Notes on Rob Van Dam, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and more

May 14, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– While speaking on the One of Kind podcast, Rob Van Dam showered praise on Owens’ work and expressed confidence that the dream match between them could become a reality, making it clear he’s willing to make his WWE return to make that match happen. Good kid. He obviously likes the extreme style, and the crowd loves him, worked his way up on the indie scene, and then he’s been doing really well inside WWE. I think he’s from Montreal, some town in Canada I went to three years ago, and everybody couldn’t stop telling me this is the town Kevin Owens is from. They were like so excited. This might have been five years ago. It’s way before COVID. And definitely, it’s not too late.

– Sami Zayn (via Daily Mail): “I’d like to win the world title once before I call it a day, there’s no question, but I don’t live and die by that. It’d be great, and I really appreciate people saying they’d love to see it.”

– Brackets announced….

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  1. Nightmare says:

    Kevin Steen is from Maryville, Quebec Rob. Do you want people to think you’re from Pontiac, Michigan?

  2. Xuxa says:

    It’s actually Marieville.

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