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Ingrid Isley

Mar 27, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Ingrid Isley
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 134 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 15
Hometown: Bemidji, Minnesota
Resides: Detroit, Michigan
Pro Debut: August 24, 2012
Trained By: Can-Am Wrestling School
Finishing Move: Fisherman’s Suplex


– August 24, 2012, Isley would make her debut in a match against Chrissy Reid in which it resulted in a No Contest at Can-Am Rising.
– February 9, 2014, Isley defeated Crystal White at BWCW/XBW Slam Jam ’14.
– March 28th, Isley lost to Jasmin Areebi at MCWA The Future is Now.
– May 4th, Isley competed in a 3-Way for the CCW Ladies Title.
– May 16th, Isley lost to John E. Bravo at MPWA Friday Night Fights.
– July 12th, Isley lost to Heather Patera at MCWA Arch Rivals.
– October 25th, Isley defended the UCW Women’s Title against Jasmin Areebi.
– December 14th, Isley defeated Dominique Fabiano at XICW 187 Hardcore With a Heart.
– February 21, 2015, Isley retained the UCW Women’s Title against Dominique by DQ.
– April 12th, Isley challenged Chelsea Marie for the MWA Ladies Title.
– April 25th, Isley defeated Skylar Rose at PWA Elite Womens Wrestling.
– August 29th, Isley defeated Shayla Hyde at BWCW/XBW Slam Jam ’15.
– October 24th, Isley defeated Leah Von Dutch for the XBW Title.
– February 27, 2016, Isley won the vacant UCW Women’s Title by winning a 3-Way.
– March 6th, Isley defeated Jewells Malone to win the CCW Ladies Title.
– April 4th, Isley retained the XBW Title against Malia Hosaka.
– May 15th, Isley defended the CCW Ladies Title against Dominique Fabiano.
– May 28th, Isley retained the XBW Title against Angel Dust.
– June 10th, Isley defended the CCW Ladies Title against Aria Sapphire.
– November 19th, Isley lost the XBW Title to Malia Hosaka.
– January 28, 2017, Isley defeated Shawna Reed at BWCW/XBW Blue Water Bash ’17.
– March 18th, Isley & John E. Bravo defeated Great Akuma & Shawna Reed at BWCW/XBW Battle of the Vampires.
– July 8th, Isley lost to Shawna Reed at BWCW/XBW Brutes, Babes & Brawls II.
– August 12th, Isley lost to Moxie Mollie at BWCW/XBW Future Shock.
– August 19th, Isley challenged Chelsea Marie for the TWA Ladies Title.
– September 9th, Isley defeated Shawna Reed at BWCW/XBW In Your Face.
– October 28th, Isley lost to Shawna Reed at BWCW/XBW Night of Champions ’17.
– December 16th, Isley & Atlas Hytower lost to Shawna Reed & Caleb Stills at BWCW/XBW Headlock on Hunger ’17.
– January 20, 2018, Isley lost to Beautiful Beaa at PWA Fight Night.
– February 3rd, Isley, Tony Scott & Atlas Hytower lost to Anabella & ROACH (Ryan Wylde & Ste Ven) at BWCW/XBW Blue Water Bash.
– April 14th, Isley & Shayla Hyde defeated Sabrina Kyle & Arabella at BWCW/XBW Slam Jam in Your Face.
– October 27th, Isley lost a Dark match to Violet Lee at Smash CANUSA Classic ’18.

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    I’d personally like to see her booked in a bigger promotion. Underrated talent.

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