5/25/25 AEW Collision Recap

May 25, 2024 - by staff

by Theo Sambus

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness & Tony Schiavone

We are live as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring! Moxley steps into the ring and poses but is cut off by the music/’low hum’ of Don Callis. Callis heads down to the ring, mic in hand.

Callis says he has something important to say. He didn’t come out here to cause any trouble, he just wanted to talk about their history together. We see clips of Callis’ AEW debut, Mox splitting Callis open backstage, Blood and Guts, and more. Callis says Moxley is the first person he thinks about in the morning when he looks in the mirror because of those 24 stitches. Callis says they’re not like all of these normal people. When Callis was in the ambulance that night, Moxley opened the door and said to him ‘You’re one of us now’ but Callis saw nothing in his eyes.

Callis says the worst kept secret in wrestling is that they are both very alike. High functioning sociopaths. It’s killing Callis inside that Moxley has to face Takeshita tomorrow. They could run this place is Moxley and Callis worked together. He’s not out here to pitch him, but imagine what it could be like. Moxley is not alone. Instead of the match, let’s use the segment to announce the future of The Family. Callis wants to know what he has to do to get it done.

Mox grabs the mic. He has just one question. If they’re going to trust each other, he needs more of a commitment than that baby scar. What about he puts 24 more stitches in his head right now?

OH but Takeshita attacks from behind. Takeshita beats him down, big elbow to the side of the head. Takeshita takes a chair and wraps it around the arm of Moxley! Takeshita up on the ropes…he PILLMANIZES the arm! He keeps stomping on it but here come Danielson and Castagnoli to run Takeshita and Callis off. The BCC check on Moxley as Doc Samson heads into the ring to assess the damage.

We hear from Will Ospreay after the end of Dynamite this past week. Ospreay, a crimson mask, says this is nothing. This doesn’t scare him, he lives for this shit. The only thing that Ospreay believes is that nobody is better than him, bell to bell. His blood is on that championship, so his spirit has bonded with it. It is now his life’s mission to take that championship away from Roderick Strong, because he is on another level.

Daddy Magic is on commentary for this one. Castagnoli & Garcia are introduced, then out comes Archer & The Righteous, building suspense for the mystery partner…


The Ace is in the house! Claudio is the one to start this out against Dutch. Clean break in the ropes but Dutch takes a cheap shot, shoulder blocks from both men until a kick to the gut and a body slam on Claudio connects. Castagnoli gets a body slam of his own! Stalling double stomp, and Claudio tags in Garcia, who faces off with Vincent. Back elbow by Vincent, wailing away on Garcia in the corner. DG turns the tables, ascends the buckles for the mounted punches. Acher in, Tanahashi cuts him off with a Twist and Shout as Garcia DDTs Vincent. DG dances as Tanahashi does the air guitar!

We head to PIP as The Righteous manage to capitalise. Sit out uranage by Vincent, tag to Dutch who hits some hard body blows on Garcia. Archer in and he mocks Tanahashi with some air guitar of his own. Quick tags ensue, Garcia fights back but Dutch cuts off a tag. Vincent is kicked away, but Archer runs in and shoves Claudio and Tanahashi off the apron. Garcia hits a DDT on Vincent, claws his way over and makes a tag to Tanahashi.

Tanahashi is met by a goozle by Archer but Tanahashi with a flying forearm. And another. Running crossbody by Archer. Garcia gets Archer on the apron, tosses him to the floor but gets dropkicked off by Vincent. Claudio in, Giant Swing to Dutch! Archer boots Claudio to break it up, but Claudio muscles Archer up, suplex! Tanahashi heads up top, but Archer with a rising knee. Tag to Vincent, assisted Shiranui on Tanahashi! 1, 2, save by Claudio.

All six men battle now, Vincent and Tanahashi left alone in the ring. Slingbade to Vincent! High Fly Flow, 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli, Daniel Garcia & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Time: 9:35

Penta and Fenix bring their kids to the ring in their own Mini Penta/Mini Fenix gear and it’s as adorable as that sounds. Both teams get into a shoving match as they all enter the ring, but the referee restores order as the bell rings.

Austin and Penta to start. Penta has Cero Miedo but Austin puts his Gunns Up. A right hand by Austin connects, Fenix in with a superkick. Superkick to Colten by Penta, all four men down. More superkicks to the Gunns and they spill outside, allowing the Lucha Bros to slide outside after them…but the Gunns try to escape under the ring. They duck another superkick attempt and get Penta back in the ring. Double team train of offense with rising knees. Suplex by Colten, 1, 2, no.

