Notes on Bryan Danielson and Bo Dallas

Apr 21, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– While speaking on his Story Time with Dutch Mantell Podcast, Mantell noted that bringing back Bo Dallas as the Uncle Howdy character could backfire in WWE’s face. He said “Well, he [Bo Dallas] needs help; he needs a lot of it. And this could backfire in their faces big time. It has to be done, I’m sure in a certain way, but I don’t have an idea for it all. I know they are looking to pay homage to Bray, but, that might be a bigger task than they think. So, we’ll see what they do; I’l judge it only at the end.”

Bryan Danielson on his upcoming match with Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty

“Expect the best version of Bryan Danielson. After I am no longer wrestling full-time, that will be different. Unless something happens medically, I’ll never retire.”

Source: SI

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  1. What? says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Uncle Howdy ends up as more of a ringleader/puppetmaster type character as opposed to having matches of his own – more than a manager, still sometimes getting physical, but not an “in-ring performer” per se. Leave the heavy lifting to Rowan, Strowman, Bliss and/or whoever else they surround him with. If you want a really obscure analogy, compare it to what NXT briefly tried to do with Mei Ying a few years back – that kind of deep-mythology, maybe-supernatural mastermind vibe – only with a lot more talking.

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