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Ref Dominika Matvejova

Aug 5, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Introducing Ref Dominika Matvejova….

I am the only female pro wrestling referee in Finland.

From Slovakia, been living in Finland for almost 16 years.

Started training originally to be a wrestler in October 2019 but found my calling in being a ref.

Debut match: October 17, 2020 for FCF Wrestling, promotion I used to work for at that time.

Nowadays I work for Slam! Wrestling Finland.Was trained mainly by Salomon Strid, The Rebel Starbuck, Teemu Kytösaari, Nial Fox, Aki Mäki. Worked with Jake Omen, Captain Blake Steamer, Randy Terrez, Heidi Katrina, Mila Smidt, Myla Grace and many more.

My favorite wrestler is Sting, I would love to officiate his match 😊


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