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Eye Candy

Jan 18, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

WOW Bio…


Bursting onto the pro-wrestling scene in a halo of sunshine and rainbows, feast your eyes on Eye Candy! Born and raised in The Big Apple, Eye Candy smashes all expectations. Friendly, cheerful and with unmatched energy, she’s a whole lotta woman!

Radiating confidence, her joy and positive energy is infectious! But it would be a serious mistake to take Eye Candy’s big, bubbly personality as a sign of weakness. She’s powerful, athletic and dynamic in the ring, combining strength, agility and just a hint of sexy to take down her unsuspecting opponents.

With big hair and an even bigger smile, the lovely Eye Candy plans to show the folks at home — and all the other Superheroes of WOW – Women Of Wrestling — that you don’t have to be mean, rude or negative to get to the top in life. You just have to be yourself, be strong, and win!

From: The Big Apple, New York City

Fighting Style: Eye Candy mixes brawler strength with nimble athletics.

Signature Moves: Fisherman’s suplex

Likes: Bright colors, Playing her ukulele, Roller skating

Dislikes: The middle seat on planes, People who “harsh her mellow”

Quotes: “Hope you’ve got a sweet tooth!” “Time for a sugar rush!”

Surprise Facts: Keeps healing crystals in her bra when she wrestles. Seriously.

Follow Eye Candy on Twitter @wow_eyecandy

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