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Raegan Fire

Jan 14, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Kallee Marie Topper
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 134 lbs.
Date of Birth: November 20, 1998
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Pro Debut: July 16, 2016
Trained By: Team Vision Dojo
Finishing Move: Bicycle Kick


– Raegan is a second generation professional wrestler.
– Raegan has a background in gymnastics.
– Raegan has also been known as Destiny, Addie & her real name Kallee Topper.
– August 14, 2016, Raegan challenged Santana Garrett for the OPW Women’s Title.
– August 30th, Raegan competed in a Battle Royal for the vacant PW2.0 Women’s Title.
– November 4th, Raegan defeated Courtney Stewart at Wrestle Aid Orlando Redemption.
– November 20th, Raegan defeated Kikyo for the vacant RIOT Women’s Title.
– November 23rd, Raegan competed in a 3-Way for the GRPW Lady Luck Title.
– December 7th, Raegan lost to MJ Knight in the first round of the OPW Toys for Tots Cup.
– December 21st, Raegan competed in a 5-Way for the vacant OPW Women’s Title.
– January 7, 2017, Raegan won a 3-Way to win the vacant PPW Diamonds Division Title.
– February 17th, Raegan retained the title against Dynamite DiDi.
– April 8th, Raegan would lost the title to Aria Blake.
– March 3, 2018, Addie defeated Amber Nova for the vacant Champ7 Women’s Title.
– April 14th, Addie retained the title against Lexi Gomez.
– July 14th, Raegan challenged Sofía Castillo for the GW Women’s Title.
– November 2nd, Raegan & Lexi Gomez defeated Marina Tucker & Sofía Castillo at BELIEVE 170.
– January 12, 2019, Topper competed against Red Velvett & Lexi Gomez for the vacant FEW North Women’s Title.
– February 15th, Destiny defeated Leva Bates (c) & Violet Payne for the ARW Bombshells Title.
– May 10th, Destiny defended the title against Leva Bates.
– July 27th, Destiny retained the title against Su Yung in a Street Fight.
– August 23rd, Destiny defended the title against Red Velvett.
– October 11th, Destiny defended the title against Su Yung.
– January 31, 2020, Raegan defeated Lexi Gomez for the RIOT Women’s Title.
– June 12th, Destiny defended the ARW Bombshells Title against Gia Roman.
– September 4th, Destiny lost the title to Krissy Vaine.
– October 23rd, Destiny challenged Krissy Vaine for the talent.

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Raegan’s social media:
IG: @kalleemarie
Twitter: @kallee_topper

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