The Undertaker Didn’t Like The Corporate Ministry

May 20, 2024 - by James Walsh

During a recent Six Feet Under Q & A session, The Undertaker discussed not liking The Corporate Ministry. The stable started as The Ministry of Darkness before it transitioned into becoming “The Corporate Ministry.” Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

The Undertaker on The Corporate Ministry: “How much can I push back really in that situation? But I didn’t like it. I thought as soon as it became Corporate Ministry that it got all watered down and it just ceased to be fun anymore. So, yeah, that was the kind of the beginning of the end right then.”

On the WWE product pushing the envelope: “We were really pushing the envelope, as far as touching on religion and all these other different [aspects]. We were getting plenty of hate mail over some of the stuff that we were doing but once The Corporate Ministry, [and] there’s 20 people out there… [The nWo] is a great example of where it ended up, you know? Not a super great payoff, in my opinion. It was just kind of blegh.”

The Corporate Ministry initially formed with Shane McMahon and The Undertaker on the debut episode of SmackDown in April 1999. Vince McMahon was later revealed as “The Higher Power” and mastermind behind The Corporate Ministry.

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  1. Jake Allen says:

    A lot of people want to look at the Attitude Era through extremely tinted rose colored glasses. But for every Austin versus Rock w/ McMahon segment, there were ten horrible ones you had to go through with RTC, Godfather, Union, Val Venis, Goldust and Luna, Sable w/ Marc Mero, Pretty Mean Sisters w/ Meat, Dx with Hunter in charge, Mark Henry and Mae Young, Too Cool and Rikishi dancing, Big Show losing every match with a kick to his nuts and then a finisher, etc etc…

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