The Undertaker and Bryan Danielson notes

May 27, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

The Undertaker pitches the idea of a WWE roast:

“The just did the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix. I wonder what…I don’t want to say instead of doing the Hall of Fame because the Hall of Fame is very important, but maybe some kind of restructuring of it.

A roast. What about a roast? I think it would be huge. I’m not talking about me being roasted. I wasn’t volunteering myself to be roasted. There are a lot of guys that came before I did that need to be roasted.”

Bryan Danielson (via Sports Illustrated) on his AEW Dynasty classic with Will Ospreay:

“The second I walked out, I knew that the crowd was there in a way you don’t get in many matches.

“Regularly throughout that match, I just closed my eyes to take in the sensation of what that felt like. It’s a beautiful thing to experience, and to experience it like that, it was a sensation across my whole body. I don’t know if I will ever wrestle in front of a crowd like that again.”

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