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Bobbi Tyler

Mar 14, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Lucy Garland
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Date of Birth: December 15, 1996
Hometown: London, England
Pro Debut: June 11, 2016
Trained By: Paul Ashe
Finishing Move: Code Red


– Tyler is nicknamed The UV Underdog & The Blonde Bombshell.
– June 11, 2016, Tyler teamed with Casey Danger in her debut but would lose to Jayde & Kruiz at UBW Incursion.
– August 29th, Tyler defeated Lana Austin at HOPE Wrestling for Autism.
– October 8th, Tyler defeated Jayde at HOPE As Seen On @BritWresTroll.
– November 6th, Tyler defeated Xia Brookside at HOPE Hope and Glory.
– November 12th, Tyler defeated Barbie Rogue at HOPE Grand Theft Autumn III.
– January 27, 2017, Tyler defeated Kelly Sixx for the PWP Catch Division Title.
– January 28th, Tyler lost the title to Josh Knott.
– February 4th, Tyler & Jayde defeated Barbie Rogue & Shauna Shay at LCW Rumble ’17.
– February 12th, Tyler defeated Nadia Sapphire for the PWP Women’s Title.
– February 25th, Tyler challenged Sara for the SSW Diamonds Title.
– March 26th, Tyler defeated Nina Samuels at EWE LuchaMania llI.
– March 31st, Tyler lost to Millie McKenzie at MCW in Abergavenny.
– April 22nd, Tyler defended the PWP Women’s Title against Zoe Lucas.
– May 6th, Tyler retained the title against Jamie Hayter.
– June 25th, Tyler defended the title in a 3-Way.
– July 29th, Tyler lost the title to Angelina Love.
– July 30th, Tyler won the PWP Women’s Title back by winning a 3-Way.
– October 14th, Tyler defeated Millie McKenzie at NBWA Back to School.
– October 22nd, Tyler defeated Zan Phoenix at CSF Showdown.
– February 25, 2018, Tyler challenged Kay Lee Ray for the SWE Queen of Southside Title.
– April 1st, Tyler defeated Killer Kelly on RevPro Live at the Cockpit.
– April 28th, Tyler defeated Chakara at RCW Bombastik.
– May 26th, Tyler challenged KC Spinelli for the British Empire Women’s Title.
– August 5th, Tyler challenged Jamie Hayter for the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Title.
– September 22nd, Tyler defeated Xia Brookside for the IPW:UK Women’s Title.
– October 21st, Tyler defeated Ariel Grace at APEX Golden Opportunity.
– October 28th, Tyler defeated Nyx at UBW Spectrum Spooktacular.
– December 23rd, Tyler lost the IPW:UK Women’s Title to Sierra Loxton.
– January 14, 2019, Tyler, Hana Kimura & Sadie Gibbs defeated Oedo Tai (Jamie Hayter, Natsu Sumire & Hazuki) at the Stardom 8th Anniversary Show.
– February 17th, Tyler & Hana Kimura defeated STARS (Alex Gracia & Saki Kashima) at Stardom Queen’s Fest ’19.
– February 24th, Tyler challenged Utami Hayashishita for the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title.
– March 24th, Tyler defeated Sierra Loxton for the IPW:UK Women’s Title.
– April 5th, Tyler defeated Sonya Strong for the HOG Women’s Title.
– May 1st, Tyler defended the IPW:UK Women’s Title against Rebel Kinney.
– June 16th, Tokyo Cyber Squad (Tyler, Death Yama-san & Ruaka) defeated Zoe Lucas, Saya Iida & Saki Kashima at Stardom Shining Destiny ’19.
– June 22nd, Tokyo Cyber Squad (Tyler & Hana Kimura) challenged Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe & Utami Hayashishita) for the Goddesses of Stardom Titles.
– July 15th, Tokyo Cyber Squad (Tyler, Hana Kimura & Zoe Lucas) challenged STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Saki Kashima & Tam Nakano) for the Artist of Stardom Titles.
– August 10th, Tokyo Cyber Squad (Tyler, Konami & Hana Kimura) defeated STARS (Tam Nakano, Saya Iida & Mayu Iwatani) at Stardom X ’19.
– August 16th, Tyler defeated Dani Luna at the HOPE Sixth Anniversary Show.
– August 28th, Tyler lost the HOG Women’s Title to Harley Rae in a 3-Way.
– August 29th, Tyler defeated Skye Smitson for the vacant UPW Women’s Title.
– September 28th, Tyler retained the UPW Women’s Title against Priscilla Kelly.
– October 14th, Tokyo Cyber Squad (Tyler & Zoe Lucas) entered into the Stardom Goddesses of Stardom Tag League ’19.
– November 4th, Tokyo Cyber Squad (Tyler & Hana Kimura) won a 3-Way at Stardom Best of Goddess ’19.
– November 30th, Tyler retained the UPW Women’s Title against Dani Luna.
– August 23, 2020, Tyler lost to Aleah James at RevPro Epic Encounters 1.
– October 4th, Tyler defeated Jamie Hayter at RevPro Epic Encounters 3.
– November 15th, Tyler & Zoe Lucas lost to Oedo Tai (Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter) at RevPro Epic Encounters 5.
– December 6th, Tyler challenged Gisele Shaw for the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Title.
– February 7, 2021, Tyler challenged Kanji for the RevPro Southside Women’s Title.

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