TNA, Under Siege PPV 2024

May 3, 2024 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for ongoing coverage from TNA, Under Siege.  Coverage begins at 8pm.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are on the call!

TNA Under Siege Match Card, card subject to change.

Here is the full card for TNA Under Siege 2024:

Matt Hardy, Mike Bailey, & Trent Seven vs. Moose, Brian Myers, & Eddie Edwards

Jordynne Grace & PCO vs. Steph De Lander & Big Kon

X-Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Ace Austin

Josh Alexander & Eric Young vs. Frankie Kazarian & Steve Maclin

Jake Something vs. Rich Swann

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Jody Threat & Dani Luna (c) vs. Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards

Jonathan Gresham vs. Kushida

Joe Hendry vs. Zachary Wentz

Havok vs. Ash by Elegance 


Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido, Ray Jaz, & Zack Clayton) in action defeated The Batiri with a Jaz flying elbow and pin.

Rhino defeated VSK with a Gore.

Laredo Kid successfully defended The Digital Media Championship against KC Navarro


Main Show

Match 1.  Steve Maclin and Frankie Kazarian VS Eric Young and Josh Alexander

Josh pulls out head gear for EY to wear, in an attempt to make them more of a team in addition to protecting EY’s injured ear.  Josh goes to work on Maclin, out working him scientifically, leading to Kaz to enter and be arm dragged and senton’d  by the former World Champ.  Maclin breaks the momentum by tripping Josh, allowing Kaz to drop the leg.  Kaz follows up with a Russian leg sweep.  Maclin tags back in.  He is also a former champ of TNA.  Maclin and Kaz work Josh to their corner and double team him.  After several tags, Josh lands a few chops on Maclin, but Steve counters with a high knee and then a knee drop.  Kaz tags in and they double vertical suplex Josh.  EY loses it with the double teaming and runs in, only to get beat down himself.  Josh desperately belly to belly’s Kaz off the top rope.  Maclin and EY tag in.  EY comes in hot.  He hits a high elbow and form of an F5.  Maclin enters to interfere.  Josh cuts him off with a series of Germans and a half and half.  Kaz catches Josh with DDT.  EY cutters Kaz and goes to the top.  Maclin knocks him off the top and is speared.  Steve gets a two count.  EY and Maclin end up on the top, Josh joins and plants Maclin with a backbreaker.  Maclin blocks a C4.  EY drops a top rope elbow on Maclin.  Kaz and EY end up in the ring finally.  EY reverse piledrives Kaz.  Maclin makes the save.  EY is backdropped.  Maclin kicks his partner.  EY piledrives Kaz and it is over.

Winners, Eric Young and Josh Alexander

Match 2.  Ash by Elegance VS Havok (with Rosemary)

Ash’s personal Concierge blesses the mat with Holy Water, thus making the mat clean and pure of the demons that align with Havok and Rosemary.  Ash plays a game of cat and mouse for a few minutes, avoiding contact.  She eventually is caught and rag dolled while putting Ash in the full nelson.  Ash bails to the floor.  Rosemary cuts off Concierge, allowing Havok to pull Ash back in the ring by her hair.  Havok headbutts Ash and is tossed across the ring.  Concierge throws Holy Water in Havok’s eyes.  Ash then powerbombs Havok off the 2nd rope.  Rosemary then drinks the Holy Water and spits out blood, chasing Concierge out of the arena.  Ash rolls up Havok and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Ash by Elegance

Ash then grabs a garlic necklace and chokes out Havok with it.  She then gets a chair.  She repeatedly slams it over Havok’s back.  She then delivers a rarified air on the chair, which was laying on Havok.  Ash finishes Havok with a DDT on the ramp.

Gia Miller interviews Speedball Mountain and Broken Matt Hardy.  They cut a promo a bout beating the The System and being officially in the House of Hardy.

Match 3.  Joe Hendry VS Zachary Wentz (Trey Miguel doesn’t accompany his partner)

Hendry cuts a promo prior to the match.  He is pretty pumped about having the 6th best streamed song in England.  Wentz dropkicks Joe with his back turned.  He then dives on Joe who bailed to the floor.  Back in the ring, Zack bites Joe from a rear chin lock position.  A “We Believe” chant breaks out.  Hendry mounts a comeback, catching a flying Wentz to the floor.  Hendry carries Zack back in the ring and dumps him.  After a lariat, he fall away slams Zack.  Zack delivers a few kicks.  He goes to the top swanton bombs Joe.  Joe is then kicked in the back repeatedly, but Joe catches a flying Wentz and delivers the standing ovation for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Joe Hendry

Match 4.  Spitfire, Dani Luna and Jody Threat (with Lars Frederiksen) VS Masha Slamovich and Alicia Edwards

Lars joins the announce team.  Dani and Masha start off.  Quickly Luna tags Threat and they double Masha with a MCMG like tag move set.  They then double delayed suplex her.  Luna is eventually in the ring again with Masha.  Alicia pulls Luna’s hair from the apron, allowing Masha to take advantage.  Alicia tags in and she immediately toys with Luna.  Masha tags in, this time leading to double teams.  Luna struggles, but finally tags in Jody.  Alicia is in now and left to herself.  Jody lariats Alicia and slams her.  Masha tags in.  Jody greets her with a double knee and a German by Luna.  Alicia rakes the eyes.  Gut wrench powerbomb by Masha and a Alicia drops Luna on her head and gets the pin.

