WWE Games Treasury – Top 10 Wrestling Games Through the Years

May 15, 2024 - by staff

WWE Games Treasury – Top 10 Wrestling Games Through the Years

Playing wrestling games is like stepping into a different world of fighting games. Unlike your usual fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken, wrestling games bring together athleticism, drama, and fun in a way that fans love. Game creators have made lots of wrestling games over the years that really feel like being in a wrestling match. But not all of them stand out in the crowd. Let’s check out the top 10 wrestling games that gamers and wrestling fans still love to play today.

10 Best Wrestling Games

1. WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14 is the most popular wrestling game in the WWE 2K series. While playing the game, you will feel as if you are watching a real-life show. Available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, WWE 13 players will find better mechanics and modes in this wrestling game. Players will notice enhanced character movements and refinements in the navigation. You can also interact efficiently with the arena environment. Moreover, the Slobberknocker Mode has been incorporated into the game as the gauntlet match. Reversal prompts in the game work faster, and the opponents act as the reversal machine.

2. Legends of Wrestling II

Published by Acclaim Entertainment, this game serves as a sequel to Legends of Wrestling. You can choose the career Mode, where the wrestler works for a promoter in a particular area, encountering 8 to 12 unique storylines within each territory. But, some storylines are not available depending on the wrestler you choose. For instance, if you select Jerry Lawler, the storyline will be related to the prominent feud between Lawler and Andy Kaufman, a comedian. If you want to make custom characters, you may choose the Create-a-Legend mode.

3. Fire Pro Wrestling World

Although the game appears to be simple, the classic 2D sprites make the system complex. The grappling game lets you customize every detail of the match. Deathmatch is a mode that involves barbed wire and steel cages. You can also take advantage of SWA homebrew rules, which comprise MMA and pro-wrestling.

Realistic simulation is another feature of the wrestling game. Your creations will gain some personalities using a robust system. From tag-team matches to standard singles, there are several options for matches. Fire Pro Wrestling World has refined the classic timed combat.

4. WWE All-Stars

WWE All Stars provides you with almost everything you want in a wrestling game. THQ created this game to allow you to have the ultimate fun of wrestling. The insane moves and

impressive rosters are the most interesting things in the game. Available on PlayStation (2 and 3), Xbox, Wii, X360, and PSP, there is the presence of both legendary wrestlers and current WWE Superstars in the final mode. Create-A-Superstar contains a few outfits and tools to let your wrestler become distinctive. The character creation system found in this mode is amazing. However, one major demerit of the game is that you may face issues while loading the screen.

5. WWF No Mercy

THQ released the WWF No Mercy game for Nintendo 64 users, offering a different range of features ranging from titantron videos to flashy entrances. The fully featured game has a story mode, which appears as a visual novel based on your losses and wins. The game mechanics are the same as those found in the predecessors, such as when you can grapple or strike the rival. By pressing a button, you can manage various strikes. Like the previous version, WWF No Mercy has momentum. An increased momentum may cause successful submission or pinfall. It lets you fill-up the meter and implement your character’s maneuver.

6. WWF Attitude

If you have played WWF War Zone, you should not miss the sequel, WWF Attitude. You have to grapple with the opponent to deal with wrestling maneuvers. The screen shows life meters to indicate whether the wrestler can be defeated. If the meter turns red, only a small health amount is left. The new career Mode has replaced the Challenge Mode of the previous version. You can play the game as a WWF superstar. At first, you can wrestle in-house show matches and then deal with Pay-Per-View events.

7. WWF WrestleMania 2000

At Romspedia, you can browse through the collection to find WWF WrestleMania 2020. The game engine in this game is similar to WCW/NWO Revenge. From the Championship Mode to improved graphics, everything will amaze you. The game includes over 50 WWF wrestlers. With the Create-a-Wrestler mode turned on, the detailed wrestler can be created easily. There are eight championship belts, and you can use them for Exhibition mode. The Road To WrestleMania is another mode that will allow you to experience the glory of WWF.

8. WWE 13

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3, WWE 13 offers an exciting and engaging experience. The gaming engine developed for this game is known as Predator Technology 2.0, which played a key role in enhancing the gameplay.

Due to the introduction of a new homing system, you can maintain precision and deal with environmental moves effectively. It features unique model for the giant characters, providing a distinctive gaming experience.

The audio system has also been revamped. The game comprises more than 100 characters, and each character is related to different sections Alumni and Superstars. In the Attitude Era mode, you will find over 60 cutscenes.

9. Saturday Night Slam Masters

Those who have played Muscle Bomber Duo will enjoy the updated version, Saturday Night Slam Masters. The game features three button configurations and special attacks for every character. A finisher and a non-grappling technique are common attacks for characters. Winning against all wrestlers grants players the championship belt, with the Scorpion serving as the main antagonist in the game.

The main game modes include Single Match and Team Battle Royale, catering to both solo and multiplayer experiences.

10. Def Jam- Fight for NY

Players can enjoy the 3D fighting game available for PlayStation 2 and GameCube users. Although it is a wrestling game, you will also experience boxing and kickboxing moves, and the inclusion of traditional martial arts gives you a different experience. Players can step into various high-profile rappers, such as Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. There are various combat options in this game, delivering tight yet enjoyable controls for players to master. The sound corresponds well with the gameplay. Developed by Syn Sophia and EA Vancouver, you can have an amazing experience while playing this wrestling game on your console.

Final words

Wrestling games have found their special place in the gaming world by giving players an exciting mix of action, stories, and fun. These games, with their varied history, keep fans and gamers hooked with the thrill of professional wrestling. Whether you’re replaying epic showdowns or inventing new rivalries, the top 10 wrestling games show how this genre keeps gamers coming back for more, making a big splash in the gaming scene.

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