Double team suplex by the Gunns, Austin with the cover for 2 as we go to PIP. Austin ties the mask of Penta to the bottom rope, Colten chokes him out with the ref distracted. Referee undoes the tie on the mask, freeing Penta. On the outside, Colten sends Penta into the ringpost, and Austin brings him back in the ring, more double teaming ensues. Penta on the shoulders of Colten, fights out of it. Fenix and Austin fight on the apron, but Colten drags Penta away from the corner…Penta still makes the tag! Crossbody by Fenix splash in the corner. Tiaris from Fenix, Eniziguri into a tiaris from Penta sends Colten back into the ring. Rey knocked off the top rope by Austin now. Fameasser by Austin, 1, 2, saved by Penta.

The Gunns signal for the 3:10 by double superkicks by the Bros connect. Fear Factor signalled, Rey up top, SPIKE FEAR FACTOR and a suicide dive to the outside to take out Colten. Penta makes the pinfall, 1, 2, 3!

Winners: The Lucha Bros

Time: 8:15

Pac runs out to celebrate as Death Triangle assemble, and Jay White steps out onto the stage for the big staredown.

Arkady Aura is with Jericho and Big Bill backstage. Bill says you have to dig deep to pull out of the darkness. Jericho wasn’t expecting to have two opponents tomorrow, but after 30 years in the business, the Learning Tree is ready for all adversaries and all types of opponents.

Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith rocks up and says he may have missed his opportunity, but this isn’t the last Jericho has seen of him.

Flying forearm from O’Reilly as the bell rings. KM with a nice dropkick and a hammer throw into the buckles. He charges into a pair of boots from Kyle, misses a splash, and Kyle locks in a guillotine! Kicks to the chest and back of the neck…KM catches a leg, but Kyle flips into an armbar for the immediate tap out.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Time: 1:08

Next, the TBS champion Willow Nightingale makes her way out. She takes the mic, and says it feels great to be here on the fifth anniversary of AEW. You can’t have Collision on TBS without the face of TBS! Last night on Rampage, somebody else put their hands on her TBS championship…Mercedes Mone.

Mone has been here for 2 months, and Willow keeps talking about how she respects her, but they’re way past respect now. Tomorrow, Willow is going to wreck her, make her long for the days she was out of harm’s way on the shelf. Championships come and go, but she’ll be damned if tomorrow is the day this reign ends. For years she has been working towards this, and now she gets to live her dream as TBS champion. Willow is just getting started. Mercedes says Willow can’t beat her at 100%? Willow knows Mone can’t beat her at any percent. She will prove that the better woman is Willow Nightingale.

Man, at some point we have to talk about the fact that Willow has been OWNING Mercedes on the mic this entire feud. Great stuff as usual from our TBS champ.

Lexi Nair is with Trent backstage, and she says he has all the momentum. This is deeply personal for him, and he ended Chuck Taylor’s career…will he do the same to OC? Trent says tomorrow he shows the whole world something he’s known for a long time.

Before he can finish the thought, Rocky Romero shows up! There’s a lot of memories between all of the Best Friends, and no matter what happens tomorrow, Romero wants to put everything behind them, because they’re family. Trent says that’s not happening, and don’t ever interrupt him again.

Caster and Bravo begin with quick go-behinds. Tag to Bowens and Matthews, but Kaun blind tags himself in to face off with Matthews. Side headlock takeover by Matthews and then Brody King tags himself in. King and Liona go face to face, fire up the grill for this MEAT. They trade forearms, Bowens tries to get involved but gets hit away, as does Caster. The Infantry get shoved away too. King with a thrust kick to Kaun. Headbutt to Liona but it damages King. Liona is sent to the outside, all the guys battle on the floor as Brody King hits a suicide dive! Almost ate floor there as the others caught him a little awkwardly. Everyone scraps on the outside now.

Matthews and Caster in the ring now, Caster up top, but Matthews sweeps the legs. Matthews with a suplex off the middle rope, 1, 2, no. Scoop slam, King in with a senton splash to follow up. Matthews tags back in, sleeper hold to bring Caster to his knees. Chinbreaker by caster to escape. Matthews takes Bowens off the apron and continues the assault on Caster. Thrust kick by Caster, the Infantry in with a double superkick. One to King too! Caster joins in for a triple superkick to take down King.

Liona with a crossbody to both members of the Infantry! He tags himself in, running clothesline in the corner on King, but Matthews in with a Meteora. Dropkick by Kaun. AA by Caster. King goes for a piledriver on Liona, no, SAMOAN DROP on King! 1, 2, no. Caster gets shoved to the floor for his efforts, Carly Bravo in, up top, as is Dean…the Infantry with stereo crossbodies to the floor! The Infantry double team Brody King now…Matthews cuts that off and King bashes Dean away. Bravo down in the corner as everyone else battles backstage. Canonball connects from King!, 1, 2, 3.