Winners and NEW Knockouts Tag Champs, Masha Slamovich and Alicia Edwards.

First Class cut a backstage promo backstage.  Rich Swann will face Jake Something instead of the Laredo Kid.  AJ Francis says Jake will go down.

Match 5.  Rich Swann (with AJ Francis) VS Jake Something

This match was switched since Hammerstone is unable to compete.  Swann uses Francis distracting Jake to knee to the small of the back.  He spills to the floor, where he is doubled by First Class.  Back in the ring, Swann uses eye rakes and kicks to the chest.  Francis continues to interfere every time the ref looks away.  Jake stands out of a sunset flip, but Swann rakes his eyes again.  His kicks after the rake have Jake off his feet again.  Jake absorbs three lariats and returns one when of his on Swann’s 4th attempt.  Jake then face plants Swann.  He then torture rack backbreakers Swann for a two count.  Swann avoids into the void and delivers another series of kicks.  He gets a two count.  Jake punches Swann as he dove from the top rope, but Francis interferes again and beats Jake up on the floor.  The ref finally catches him.  Cody Deaner comes out and stops the ref from making a DQ.

Deaner and Francis join the match.  Deaner attacks Francis.  They brawl on the floor.  Francis chokeslams Deaner on the apron.  Jake dives on Francis and revives Deaner. Swann then dives on Jake.  Back in the ring, Swann cutters Jake and frog splashes him for the win.

Winner, Rich Swann (Swann is announced to the crowd as the winner, but Hannifan corrects the announcer and says it was a tag win.)

Match 6.  Jonathan Gresham VS Kushida

Gresham has returned therapy.  He now is wearing a black, demonic mask.  Kushida is thrown off by the look.  Gresham and Kushida trade scientific holds, but Jonathan keeps pulling away coughing.  The exchanges between these two, both on the mat and with whips, arm drags and take downs are amazing to watch.  Kushida and Gresham end up in the ropes, Gresham back elbows Kushida.  They they trade chops.  Kushida encourages to Gresham to continue, but Jonathan uncharacteristically bites Kushida and starts stomping on his opponent.  He then locks on a leg lock and turns it into a Boston crab.  Kushida get free and backspring elbows Gresham off a whip.  He follows up with a dropkick.  Gresham gets a two count with a roll up and trunk pull.  Kushida is now furious and wants the hoverboard.  They exchange roll ups, hiptosses and sunset flips.  They end up on their feet and exchange chops and kicks, strong style.  Gresham starts coughing up black ink.  He covers Kushida’s mouth with it and pins him with a claw type hold.

Winner by pinfall, Jonathan Gresham

Kushida throws up black ink in a disturbing post match scene.

Match 7.  Steph De Lander and Kon VS Jordynne Grace and PCO

Steph instructs Kon to start with PCO.  Grace says no way, she wants in.  Grace ducks an elbow and lariat, slapping Kon as well.  Kon sets up Grace for a DVD, but she won’t let go.  She gets free and tries to shoulder Kon.  That didn’t work well for her.  She goes down and Steph tags in.  She chops Grace and suplexes her.  She then goes to the ground and pound on the champion.  Steph then flirts with PCO, before going for a piledriver.  Grace backdrops out of the attempt.  PCO tags in.  Steph runs to Kon and tags out.  The two trade blows for several minutes.  Both chests are beaten purple.  PCO takes Kon down with a elbow. He goes for PCOsault and gets a two count.  Steph breaks up the pin.  Kon follows up knocking PCO from the ring.  He beats on him on the floor, before throwing him back in the ring.  Kon gets a failed pin attempt, but works over PCO in his corner.  Steph tags in.  She is scared, but lays the boots in on the monster and tags out.  Kon continues with boots to the head, punches and knees.  PCO fights back with a lariat.  He tags to Grace.  Steph is now in.  Grace jackhammers Steph.  Steph uses the ref to poke Grace’s eye.  PCO comes to Grace’s aid.  Steph starts flirting with PCO.  PCO starts dancing with him, Kon attacks PCO from behind.  Grace them attacks Kon and DVD’s him.  Driver to De Lander and it is over.

