Steve Austin asked about one more match, Rhodes vs. Paul note, and a rapper announced for NXT

May 21, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– While speaking on the special episode of Biography on A&E, Steve Austin was asked about possibly competing in another match. The WWE hall of famer made it clear that he is happy with his WrestleMania 38 bout and really has nothing left to prove to anyone.

– It was originally hinted that Cody Rhodes Vs. Logan Paul at King & Queen of the Ring would be for both titles. That isn’t the case as Paul threatened legal action and so the contract was changed so that only the Undisputed WWE Championship will be on the line. While speaking on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that this was all done to get more heat on Logan Paul. He said “I asked when they did the first one. It was ambivalent and they very much talked about belt vs. belt. And I asked about it and they said it’ll be announced on Friday and, you know, it’s a story. The story was just to get heat on Logan for not doing it, not a story to do belt vs. belt.”

– Rapper Sexyy Red will appear on NXT next week….

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  1. Xuxa says:

    I know many people (myself included) would like to see Stone Cold in the ring again, but he’s right. He has nothing to prove to anyone. I’d much rather he keep himself out of a wheelchair.

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