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Anna Theresa

Oct 3, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Introducing Anna Theresa, Ms. New York America 2016, Ms. America 2015 finalist:

I trained at the monster factory and debuted there as a manager in summer of 2016. Watching since I was a child, I always favored Steve Austin for the way he always was able to capture the audience and keep them invested. Lita was my favorite Diva when I was a kid

Q. are you friends and family supportive of your decision to pursue a career in wrestling?

AT: At first, my parents were extremely worried. Worried about injuries, worried about me maintaining my time, and worried about me making the right decisions. I’m blessed to have great parents. Once the worry subsided a bit, their support came out and they truly support me 100%. My brothers and sister think it’s awesome and great that I follow my dreams no matter what. My friends, when they heard I was taking some time off, were like “absolutely NOT! You need to get back in there!” So I’d say my friends are supportive as well! I’m blessed with a great support system. And really thankful.

Q. Dream opponent?

AT: Oh wow that’s a tough question split between like 4 ways! Lita. For many reasons.

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On her WWE Try Out:

The tryout was the most challenging test and most amazing experience of my life. I feel like I was prepped well for it thanks to Danny Cage and Luis Martinez. We always think back and say “I wish I would have done this or that differently” but I feel like I did the absolute best that I could. The last day of promos was probably the most nervous I was, but all in all it was surreal! Matt Bloom gave me some great advice and to be face to face with William Regal… in a real life experience at the WWE performance Center. Who would have thought a beauty queen from Brooklyn would ever do that?! Not in my wildest dreams, that’s for sure. Thankful isn’t even the right word.

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