Winners, PCO and Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace

Match 8.  X-Division Champion, Mustafa Ali (with his security) VS Ace Austin 

Ace is a former 3 time champion himself, so he is a viable contender.  Ali hasn’t lost a match in any promotion in 250 days.  The two feel each other out with rollups, hiptosses and armdrags.  Neither can gain an advantage.  Ali tries to shake hands, but Ace wants none of it.  They cross the ropes.  Mustafa bails, but Ace lands an inverted moonsault. Ali responds across the ring to the floor with a dive of his own.  Ace is then planted by Ali with a leaping tornado DDT from the 2nd rope to the floor.  Ali starts choking Ace with the ring apron skirt.  Ali then kicks Ace and cutters him.  Ace is favoring his neck and spine.  Ace avoids another cutter and clotheslines Ali.  Ace then springboard DDT’s Ali for a two count.  Ali slips threw a suplex and lays in a chop.  Ace delivers the click click boom.  Ali then ends up on the apron and pulls Ace’s arm and shoulder brutally into the post.  Ace spills to the floor and is in bad shape.  Ali then applies the STF around the post for the full 5 count.  Back in the ring, he uses a double wrist lock, but Ace slams Ali.  Ace then starts going to the arm of the champion.  He rams Ali’s shoulder into the post.  Ace then uses a top rope legdrop on the shoulder and arm.  Ace throws Ali to the floor.  Ali trips Ace and Germans him from the apron to the floor violently.  This match is very brutal.  Ali goes to the top, misses a 450 and Ace backdrops Ali into the buckles. Ace appears to be trying to pop his shoulder back into place.  The two start trading blows in the center of the ring.  Ali lands a spinning heel kick.  Ace punts Ali from the apron.  Ali trips Ace with the ring skirt.  Ali locks in the sharp shooter in the center of the ring.  Ace breaks free pulling hair.  He powerbombs Ali for a two count.  Ace is screaming.  Security interferes.   Ace fends them off and hits the fold.   Security makes the save on the 2 count, pulling him from the ring.  Ace then punches the security out further.  Ace gets a two count.  Ali catches Ace on the top rope with a kick, sweeping his leg.  Ali hits the 450 and it is over.  What a match.

Winner and still X-Division Champion, Mustafa Ali

Match 9.  Broken Matt Hardy and Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey, & Trent Seven) vs. The System  (Moose, Brian Myers, & Eddie Edwards) (with Alicia Edwards)

Bailey and Speedball Mountain all come out in Matt Hardy’s robes, doing the delete arm routine.  Hardy and Moose face off first.  Moose takes a tag from Eddie to mess with Matt.  Matt and Eddie end up in the corner, with Eddie being bitten.  Matt then chokes Eddie on the bottom rope and tags in Speedball, who takes the time to double team Edwards with Seven.  Myers tags in eventually, but Bailey and Seven take care of him as well.  Eddie tries to help, but Speedball Mountain are too much.  Moose tags in and chokeslams Bailey.  Seven settles on the apron and tries to amp up the crowd.  Eddie tags in, now firmly in control.  He uses chops and a slam to get a two count.  Myers tags in and locks on a chin lock.  He follows up with a back elbow off the ropes.  Moose tags in with stomps.  Alicia slaps Bailey from the floor.  Bailey mounts a comeback and delivers the machine kicks.  Moose chokeslams Bailey in return.  Eddie tags in.  Bailey snap suplexes Eddie.  Eddie doesn’t allow a tag however.  Moose tags in and rakes the eyes on the top rope.  Moose then takes out Hardy on the apron.  Bailey gets to Trent.  He comes in hot, DDT’s Moose for a two count.  He misses a whisper in the wind.  Myers and Eddie double Seven.  Eddie delivers a blue thunder bomb.  Trent dodges a spear and Eddie hits the post.  Moose tries to stop Seven from tagging.  Myers and Eddie pull Hardy and Bailey from the apron.  Seven lariats Eddie and makes the tag to a regrouped Hardy.  Hardy handles the tag champs by himself.  The fans start the Delete chant.  Matt side effects Eddie for a two count.  Matt is left in the ring with Moose.  The two square off mid ring.  Moose is cutter’d off the top by Hardy for a two count.  Hardy hits a elbow from the 2nd rope.  Eddie stops a twist of fate.  Hardy tags to Bailey.  He missile dropkicks Myers.  He then tornado kicks him.  Eddie breaks up momentum and Myers spears a diving Bailey off the top for a two count.  Seven makes a diving save.  All 6 men end up in the ring.  The twist of fate is delivered to all The System.  Speedball Mountain take out the tag champs with dives to the floor.  Moose pump kicks Bailey.  He then powerbombs Bailey and Seven onto the apron and ropes.  He grabs the bell keepers table.  Hardy blocks a powerbomb.   He twist of fates Moose on the floor.  He puts Moose on the table.  He then climbs to the top rope.  He leg drops Moose on the table to the floor threw the table.  Seven and Bailey double Eddie.  Eddie kicks out at two.  Bailey sweeps Myers leg.  Birming-hammer by Seven can’t get Seven a pin on Eddie. Alicia interfered.  Myers roster cuts Bailey.  Eddie crotches Seven and is pinned after a backpack stunner elbow drop.

Winners, The System

The show ends with The System standing tall.


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