Update on Natalya and Bryan Danielson’s contracts

May 11, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– It has previously been reported that Natalya’s current WWE contract is set to expire within the next couple of months. While speaking on Fightful Select’s Q&A podcast, Sean Ross Sapp reported that WWE and Natalya has yet to come to terms on an agreement for a new contract at the moment.

Bryan Danielson confirms to Casual Conversations with The Classic that his contract expires just before All In 2024. But he wants to wrestle at All In and WrestleDream in Washington before he goes part time.

“The big one is Wembley. I want to make it to Wembley. My contract actually expires before Wembley. But I want to make it to Wembley. Because as a wrestling fan — one, last year’s All In was incredible. But then as a wrestling fan, that’s like a defining moment, when the British Bulldog beats Bret Hart. So you think of Wembley almost in these mythical terms.

But I really want to be able to do Wembley and just see what that’s like, see what that feels like. So, yeah, that’s a big one for me.
I’m not sure if I’ll make it, but one thing that would be a nice way to like kind of close everything out for me is to do my last match as a full-time wrestler at WrestleDream at the Tacoma Dome.”

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