Lilian Garcia: “I just stopped by to say hi to everybody”

May 15, 2024 - by James Walsh

As seen on this week’s edition of WWE RAW, former ring announcer Lilian Garcia made a cameo appearance. Lilian, who was introduced by current ring announcer Samantha Irvin, did the ring introductions for the Gunther vs. Kofi Kingston match.

Lilian, who has lived in South Carolina where RAW took place, issued a statement on her appearance via an Instagram story…

“I just stopped by to say hi to everybody. Next thing you know, I was on the show. It was so much fun. Triple H, thank you so much for including me in the show. Doing that with Samantha was so awesome. And all the fans and the reception that I got, you guys are amazing. I miss you. I’m just so glad that I can pop in every now and then. I hope you guys had fun tonight because there’s nothing like a live Raw event. Until next time, I love you.”


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  1. Pete Haines says:

    Is this AEW? Every one is great! Let’s all hug.

  2. bestofbothworlds says:

    Lillan Garcia and Samantha Irving should have had a HLA angle. Would have been a better use of time and actually boost ratings for once.

  3. TrollBuster says:

    Still better ratings and lots of more people in the arenas than Tony’s All Nuthouse Wrestling

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