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Gisele Shaw

Feb 5, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Gisele Mayordo
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Date of Birth: October 30
Hometown: Toledo City, Cebu (Philippines)
Pro Debut: January 2015
Trained By: Storm Wrestling Academy
Finishing Move: Chick Kick


– Gisele is also known as Azteca (WOW) & Reyna Reyes (WOW). She is also nicknamed The Pearl.
– April 17, 2015, Gisele & Violet defeated Bambi Hall & Kat Von Heez at RCW Aggression.
– May 9th, Gisele competed in a 5-Way for the vacant RCW Women’s Title.
– June 26th, Gisele & Violet Affect defeated Anni Richards & Sunni Daze at ASW Girls Gone Wrestling.
– August 7th, Gisele defeated Kat Von Heez at the HIW Pile O’Bones XX – 20th Anniversary Spectacular.
– October 23rd, Gisele & Mentallo defeated Bobby Sharp & Kat Von Heez at HIW Monster Brawl 2.
– November 13th, Gisele defeated Chelsea Green at HIW Unleashed ’15.
– November 28th, Gisele lost to Rachael Ellering at PWA Christmas Slam ’15.
– January 23, 2016, Gisele defeated Rachael Ellering at PWA New Year’s Resolution ’16.
– June 17th, Gisele defeated Merle Graves at HIW Sizzler Showdown.
– December 16th, Gisele & Thryllin’ Dylan lost to Alexander Prime & Brett Morgan in the semi-finals of the HIW King’s Challenge VII.
– January 27, 2017, Gisele defeated Kat Von Heez at HIW Reloaded ’17.
– February 19th, Gisele defeated Michael Allen Richard Clark at PWA Evolution ’17.
– March 3rd, Gisele defeated Brett Evans at HIW Unbreakable ’17.
– March 25th, Gisele defeated Santana Garrett at the PWA 16th Anniversary Show.
– April 28th, Gisele defeated Thunder Rosa & Kat Von Heez in a 3-Way at HIW Spring Meltdown ’17.
– May 13th, Gisele defeated Kiara at PWA Fallout ’17.
– December 1st, Gisele challenged Beautiful Beaa for the PWA Elite Women’s Title.
– January 21, 2018, Gisele lost to Maria Manic at DWW Carnage.
– February 10th, Gisele defeated Stacy Thibault for the PWE Flame Title.
– March 3rd, Gisele lost to Madison Rayne at the BCW/Impact Wrestling One Night Only: March Breakdown.
– March 17th, Gisele defeated Holidead on Angel Gate.
– March 18th, Gisele challenged Beautiful Beaa for the CW Women’s Title.
– May 12th, Gisele defeated Beautiful Beaa at PWA Fight Night.
– July 21st, Gisele lost the PWA Elite Women’s Title to Texas Rose in a 3-Way.
– July 22nd, Gisele defeated Beautiful Beaa (c) & Jody Threat in a 3-Way to win the CW Women’s Title.
– July 28th, Gisele challenged Beautiful Beaa for the PWA Elite Women’s Title.
– August 25th, Gisele challenged Tessa Blanchard for the Impact Knockouts Title.
– September 23rd, Gisele defended the CW Women’s Title against Jody Threat.
– October 11th, Azteca defeated Holidead on WOW Women of Wrestling.
– November 18th, Gisele lost the PWE Flame Title to Beautiful Beaa in a 3-Way.
– December 1st, Gisele retained the CW Women’s Title against Beautiful Beaa.
– February 2, 2019, Gisele defeated Veda Scott at Kamikaze Pro Underground VI.
– February 9th, Gisele lost to Dani Luna at SWW International Showdown.
– February 16th, Gisele lost to Kat Von Kaige in the semi-finals of the SWW Women’s Trophy Tournament.
– March 17th, Gisele competed in a 3-Way for the DPW Celtic Crown Women’s Title.
– March 31st, Gisele lost to Jamie Hayter at SWE She’s Still All That.
– April 12th, Gisele competed in the Riptide Rumble ’19.
– April 27th, Gisele competed in a 4-Way for the PWC Maiden of Chaos Title.
– May 16th, Reyna Reyes challenged Tessa Blanchard for the WOW Title.
– May 19th, Gisele defeated Kyle Fletcher at ATTACK! Head Over Boots.
– May 31st, Gisele defeated Xia Brookside in a Last Woman Standing match at Kamikaze Pro Relentless Rules 2.
– June 9th, Gisele defeated Zoe Lucas at RevPro Live in Southampton 8.
– June 15th, Gisele & Ricky Reed challenged Logan Blackmore & Colin England for the Pro Evolution Tag Team Titles.
– July 14th, Gisele defeated Yuu at ATTACK! RaffleMania 3.
– July 21st, Gisele defeated Rickey Shane Page at DPW High Noon.
– August 25th, Gisele competed against Natsumi Maki for the vacant TJP International Princess Title.
– September 7th, Gisele challenged Valkyrie for the OTT Women’s Title.
– September 21st, Gisele defeated Zoe Lucas (c) & Holidead in a 3-Way to win the Ironfist Women’s Title.
– October 12th, Gisele defeated Nina Samuels at EVE Check Yourself.
– October 13th, Gisele defeated Mercedes Martinez at RevPro Live in Southampton 10.
– November 3rd, Gisele defeated Dani Luna at RevPro Live at the Cockpit 47.
– November 9th, Gisele entered into the EVE SHE-1 Tournament.
– November 22nd, Gisele lost the Ironfist Women’s Title to Taya Valkyrie.
– November 24th, Gisele defeated Tessa Blanchard at RevPro British J Cup ’19.
– December 1st, Gisele defeated Bobbi Tyler at RevPro Live at the Cockpit 48.
– December 7th, Gisele competed in the Ironfist Christmas Rumble.
– December 14th, Gisele & Sammii Jayne defeated The Woke Queens (Debbie Keitel & Valkyrie) for the EVE Tag Team Titles.
– December 15th, Gisele defeated Shanna at RevPro Uprising ’19.
– December 31st, Gisele defeated Priscilla Kelly at Bar Wrestling 50.
– January 10, 2020, Gisele challenged Zoe Lucas for the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Title.
– January 11th, Gisele & Sammii Jayne lost the EVE Tag Team Titles to The Medusa Complex (Charli Evans & Millie McKenzie) in a 3-Way Elimination.
– January 26th, Gisele would win the vacant Fierce Females Title after winning a tournament.
– February 1st, Gisele defeated Taya Valkyrie at RevPro Raw Deal ’20.
– February 2nd, Gisele competed in a 3-Way for the PROGRESS Women’s Title.
– February 8th, Gisele competed in the Kamikaze Pro Over the Top Rumble 7.
– February 14th, Gisele defeated Zoe Lucas for the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Title.
– March 7th, Gisele defended the title against Little Miss Roxxy.
– March 8th, Gisele retained the Fierce Females Title against Chantal Jordan.
– March 16th, Gisele defeated Mercedez Blaze at the WrestleTalk Showcase: No Fans Monday.
– August 23rd, Gisele defended the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Title against Jamie Hayter.
– September 13th, Gisele & Aleah James lost to Oedo Tai (Jamie Hayter & Bea Priestley) at RevPro Epic Encounters 2.
– October 25th, Gisele retained the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Title against Bea Priestley.

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