen, Outta Control (Jimmy Blaze & Joey cece) Backwoods Brown and Bad Hombre Cartel.

Along this ride I’ve got to work with many amazing talents and did a commercial with CM Punk for WWE Cyber Sunday.

The past few years have been the time of my life in my career. I have been blessed with many new opportunities and experiences and I cannot thank one of my best friends, David Herro, enough for all the support and encouragement he’s given me. As well as Poww owner and friend, Jimmy Blaze, who has believed in me all these years.

I currently work for GLCW managing Backwoods, who is one of my favorites in this business and I also manage Bad Hombre Cartell in POWW and I absolutely adore them. (Dm for bookings)

My past favorite wrestlers include; Hogan, Savage, Sean Michael’s, Rock and Eddie Guerrero. Present would be Roman Reigns. My dream opponent would have been Sherri Martel. Past wrestlers to manage would definitely have been Savage and Hogan.

April 22nd – GLCW
May 6th – POWW
June 3th – POWW
July 29th – GLCW

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