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Rachelle Riveter

Nov 9, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

My name is Rachelle Scheel, I am 27 years old and I have been wrestling for about 5 years now. As starting my journey into wrestling I was in a place in my life where I was still figuring out who I was, and ultimately was just wanting to please others. So Rachelle Riveter was born as the women who supports ALL women. Little did I know that would become my name forever but a different meaning. I wanted to show myself as the one who is always supporting other women and essentially I was the fighter for women! Well in my personal life I was barley fighting for myself. I eventually had to step away from wrestling due to at the time what I thought was a good decision became the biggest heart break of my life. At that time I was married and starting a family was something that very important, especially to my ex husband. Eventually when that didn’t happen after trying and unfortunately a loss in between, our marriage became more destructive to myself so I decided to not only step away from my marriage but, I also got back to what I knew made me happy…wrestling. When I got back into wrestling during my reign as champion at Rocky Mountain Pro I knew it was MY time Rachelle Riveter was back! Well Mother Nature had other plans for this girl, I also at the time was prepping for a bikini competition and when stepping on that stage for show day you could of never convinced me that I would be 8 weeks pregnant. So eventually I again stepped away because being a mother was truly something I wanted but, was it at that very moment..no but somethings are a blessing in disguise. On October 29th that’s when my life changed! The moment I gave birth to my child it was like a phoenix rising from her ashes, nobody else’s mattered. I didn’t care what anyone thought and I had this overwhelming urge of protection! And that is how Rachelle Riveter soon decided to add a new addition to my name Rachelle Riveter The M.O.M. (Must Obey Me). See now its not about supporting all women…it’s about me showing other woman just what I can do as a MOM. I am breaking all the stereotypes on moms and what we should be and not be doing. I brought life to earth and I’m still here today! So I’ll be damed if I let someone else tell me what kind of mother I need to be. I am the ultimate role model to my child, I am the inspiration, the creator, and the final decision maker.


July 2016


5’3, 125lbs

Athletic Background:

Second in Conference High School volleyball athlete

High School Record Holder: Female Back squats at 14 years old “315lbs”

Metropolitan State University College Track Athlete

2019- NPC Nutrithority Denver Open Bikini and Figure competitor top 10 finisher in both categories

Training/ Seminars

SHINE- Mercedes Martinez 2017

Rocky Mountain Pro- 2016-2022 (Head Coach Matthew Yaden)

Hangs with Bob- Bob Evens


Malia Hosaka

Robby E

D-lo Brown

Mike Bennet

Royce Isascs

Micro Mania

Kenny King

Cody Hancock


Rocky Mountain Pro(Home promotion)

Future Stars of Wrestling

Lucia Libre and Laughs

Respect Womens Wrestling

Ultimate Womens Wrestling

Phoenix Championship Wrestling- AZ

Dive Wrestling

IMPACT Debut October 2022

Shine Extra- 2017

WWE Extra- 2017

Notable opponents:

Mascarita Sagrada

Madison Raynes

Layne Luck

Christi Jaynes

Heidi Howitzer

Ruby Raze

Tasha Steelz

Savannah Evans

Zeda Zhang


Follow The M.O.M. on Twitter @RachelleRiveter

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