Winners: House of Black

Time: 10:30

Adam Copeland appears on screen. House of Black took the one item dear to him. He knew it was only a matter of time before they targeted him in AEW. Copeland’s been doing this since before their balls dropped. They’ve shown him that he needed to go back to the pits. They wanted this version of him? There’s a devil on his shoulder, but no angel to be found. The violence that will take place in this barbed wire cage match is a fitting juxtaposition with the bright lights of Vegas. Has it ever dawned on Malakai that he used this to get used to the House? What if he defeats Black, and Brody & Matthews join him instead? He is a master manipulator…the House of Blood, that’s something he can sink his teeth into. Malakai…when you see evil in a man’s eyes, it’s already too late.

Toni Storm speaks after Dynamite earlier in the week. She says not everything happens for a reason, sometimes things just happen. Tomorrow, she has to fight someone who thought twitching on the floor was a sign that she should KEEP wrestling? She will make Deeb’s three seizures feel like a walk in the park. In her obituary, they’ll mention she once lost to the champ.

Lockup to start. Mariah repeatedly chops Hirsch against the ropes…and then rubs her bosom in her face! Belly to belly suplex from Hirsch, but May capitalises with a shotgun dropkick. We head to PIP as May poses.

Double overhand chop. Running PK gets a 2 count. May locks in a seated full nelson, Leyla rolls into a submission, but May rolls through and hits a side slam. I’m slightly distracted by the fantastic commentary of Nigel moaning at Tony for calling it a ‘PK kick’, these two are so glorious together. Leyla with a waistlock, forearm shot in the corner, step up rebound dropkick. Leyla heads up top, misses the moonsault. Mariah with a running lariat, another, big boot and a backdrop driver. May to the top rope, shotgun dropkick, 1, 2, no.

Stratusfaction from Mariah May…and she signals for the hip attack! Leyla avoids it, German suplex! 1, 2, no. May battles out of a piledriver attempt, headbutt! And a running boot to the face finishes it.

Winner: Mariah May

Time: 7:12

Lexi Nair is backstage with Serena Deeb, wondering if she feels ready. Deeb says tomorrow night is the biggest match of her career. Storm has had a load of fun and games as of late, but it wasn’t fun when Storm had to throw in the towel for her stooge. Deeb is going to stretch Storm limb from limb tomorrow, and she will become AEW Women’s World Champion. Timeless Toni Storm? More like Time’s Up, Toni Storm.

We get a neat hype video of Swerve Strickland vs Christian Cage. I’ve been a big fan of the build in this little feud and tomorrow’s match should be great.

Danielson and Jarrett begin this Trios match, and Jarrett gets the upper hand! He struts, very pleased with himself, but Lethal tags in. Kitchen sink by Dragon, tag to Dax, who begins the assault in the corner. Tag to Wheeler who comes in with a slingshot shoulder block. Atomic drop to Lethal, but Lethal then hangs him up on the top rope. Satnam Singh with a big chop to the chest of Cash, before feeding him back in.

Lethal looks for the Figure Four, locks it in. Cash gets out of it, Jarrett tags in, side Russian leg sweep connects. Jarrett stomps on the ankle and legs of Cash. Back elbow, now Jarrett with elbow drops to the leg, quick inside knee jam. Cash rakes the eyes but Jarrett goes right back to the knee. Atomic drop, goes for a figure four but Cash kicks him off. Cash can’t quite make the tag, Lethal grabs the ankle, but Cash shrugs him off and tags Dax. Small package, 1, 2, no.

Singh with a clubbing blow to the back of Dax, followed by the Lethal Combination as Jay makes the cover. Singh tags in, picking up Dax by the throat with some mini chokeslams. Claw applied to Dax, Cash comes in but gets piefaced out. Jarett tags in, as does Danielson. Dragon with right hands, kicks in the corner, mounted punches…moonsault evasion, running lariat! Running dropkick in the corner, and again, before locking in the LeBell Lock! But in comes Jay Lethal to break it up. Danielson and Cash hit stereo dives to the floor to take out their opponents.

Singh runs at Dax but Dax avoids it, sending Singh into the ringpost. Danielson and FTR all target Singh with triple Yes Kicks, ending with a roundhouse kick…and an EVP Trigger from FTR! Busaiku Knee to Singh. Lethal Injection on FTR, Danielson with a lariat. Jarrett goes for the Stroke, whips Danielson hard face first into the buckles. Jarrett has a chair but accidentally hits Singh. BUSAIKU KNEE on Jarrett. FTR with the Shatter Machine on Lethal. Danielson makes the pin, 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Bryan Danielson & FTR

Time: 10:28

FTR on the mic post-match, and Cash says they made their AEW debut 4 years ago, and the company became their home. Cash will die for this company. Wrestling fans are better off because of AEW, wrestlers are better off because of AEW. They might all be beat up, but they are the only 4 walking out tomorrow. Dax says he’s not just fighting for AEW…they’re fighting for every single man and woman who has a terrible day at work, comes home and turns on AEW in order to forget about their problems for just an hour or two…that’s what he’s fighting for. One more time tomorrow, they get to be your heroes.

FTR and Danielson pose on the buckles as tonight’s broadcast comes to a close.

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