Tony Khan talks MJF, Jack Perry, Mercedes Mone, Swerve Strickland, more

Apr 22, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Tony Khan answered questions at the AEW Dynasty Media Scrum.

– Swerve’s matches with Adam Page and his build among those matches proved to Tony Khan that Swerve could be World Champion, especially beating a former AEW World Champion Hangman Page.

– Khan talks about Jack Perry’s return, talking about about getting a Superstar reaction in NJPW

– Khan says Mercedes Mone will be cleared for Double or Nothing #AEWDoN she’s not cleared yet to have a singles match.

– Khan says Willow Nightingale will be an active champion leading up to her match at Double or Nothing.

– Khan says he wants to bring AEW back to St.Louis.

– Khan is asked about Dynamite, Rampage, and Collision being on streaming services, he says says it’s a possibility. There’s lots of opportunities as there’s footage for AEW and ROH and possibility NJPW.

– Khan says Double or Nothing and Forbidden Door will be over multiple platforms for PPV.

– Khan says WBD is very happy with AEW, WBD tells Tony Khan they’re happy with the PPVs and the Collision/Rampage 3-hour show.

– Khan says AEW Dynasty is doing well for them as it was over multiple PPV platforms.

– Khan is asked about Kenny Omega and Dr. Britt Baker, Tony says they’re both dealing with different situations, he wants Kenny to appear at the Winnipeg show. He hopes Britt Baker returns soon as he mentions Adam Cole returned tonight.

– Khan is asked about MJF, Tony wants him to come back soon as there’s a lot of great milestones in AEW.

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    Can someone explain Mercedes Mone’s gimmick to me? Is she supposed to be some sort of an executive/stripper/pimp hybrid?

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    Okay. Next question: Why?

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