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Allie Recks

Sep 9, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Allie Recks 090916

Introducing Allie Recks…

Debut: July 18, 2015

Favorite wrestlers: Lita and Rey Mysterio

Dream opponent: Most definitely Lita

Her Tattoos: My rib piece is for my grandfather who meant the absolute world to me. I have a butterfly on my shoulder for my other grandfather. I have my brothers keeper on my left arm for my little brother because I basically raise him. I have just breathe on my wrist because I have a severe anxiety disorder and have to remind myself to breathe sometimes. I have my older twin brothers birthday in Roman numeral on my ankle. they passed before I was born. And then I have strength written on my chest above my heart to remind myself that I am strong enough to do anything.

Hobbies/interests: Sports. I’ve played almost every sport i possibly could have by the time I graduated high school. Anything that has to do with any type of sport that’s what I’m usually doing whether it’s being on a softball field to just shooting paper into the garbage can.

I started at ECPW with Gino Caruso, but I’ve also trained with Damian Adams, CZW and I’m gonna start training at the Monster Factory soon after recovering from knee surgery.

We wish Recks well, her surgery is scheduled for 9/13.

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